Tech We’re Looking Forward to in 2017

by Jobbatical January 03, 2017

Here are the companies developing awesome tech for the future.

Happy New Year! As we kick off a brand new start, we’d like to share some tech we’ve been excited to support on Jobbatical over the past year.

These companies are all developing great products for the future by combining technology with social and environmental awareness. We’ll definitely keep an eye on them this year to see how they transform the different industries of transportation, renewables, and health.



Based in Amsterdam, EV-Box seeks to switch more consumers over to electric vehicles by solving the biggest pain for EV owners — lack of charging stations. With over 40,000 easily accessible EV-Box charging points worldwide, we’re closer than ever to a future where there may be as many electric charging stations as there are gas stations, reducing emissions significantly.



This startup is based in Malaysia, where a vast majority of activities are centered around shopping malls, but anyone who’s ever circled around for parking for 30 minutes to find a spot will love the concept of this app. In a world where technology enables us to increase efficiency and reduce time wasted, ParkEasy offers just that by creating a platform where users can earn credits by informing others of parking availability.


Electric scooters, anyone? This German company produces sleek scooters with portable batteries that can be charged on the go. Convenient, considerate and chic. It’s fun to imagine future cities full of these beauties!




3D printing has opened a whole new world for artists, but ReFlow has added a social enterprise element to this new technology by creating filament for the printers from recycled plastic waste in Tanzania. The Amsterdam-based company raised €26,000 via a Kickstarter campaign and plans to launch their product this year. Reducing waste while creating beautiful art? There’s a future we can get behind.

Reverse Resources

The world of fashion creates a ton of waste each year as fabrics are leftover during the production process. This Estonian company solves the problem by recycling the fabrics and putting them back into the production line, so that nothing is left to waste.

According to their website:

The world could produce at least 15 billion new clothes out of the leftovers from garment production if we could circulate these resources efficiently.

The smart solution would bring profit to businesses while eliminating waste.


Click and Grow

Click and Grow makes self-watering gardens for the modern home, saving space, time, and most importantly, health. The nutritious plants are grown fruitfully and naturally with the help of Smart Soil. It’s a cost-effective method to change the way people think about and consume food, bringing a healthy farm directly into their home. No more processed food, please!


This award-winning app was founded in Vienna, Austria, and helps diabetic patients manage their sugar intake and general diet. It is an officially recognized medical device in the US and the EU, making it one of the leaders in the digital healthcare space.


Based in Kenya, Sanergy is a social enterprise that solves sanitation problems in slums. Their product is a toilet that replaces unhygienic plastic bags and crowded and unsanitary community toilets. The waste is transferred daily and processed into organic fertilizers to be used in farms. The company also provides training and tools to manage the toilets, empowering local communities to take charge.

Know any other cool companies developing tech we should know about? Give them a shoutout in the comments below!

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