This is so good you can see it from space (and other obsessions from Jobbatical HQ)

by Jobbatical April 21, 2017

Jobbatical’s resident copywriter and miracle worker is on vacation this week so we’re sharing this edition of Things You Have To Know from another perspective. We patiently await the return of the colleague we’ve come so accustomed to having at arms reach, telling the good jokes, playing the good tunes and writing the life-changing job listings that send so many people to the cities of their dreams.

This week at Jobbatical HQ:

We still can’t stop looking at California’s super bloom. It seems we’re not the only ones. This super bloom is so prolific you can see it from space. Thousands of people are flooding to the area to see the super bloom as well. It’s so beautiful some visitors are forgetting about their basic needs and passing out from heat and dehydration.

Speaking of dehydration, 45% of people believe we can manufacture water. Sorry folks. We can’t. Now, thanks to new research, we may be getting close (kinda). This emerging invention utilizes sunlight against a porous metal to eke water out of even the most arid desert air. A German chemical company called BASF may swoop in and manufacture in mass, fundamentally changing the lives of the 663 million people (or 10% of the world’s population) without access to safe water.

The World Economic Forum released their Travel and Tourism report earlier this month and we’re raving over it like Beliebers at the Purpose Tour. (Is it too late now to say sorry for that reference?) If you’re anxious to change your life and get out of dodge, see if there are any Jobbatical’s in the top ranked locations listed below.

  1. Spain
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. Japan (most improved country, with a 6.18% positive change in performance since 2015)

If you have nefarious Internet-related plans this weekend (or if you just care about Internet privacy), Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde just made your life easier. His new domain registrar, Njalla, keeps owners’ completely anonymous. Instead of cloaking your identity and ‘providing privacy by proxy,’ like whois or other ‘anonymous’ domain registrars, Njalla actually purchases domain names on your behalf. Want to support the free internet or make purchase decisions aligned with Mr. Robot? Njalla is the perfect go-to for your next startup poised for hockey stick growth.

Before we sign off for the weekend I dedicate this fresh Kwaye track (video above) to you. Because, of course, you are the Cool Kids.

Go be brilliant,


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