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by Jobbatical February 23, 2017

The Wait is Over — Jobbatical & ATS New product innovation at! Now more than ever, breaking down borders is the biggest driving force behind team Jobbatical. We make it as easy as possible for companies all over the globe to hire internationally. So we’re continuously improving our platform to ensure employers from Berlin to Singapore can make hiring on Jobbatical a seamless part of their recruitment process by integrating Jobbatical with established applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Jobbatical has its own simple and intuitive application tracking interface that allows employers to process applications submitted by thousands of top business, tech and creative professionals around the world. But because many of our customers are already using other applicant tracking systems, we’re introducing handy new integrations that allow employers to automatically transfer all incoming applications from Jobbatical to their external system of choice. To date, we have launched integrations with two popular applicant tracking systems: Greenhouse and Workable.

Greenhouse is an ATS and recruiting software designed to help employers find the best candidates. Workable offers all-in-one recruiting software for ambitious companies. Both are designed with one thing in mind: creating a smooth, streamlined recruiting process.

With these integrations up and running, employers hiring on Jobbatical don’t need to constantly check two separate interfaces to view and process their incoming applications. Employers using Workable and Greenhouse can combine all applications in one place. Setup is simple. One and done.

No hassle, no confusion, and more time freed up to focus on doing the things that matter — like building mission-driven teams with the power to make a difference in the world.

We believe the way innovative companies around the world are building their teams has a massive impact on the direction our society is moving. In fact, companies that build diverse and multicultural teams where cultures and perspectives complement each other are statistically proven to perform better than their competitors. That’s why we want to knock down the walls separating companies from our talent pool of 80,000+ professionals from everywhere on the planet. We will continue to improve our platform and introduce new integrations for employers and talent. With a commitment to a personalized user experience, we believe we can make the hiring process one companies can look forward to with Jobbatical. Our commitment to connecting companies with top-tier talent as starts with people but it doesn’t stop there. We take care of the software details too, so it’s easier than ever to make the best decisions when growing your company.

We’d love to hear from you. What is most important to you as a hiring manager? And how can we help with Jobbatical?

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