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From Dubai to Estonia: How to Build Your Dream Career With No Plan

by Maria June 26, 2019 Talent, Talent Stories

She’s ambitious, she’s determined, and she has no plan.  That’s right, Bhavna Madhav isn’t one to plan very far ahead.

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Aerial view of Tallinn, Estonia

How a Next-Gen Telco Hired a Needle-In-A-Haystack Engineer

by Maria June 20, 2019 Case Studies, Hiring

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any business looking to automate must be in need of a world-class automation

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(Almost) Everything You Need to Read Before Moving to Estonia

by Maria March 04, 2019 City Guides, Talent

On February 24th, the country of Estonia celebrated its 101st birthday. Never ones to let a party die down, we

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From IT to Art: How a Job Abroad Led to a Career Change

by Dea Martinjonis February 20, 2019 Talent, Talent Stories

Here’s a story that proves how studying and working abroad pays off in ways one doesn’t even dare to dream

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CEO of Jobbatical on Malaysia’s No. 1 news channel

by Dea Martinjonis January 11, 2019 News & Features

Jobbatical’s CEO & co-founder Karoli Hindriks was a guest at Malaysia’s No. 1 24-hour news channel Astro AWANI, talking about talent

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3 Reasons to Move to Estonia for a Tech Job

by Maria August 21, 2018 City Guides, Job Tips, Talent

Already want to move to Estonia? Still deciding? Find out why this digitally advanced and uniquely entrepreneurial Northern European country

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Singaporean Digital Nomad’s Tips on How to Land a Job Abroad

by Dea Martinjonis June 21, 2018 Job Tips, Talent, Talent Stories

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Estonia, the little 100-year-old country shaping the future of how

by Dea Martinjonis February 22, 2018 News & Features

Estonia, the smallest of the three Baltic states, celebrates its 100th Anniversary on February 24, 2018. Since the country of 1.3m

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Building an international workforce: Our most inspiring Jobbaticler stories of 2017

by Dea Martinjonis December 29, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

Talent mobility had some amazing wins in 2017. We’re sharing some of your favorite success stories. Image from: 2017 was

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French PR guy, Estonian Prime Minister

From Palais de l’Élysée to e-Estonia

by Dea Martinjonis October 26, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

What do the former French President François Hollande, the current Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, and the protagonist of our jobbaticler

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From Hong Kong To Estonia

by Dea Martinjonis October 18, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

How Kwun-Lok Ng, an established entrepreneur, moved from 🇭🇰 to 🇪🇪 1,5 years ago (中文版) and joined Jobbatical as a

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From Kiev to the Kitchen, With Love for UX

by Dea Martinjonis September 19, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

Ukrainian UX designer Kirill Slavetski is the perfect representative of the modern workforce — he chooses where in the world

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A Brit Moves to Estonia to Help Build a New Digital Nation

by Dea Martinjonis July 19, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

Estonia may be a small nation but it has dared to dream big. Having popped out a couple of unicorn

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Gamers and Techies Will Find Happiness Here

by Jobbatical July 18, 2017 Hiring

Playtech created a global gaming empire from a small university town in Estonia. The small university town of Tartu is Estonia’s

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5 Estonian Midsummer Traditions Scientifically Guaranteed to Bring Good Luck

by Maria June 22, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Team Jobbatical will be off this Friday, celebrating Midsummer’s Eve—a night of pagan magic and mystery. From jumping over bonfires

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Estonia — A Tech Mecca of New Beginnings

by Jobbatical June 21, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Tech professionals are moving to Estonia for jobs, but many are finding other reasons to stay. When Paramanantham Harrison boarded a

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Extreme Vetting is a Soviet Tactic & Method of Oppression

by Karoli Hindriks June 08, 2017 Hiring

Portrait of the Josef Stalin. According to Wikipedia After the Soviet Union dissolved, evidence from the Soviet archives also became

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You’d have to be crazy to work at this company — no, really. It’s a requirement.

by Maria June 08, 2017 Talent

This brand new tech company in the coolest city you’ve never heard of wants to make sure that by 2040,

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Why You Should Make This Estonian Tech Team Your Next Career Move

by Maria May 24, 2017 Hiring

Hot e-commerce solutions + cool city + awesome tech = dream job Imagine a world where you can confidently shop for

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How to Survive Summer in Estonia in 5 Easy Steps

by Maria May 19, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Whenever Estonian summer rears its head, no one at Jobbatical HQ knows how to deal with it. So whether you’re

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Filling a Finance Niche With Small But Important Loans — MYJAR

by Jobbatical May 09, 2017 Hiring

MYJAR started out as a company seeking to fill a consumer-banking gap for regular folks. Looking to help finance dreams? Inspired

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Building bridges (not walls) at Estonia’s newest bank

by Jobbatical March 31, 2017 Hiring

Inbank has a unique, product-based strategy. Focusing mostly on retail clients, it offers specialized financial products to clients when and

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Building bridges (not walls) at Estonia’s newest bank

by Jobbatical March 31, 2017 Hiring

Inbank has a unique, product-based strategy. Focusing mostly on retail clients, it offers specialized financial products to clients when and

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How a Yooper* Is Building a Borderless Society in Estonia With e-Residency

by Maria March 09, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

The story of a marketer from Michigan and the quest to build a digital nation I’m chatting with Alex Wellman on

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From Latvia to California to Estonia — a Jobbatical Story for the Ages

by Jobbatical February 13, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

This story was written by Jobbatical’s head of talent, the wonderful Alina Basina, who joined our team in Estonia for

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Hiring innovatively in a traditional industry

by Jobbatical January 25, 2017 Hiring, Hiring Advice

How a multinational bank is keeping up with the times by thinking beyond borders With a history reaching as far back

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We went to a tiny island to get away from it all

by Jobbatical June 21, 2016 Talent

I couldn’t find a stock photo where the pin is actually on Muhu. It’s the tiny island to the right

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How robotics brought a Ukrainian engineer to Estonia

by Jobbatical May 19, 2016 Talent

A chat about computer vision, visas and living abroad Sergey Kharagorgiev is a computer vision engineer from Kyiv, who currently works

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A software developer’s journey from Estonia to Singapore

by Jobbatical April 21, 2016 Talent

The ultimate change of scenery — from lakes to skyscrapers photo credit: joyfull This story is part of our Jobbatical Stories series. When

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Jobbatical Stories: From Minnesota to Estonia

by Jobbatical February 17, 2016 Talent

image credit Back in January, Björn Lapakko moved to Estonia to work as a growth hacker for Funderbeam. Take a

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Five Things I Miss About Estonia

by Jobbatical July 19, 2015 Talent

By Isabel Hirama, Marketing Chief @Jobbatical This spring, I spent three months living and working in a city most Americans

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5 Things You Need to Know if You’re Hiring an Estonian

by Jobbatical May 04, 2015 Hiring

By Claire Millard @Jobbatical Photo: Hafiz Issadeen There’s a saying that Southern Europeans are like peaches, whilst us Northern Europeans

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