Things to Do in June: the Master List

by Maria June 02, 2017

Are you a travel junkie, pop culture buff, stargazer or tech enthusiast (or all of the above) wondering what to do with the month ahead of you? Here’s a master list of lists of things to do and see in June.

Don’t know about you, but I’ll be spending the month Instagramming whimsically. Image via Shutterstock

For the pleasure seekers:

Lonely Planet lists the best travel destinations for June. This article is enough to make your eyes glaze over with daydreamy bliss, so read with caution.

For the movie buffs:

BBC Culture has put together a handy list of the most promising movies coming out over the next few weeks. Frankly, you had me at Wonder Woman.

For the incurable binge watchers:

If you’re in a loving relationship with a streaming service, here’s an exhaustive list of things to look forward to this month. Just remember to take a break every now and again (hahaha—yeah, right).

For the stargazers:

Still a bit bummed out about TRAPPIST-1 not turning out to be immediately habitable? Feeling wistful about the persistent lack of proof of extraterrestrial life? Reawaken your hope and sense of wonder by gazing up at the heavens! Nat Geo tells you when to look up and what to look for in the June sky.

For the bookworms:

Do you love a healthy dose of escapism every now and again (we at Jobbatical sure do—I even proved it scientifically)? shares the best fantasy books coming out in June. That’s what all those rainy summer days are for, after all!

For the techies:

OK, so I’m cheating a bit—this article isn’t specifically about the month of June, but a roundup of the year’s best tech so far. But look how shiny! And even though not everything here exactly qualifies as easily ownable (lookin’ at you, SpaceX Falcon), it’s all good for some serious “what a time to be alive” vibes.

And the best part is, through the wonders of technology, none of these things (perhaps with the exception of the movies, at least legally) will even keep you away from the great outdoors, meaning I don’t have to feel like I’m sharing inappropriate advice!

Now go forth and have a glorious June!

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