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How to Approach Your Boss About Flexible Working

by Jobbatical January 08, 2019 Job Tips

Flexible working is becoming increasingly popular, with many businesses recognizing the need to help their employees to achieve a better

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6 Tips for Training a Remote Workforce

by Jobbatical December 14, 2018 Hiring

It is the digital age. Most workplaces are striving towards computerization of all its processes and making them completely paperless.

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Ten Tips to Improve Productivity by Focusing on Your Health Habits

by Jobbatical October 30, 2018 Job Tips, Talent

We tend to hear those stories about young entrepreneurs working 20 hours non-stop, sleeping only 4 hours in their startup’s

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7 Reasons to Love Working Remotely

by Jobbatical September 24, 2018 Job Tips, Talent

There are a lot of reasons to switch to a remote work lifestyle: The freedom to work from anywhere, the

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5 Important Things I Bet You’ve Been Too Busy to Do Today

by Maria July 14, 2017 Talent

These daily activities may all seem really obvious—until you realise you’ve been too busy to remember to do them. These days,

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We worked remotely for a month and lived to tell the tale

by Jobbatical October 20, 2016 Talent

Um… Where did everybody go? It’s just another day in the office. At the desk next to you is the

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City vs countryside: the ultimate productivity experiment

by Jobbatical August 02, 2016 Talent

To find out what kind of environment is better for productivity and creativity, I experimented on myself. For science! (And

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Does having too much sunlight affect your productivity?

by Jobbatical July 07, 2016 Talent

A study in Estonian summer, where the sun doesn’t set until midnight by Loni Klara Photo by: Grisha Bruev One of the

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