(Almost) Everything You Need to Read Before Moving to Estonia

by Maria March 04, 2019 City Guides, Talent

On February 24th, the country of Estonia celebrated its 101st birthday. Never ones to let a party die down, we

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How to Be Productive in Working from Home

by Jobbatical March 01, 2019 Job Tips, Talent

Whether you are a student who needs to make some extra money on the side, or you are someone who

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From IT to Art: How a Job Abroad Led to a Career Change

by Dea Martinjonis February 20, 2019 Talent, Talent Stories

Here’s a story that proves how studying and working abroad pays off in ways one doesn’t even dare to dream

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woman, waiting, job interview

Non-Verbal Ways to Impress the Hiring Manager

by Jobbatical February 16, 2019 Job Tips

Landing an international job is about more than your credentials. Hiring managers take into account how a candidate’s personality will

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From a Desk Job to a Yoga Retreat in Thailand

by Dea Martinjonis October 12, 2018 Talent, Talent Stories

Every new jobbaticler story convinces me of a simple truth – what you wish for will come true. Take the

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Chiang Mai, Thailand, Shutterstock

A Swedish Drupal Developer Dreamt of a Job in the Sun – How Did He Snag One in Thailand?

by Dea Martinjonis August 22, 2018 Job Tips, Talent

Nine months in Chiang Mai taught this Swedish developer how to live in the moment and be more mindful. Working

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Jobbatical Taught This Advertising Pro That His Skills Matter Globally

by Dea Martinjonis August 09, 2018 Talent, Talent Stories

This Russian advertising pro’s story reads like a movie script. A guy stumbles on an article about Jobbatical on the

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Career Opportunities for Digital Nomads

by Jobbatical August 07, 2018 Job Tips, Talent

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Anand Srinivasan, the founder of Hubbion. Worldwide, there are over 1.2 million digital nomads

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This is Not a Drill: 8 Reasons Why You Should Work Abroad

by Dea Martinjonis July 04, 2018 Job Tips, Talent

“If I am an advocate for anything, it is to move,” the gifted travel storyteller, television host, and chef Anthony Bourdain once

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Singaporean Digital Nomad’s Tips on How to Land a Job Abroad

by Dea Martinjonis June 21, 2018 Job Tips, Talent, Talent Stories

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Most In Demand Expat Jobs

by Jobbatical March 27, 2018 Talent

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Adam Vagley, the co-founder of GoodMigrations. I’ve lived and worked overseas twice — first

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Karoli Hindriks’ TEDx Talk: there’s a world-changing revolution that every one of us can start.

by Jobbatical March 23, 2018 Talent

Karoli was born in Estonia — a country where people literally sang their way to freedom from the Soviet occupation. A mere

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Estonia, the little 100-year-old country shaping the future of how

by Dea Martinjonis February 22, 2018 News & Features

Estonia, the smallest of the three Baltic states, celebrates its 100th Anniversary on February 24, 2018. Since the country of 1.3m

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From Kiev to the Kitchen, With Love for UX

by Dea Martinjonis September 19, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

Ukrainian UX designer Kirill Slavetski is the perfect representative of the modern workforce — he chooses where in the world

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Remote Work: Flexibility Equals Happy & Productive Employees

by Jobbatical September 14, 2017 Hiring, Hiring Advice

Today’s post is brought to you by Melissa Doman, M.A., a consultant who increases employee happiness and productivity. “I hate

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Latitude59 — e-Estonia’s flagship startup conference now a must for investors from Europe, Asia…

by Dea Martinjonis May 31, 2017 Hiring

Photo credit: Maido Parv At last week’s event-to-be-seen-at in e-Estonia — the startup & tech conference Latitude59 — some exciting news were announced by Estonia’s

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The Man Who Won a Half Marathon…in His Socks

by Dea Martinjonis May 22, 2017 News & Features

Only a decade ago Ibrahim Mukunga Wachira worked in a tea plantation along with his family in Kenya. Fast forward

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Can’t Stop the Feeling

by Jobbatical March 01, 2017 Talent

Balloons. Image by jakkapan via Shutterstock I was sitting in a beanbag chair this morning, doing very serious CEO things.

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The Wait is Over — Jobbatical

by Jobbatical February 23, 2017 News & Features

The Wait is Over — Jobbatical & ATS New product innovation at! Now more than ever, breaking down borders is the

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From Latvia to California to Estonia — a Jobbatical Story for the Ages

by Jobbatical February 13, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

This story was written by Jobbatical’s head of talent, the wonderful Alina Basina, who joined our team in Estonia for

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Reading recommendations from Jobbatical’s tech team

by Jobbatical October 25, 2016 Talent

Do Android developers dream of electric sheep? And what books do they read? I don’t understand computers. I definitely don’t understand

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We worked remotely for a month and lived to tell the tale

by Jobbatical October 20, 2016 Talent

Um… Where did everybody go? It’s just another day in the office. At the desk next to you is the

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Switching continents: What life is like on the other side of the world

by Jobbatical September 20, 2016 Talent

One Italian business developer in Singapore. One Hong Kong B2B marketer in Estonia. Varying degrees of culture shock. As I’m writing

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Be our next CTO in Tallinn!

by Jobbatical August 23, 2016 News & Features

Join us in Estonia for an exciting startup ride Tallinn looking pretty in wintertime. (dimbar76/Shutterstock) CTO? More like CT — OMG! Because that’s

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We went to a tiny island to get away from it all

by Jobbatical June 21, 2016 Talent

I couldn’t find a stock photo where the pin is actually on Muhu. It’s the tiny island to the right

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We threw a party that lasted until midnight

by Jobbatical June 14, 2016 Talent

Virtual reality swing and a world-traveling photo booth Yes, we used a selfie stick. TALLINN, ESTONIA — May 31st, 2016. Jobbatical HQ. Day of the

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Startup life in the tropics

by Jobbatical March 30, 2016 Talent

From left to right (mostly): one data scientist, one CEO, two copywriters, one business developer, one sunny Malaysian afternoon, and

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Snippets from Our Travels (75 Countries and Counting!)

by Jobbatical March 22, 2016 Talent

Ten jobbaticlers on Team Jobbatical dish on their favorite travel memories, and what they love most about traveling. by Loni

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Hunting for Productivity in the Tropics: A Data Scientist’s Tale

by Jobbatical March 16, 2016 Talent

You may remember that more than half of team Jobbatical recently spent two months living and working in Malaysia. The

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Why I Wanted to Hire A Turtle

by Jobbatical February 29, 2016 Hiring

Within our first year of launching Jobbatical, it became clear to me that Southeast Asia is the hotspot region for

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Roughly 60 Liters of Light

by Jobbatical February 02, 2016 Talent

To take our weekends a few steps beyond the pool and general sightseeing, this past Saturday and Sunday a part

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Greetings from Kuala Lumpur!

by Jobbatical January 14, 2016 Talent

This winter, team Jobbatical is going tropical. Here are our first impressions of Malaysia. This January and February, over half

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A short interview with our CEO and her three-year-old daughter.

by Jobbatical January 14, 2016 Talent

An Estonian toddler tagging along on a Malaysian jobbatical. Meet Karoli Hindriks — founder and CEO of Jobbatical — and her daughter Maya. Together

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2016: The Year of Superheroes

by Jobbatical January 05, 2016 Talent

I was lying by the ocean in Thailand on the last days of 2015 and while looking at the endless

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Your Christmas present from Jobbatical

by Jobbatical December 01, 2015 Talent

Two ways to score $100 this December. An acceptance letter to an international career adventure may be the best Christmas

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Never, Never, Never Give Up, Even If You Should

by Jobbatical October 09, 2015 Talent

with my two brilliant co-founders Today Jobbatical has a community of twenty thousand people from Silicon Valley to South Korea

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Why working abroad is the best thing you could possibly do for your startup career.

by Jobbatical September 18, 2015 Talent

All images public domain unless otherwise noted. By Isabel Hirama, Jobbatical’s travel-taught Marketing Chief It is impossible to live and

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Five Things I Miss About Estonia

by Jobbatical July 19, 2015 Talent

By Isabel Hirama, Marketing Chief @Jobbatical This spring, I spent three months living and working in a city most Americans

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How To Score Your Dream Jobbatical

by Jobbatical July 08, 2015 Talent

Welcome to Jobbatical! Congratulations! You just took an important step to finding the career enhancing adventure of your dreams. Here

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