How a World Traveler from Egypt Found Her Dream Sales Job in Cyprus

by Jobbatical May 13, 2019 Talent, Talent Stories

Here is our interview with Jessi Shahin, currently on a jobbatical as a sales manager at Depositphotos in Cyprus. Originally

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Travel Tips for Working Abroad

by Jobbatical March 21, 2019 Job Tips, Talent

Traveling abroad for work can be very exciting. It offers you an unbelievably unique opportunity to experience the world while

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InterNations, community

What’s it Like to Work for InterNations?

by Dea Martinjonis March 07, 2019 Job Tips, Talent

InterNations, like all good things, was born out of personal pain. Two of the three founders had experienced expat life

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(Almost) Everything You Need to Read Before Moving to Estonia

by Maria March 04, 2019 City Guides, Talent

On February 24th, the country of Estonia celebrated its 101st birthday. Never ones to let a party die down, we

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The Ultimate Hong Kong Guide for Digital Nomads

by Jobbatical November 23, 2018 City Guides, Talent

A while back,  Jobbatical’s Instagram account was taken over by an Australian (former) part-time digital nomad and marketing strategist called

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From a Desk Job to a Yoga Retreat in Thailand

by Dea Martinjonis October 12, 2018 Talent, Talent Stories

Every new jobbaticler story convinces me of a simple truth – what you wish for will come true. Take the

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Chiang Mai, Thailand, Shutterstock

A Swedish Drupal Developer Dreamt of a Job in the Sun – How Did He Snag One in Thailand?

by Dea Martinjonis August 22, 2018 Job Tips, Talent

Nine months in Chiang Mai taught this Swedish developer how to live in the moment and be more mindful. Working

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Jobbatical Taught This Advertising Pro That His Skills Matter Globally

by Dea Martinjonis August 09, 2018 Talent, Talent Stories

This Russian advertising pro’s story reads like a movie script. A guy stumbles on an article about Jobbatical on the

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Career Opportunities for Digital Nomads

by Jobbatical August 07, 2018 Job Tips, Talent

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Anand Srinivasan, the founder of Hubbion. Worldwide, there are over 1.2 million digital nomads

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This is Not a Drill: 8 Reasons Why You Should Work Abroad

by Dea Martinjonis July 04, 2018 Job Tips, Talent

“If I am an advocate for anything, it is to move,” the gifted travel storyteller, television host, and chef Anthony Bourdain once

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Singaporean Digital Nomad’s Tips on How to Land a Job Abroad

by Dea Martinjonis June 21, 2018 Job Tips, Talent, Talent Stories

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Most In Demand Expat Jobs

by Jobbatical March 27, 2018 Talent

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Adam Vagley, the co-founder of GoodMigrations. I’ve lived and worked overseas twice — first

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How a Digital Agency Based in Chiang Mai Hired Three Senior Developers

by Gonzalo March 22, 2018 Case Studies, Hiring

BUZZWOO! was facing a Senior talent shortage because of their paradisiac location. They used Jobbatical to hire three senior developers

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Get Inspired: Hackers Paradise edition

by Jobbatical February 26, 2018 Talent

We recently hooked up with a rad group of traveling techies who instantly inspired us — Hacker Paradise. The team

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How found their sales and BizDev dynamo

by Gonzalo February 07, 2018 Case Studies, Hiring

This tech startup found a multi-lingual business development maven to get hotels onboard is a tech startup that recently launched

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How Outward Bound Costa Rica is building a truly global team

by Gonzalo January 31, 2018 Case Studies, Hiring

Learn the difference a well-written job listing makes in international recruitment Outward Bound Costa Rica provides students with outdoor adventures

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LHV taking corporate workplaces further. Literally.

by Jobbatical January 09, 2018 Hiring, Hiring Advice

This Estonian bank is redefining what it means and feels like to work for a bigger brand. Would you like to

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Jamming in the Jungle With Yousician

by Maria November 28, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

Think your job is cool? But do your perks include an extra month of sunshine each year? Join us backstage

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Berlin — the It City for Startups, Hipsters and Foodies

by Dea Martinjonis November 22, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Anyone who’s ever been to Berlin can’t stop raving about this city. Startups love it, hipsters love it, foodies love

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French PR guy, Estonian Prime Minister

From Palais de l’Élysée to e-Estonia

by Dea Martinjonis October 26, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

What do the former French President François Hollande, the current Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, and the protagonist of our jobbaticler

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Conversation Tips for Life (Nail that Next Job Interview!)

by Jobbatical October 24, 2017 Job Tips, Talent

Today’s post is brought to you by Hailey Sexton who runs the travel blog Mentor Travel. You’ve finally gotten that

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Is A Job Abroad For You? 6 Ways To Know

by Maria October 06, 2017 Job Tips, Talent

Today’s post is brought to you by Bevan Berning, an Immigration professional from South Africa who’s been residing in Dubai

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No Matter What Happens With DACA, We Find The Startups That Accept Dreamers

by Karoli Hindriks September 14, 2017 News & Features

My moment with astronaut Dan Barry after listening how he applied to NASA fourteen times (!) before he was accepted.

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The Shallow Person’s Guide to Moving Abroad

by Maria August 18, 2017 Job Tips, Talent

If you’re considering moving to another country, what are you looking for above all else? Spiritual enlightenment? A job with

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How to Have the Best Time in Kuala Lumpur. And Land a Developer Job.

by Dea Martinjonis August 11, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Visiting Kuala Lumpur? Maybe even moving there? Want to stay off the beaten tourist tracks and do like the locals

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Nairobi — Even Greener Than You Think and Brimming with Adventure

by Dea Martinjonis July 21, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Let this Jobbatical city guide take you on a journey through Nairobi — a city that’ll blow your mind with its friendly

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Simply spectacular Sydney

by Dea Martinjonis July 07, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Sydney mixes historical and contemporary into a cocktail you’ve always wanted to try: deep blue harbour, awesome beaches and world-class

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Brisbane expects you to dress up

by Dea Martinjonis July 05, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Australia’s third-largest city, Brisbane is the hub of Queensland culture. Also known as Brissy and Bris-Vegas (“Don’t ask me why,”

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How Rock Stacking in the Alps Can Make You a Happier Person

by Karoli Hindriks July 04, 2017 Talent

My sunset hike view. I was invited to give a keynote presentation at a major media company’s executive summit, to talk

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Easygoing Perth is booming

by Dea Martinjonis July 03, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Perth has wonderful weather, beautiful beaches and an easygoing character. Perth’s beaches run along the western edge of Australia for

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5 Awkward Things About Living Abroad That Will Make You More Successful

by Maria June 30, 2017 Talent

Moving abroad and starting from scratch in a new city is a minefield of awkward situations ready to blow up

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Melbourne — the cool kid of Australia

by Dea Martinjonis June 29, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Elected the no 1 most livable place in the world for years in a row, Melbourne is also nicknamed the

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5 Estonian Midsummer Traditions Scientifically Guaranteed to Bring Good Luck

by Maria June 22, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Team Jobbatical will be off this Friday, celebrating Midsummer’s Eve—a night of pagan magic and mystery. From jumping over bonfires

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Estonia — A Tech Mecca of New Beginnings

by Jobbatical June 21, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Tech professionals are moving to Estonia for jobs, but many are finding other reasons to stay. When Paramanantham Harrison boarded a

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Jobbatical City Guides: Top Things to Do in Leuven, Belgium

by Maria June 21, 2017 City Guides, Talent

Europe’s longest bar, the world’s best beer, and the ideal mix of nature, culture, history and shopping—welcome to Leuven! Your

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Digi-X — bridging the gap between people’s needs and technology

by Dea Martinjonis May 02, 2017 Hiring

Digi-X — bridging the gap between people’s needs and technology Based in warm and sunny Kuala Lumpur you’ll find Digi-X — a venture builder

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Can’t Stop the Feeling

by Jobbatical March 01, 2017 Talent

Balloons. Image by jakkapan via Shutterstock I was sitting in a beanbag chair this morning, doing very serious CEO things.

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5 things making our world better this week

by Jobbatical February 24, 2017 Talent

Welcome to Jobbatical’s roundup of stories that made us go “Oh, that’s nice.” This is the part of the internet

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From Latvia to California to Estonia — a Jobbatical Story for the Ages

by Jobbatical February 13, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

This story was written by Jobbatical’s head of talent, the wonderful Alina Basina, who joined our team in Estonia for

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For Americans: How to Move to Europe

by Jobbatical December 27, 2016 Talent

This post was originally published on ExpatGenius and has been edited by Jobbatical. On the 9th of November, the official

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Why Mark Suster is Wrong When He Says You Can’t Search for a Job From a Remote Location

by Jobbatical November 24, 2016 Talent

This morning I was sitting in our fabulously cozy Jobbatical office in Tallinn, Estonia, chatting with my teammates to see

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Quitting corporate life for the unknown

by Jobbatical November 10, 2016 Talent

by Laura W. My transition into the unknown started a few years ago. I was working for a gaming company in

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How to survive (and enjoy) the winter

by Jobbatical October 04, 2016 Talent

So you don’t live somewhere tropical where everything is coconuts and poolside cocktails? You don’t have to feel like you’re

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Switching continents: What life is like on the other side of the world

by Jobbatical September 20, 2016 Talent

One Italian business developer in Singapore. One Hong Kong B2B marketer in Estonia. Varying degrees of culture shock. As I’m writing

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How one tech company is shaking up all of Southeast Asia

by Jobbatical September 06, 2016 Talent

A conversation about taxis, teleportation, and everything in between Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading mobile tech company. Its mission: to solve

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Should you move abroad? More importantly, what should you have for lunch?

by Jobbatical August 16, 2016 Talent

I’m here to help you answer these two questions (I assume) you ask yourself daily Decisions are hard. Some decisions are

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What it’s like to be a digital marketer on the other side of the world

by Jobbatical June 22, 2016 Talent

From Amsterdam to Vietnam: A Q&A with Tessa Leenders Tessa Leenders is a social media marketer who currently lives and works

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A conversation with a customer support agent in Myanmar

by Jobbatical May 05, 2016 Talent

Thuzar Khine, our first jobbaticler in Myanmar, is very much the globetrotter. Though she is originally from Yangon, for the

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Startup life in the tropics

by Jobbatical March 30, 2016 Talent

From left to right (mostly): one data scientist, one CEO, two copywriters, one business developer, one sunny Malaysian afternoon, and

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Jobbatical Stories: From D.C. to Barcelona

by Jobbatical March 10, 2016 Talent

For our latest story from abroad, we interviewed Ren Geers, who moved from Washington D.C. to Spain for an internship

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Why I Wanted to Hire A Turtle

by Jobbatical February 29, 2016 Hiring

Within our first year of launching Jobbatical, it became clear to me that Southeast Asia is the hotspot region for

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7 Swedish Sweets That Will Make You Wish You Were in Sweden

by Jobbatical February 09, 2016 Talent

photo by erik forsberg by Loni Klara Once upon a time, there was a guy called Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden,

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Roughly 60 Liters of Light

by Jobbatical February 02, 2016 Talent

To take our weekends a few steps beyond the pool and general sightseeing, this past Saturday and Sunday a part

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Five things not to say to your Jobbatical candidate

by Jobbatical January 29, 2016 Hiring

The far-reaching nature of Jobbatical attracts candidates who have a range of international experiences and a thirst for adventure and

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Greetings from Kuala Lumpur!

by Jobbatical January 14, 2016 Talent

This winter, team Jobbatical is going tropical. Here are our first impressions of Malaysia. This January and February, over half

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A short interview with our CEO and her three-year-old daughter.

by Jobbatical January 14, 2016 Talent

An Estonian toddler tagging along on a Malaysian jobbatical. Meet Karoli Hindriks — founder and CEO of Jobbatical — and her daughter Maya. Together

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Monday Morning in Belfast

by Jobbatical November 23, 2015 Talent

Donegall Place — Belfast via Flickr Need a little Irish in your Monday? Belfast or Dublin? GoConqr has hubs in both, and today team

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Monday Morning in Dublin

by Jobbatical November 23, 2015 Talent

Sunset in Grand Canal, Dublin via Flickr Ireland beckons. This morning we’re taking a peek at Mondays in not one, but

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Monday Morning in Belgrade

by Jobbatical October 12, 2015 Talent

Old Sava Bridge by Jeff Attaway Join Jobbatical on another virtual tour of Monday morning in a new city. Then check

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Never, Never, Never Give Up, Even If You Should

by Jobbatical October 09, 2015 Talent

with my two brilliant co-founders Today Jobbatical has a community of twenty thousand people from Silicon Valley to South Korea

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Four phrases NOT to use on your startup job application

by Jobbatical October 06, 2015 Talent

[Application Dealbreakers] And what to replace them with. Jobbatical connects talented professionals with lifechanging career adventures at startups around the world.

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Leaving San Francisco

by Jobbatical September 30, 2015 Talent

One girl’s journey to find her passion beyond Silicon Valley. Need some inspiration before taking a jobbatical? A self-proclaimed real-life version

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Monday Morning in Amsterdam

by Jobbatical September 28, 2015 Talent

Peek into the Dutch headquarters of an international travel startup. Every week, join Jobbatical as we explore Monday morning in a

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Monday Morning in Bali

by Jobbatical September 21, 2015 Talent

Photo by Racmesh SA via Flickr What’s it like to work in a tropical startup paradise? One of our big

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Monday Morning in Helsinki

by Jobbatical August 31, 2015 Talent

“Helsinki y la catedral” by Mariano Mantel via Flickr Startup life in the beautiful Nordic summer. Good morning world! We’re adding

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Travel Memories: Butter Brezen

by Jobbatical August 17, 2015 Talent

“Brezel” by superscheeli via Flickr That deliciously German delicacy. Jobbatical’s Globetrotter Inspiration blog exists to surround you with the irresistible

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Monday Morning in Barcelona

by Jobbatical July 27, 2015 Talent

Park Guell Barcelona by Richard Jones A glimpse into life on the Spanish startup scene. At Jobbatical, we help people

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Five Things I Miss About Estonia

by Jobbatical July 19, 2015 Talent

By Isabel Hirama, Marketing Chief @Jobbatical This spring, I spent three months living and working in a city most Americans

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10 Things Italians Have Taught Me

by Jobbatical July 12, 2015 Talent

Valley of Castelluccio di Norcia at sunrise by Moyan Brenn By Nora Matland. Republished by Jobbatical. “I travel to learn.

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Monday Morning in Berlin

by Jobbatical June 15, 2015 Talent

Photo: Luke Ma (in five photos) Where would your ideal Monday be? Cheryl Howard To help you figure this out, Jobbatical is

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Monday Morning in London

by Jobbatical May 11, 2015 Talent

A Mini Photo Essay Imagine waking up on your first day of a new job and pulling open the curtains to

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