The Coolest Filming Locations to Visit on Your Next Vacation

by Maria June 09, 2017

Happy Friday, fellow nerds and travel enthusiasts, and welcome to this week’s list of lists! If you’re planning a trip (or just daydreaming—I don’t judge) that’ll satisfy both your wanderlust and your inner geek, here’s some inspiration.

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1. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is back. Which, among other things, is a damn fine excuse to go on a themed road trip.

Damn fine.

Lonely Planet has lovingly compiled a list of the most iconic filming locations from the cult classic:

2. Game of Thrones

I stopped watching Game of Thrones somewhere around Season 4, because I just couldn’t deal with everyone dying a horrific death.

Every single episode.

Those locations though—daaaaamn. If you want the striking visuals of GoT without the constant murderfest, the Telegraph has got you covered:

3. The Lord of the Rings

Do you slide into a half-involuntary Gollum impression whenever you hear the word precious? Do your friends refuse to have a Lord of the Rings marathon with you because you know all the lines and just won’t stop reciting them?

Oh. Right.

It might be time to leave your boring non-friends behind and go on a LotR tour of New Zealand. Backpacker Guide NZ has a handy list of all the breathtaking locations:

4. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has hit the theatres and I haven’t even seen it yet, so nobody say anything.

Deflecting spoilers like nobody’s business.

Instead, take a look at Condé Nast Traveler’s gallery of the film’s shooting locations and start planning your Inner Goddess Empowerment Tour of Europe (I certainly will).

5. Harry Potter

Never got your Hogwarts letter? Still a smidge bitter about it? Looking for ways to keep the magic alive? From Saturday June 24 to Monday June 26, The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is offering free rides on the Hogsmeade Station line:

While this is just about the most magical thing I’ve seen today, the article inexplicably, infuriatingly states that ‘children who visit in fancy dress will travel free’. Children?? What a grave injustice to us nostalgic twentysomethings. We are the ones who need this!

Tell ’em, Draco.

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