Top HR stories: Our most popular blogs of 2017

by Jobbatical December 21, 2017

2017 has come and gone in a flash. Here are our top HR stories aimed at helping employers attract and hire the best talent around the globe.

2017 was a year of wins for HR, from building a borderless society to forming excellent teams while protecting the economy. We’ve compiled our most popular articles in 2017, packed with lessons for employers, plus some opinion pieces to set the mood for the coming year.

Enjoy, and hire bright in 2018!

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Here are Jobbatical’s top HR stories of 2017, tailored for talent management professionals around the world. They include how to have a happy team and where to find talent.

5 Essential Tips to Make a Developer Happy at Work (and hire the best developer too)

We’re all looking for the ultimate unicorn developer. They want jobs where they can solve problems, flexible scheduling, and good project managers, among other things. Here’s how to find those developers and keep them happy once they join the team.

War, IT, and the Eastern European “Silicon Valley.” This is why you may find your next developer in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s IT industry is ready to accelerate. With government support and a growing tech economy, Ukraine is striving towards a high-tech economy as fast as it can. This article explains why (and how) you could find an excellent developer there.

America, we’re coming for your tech talent…

We’re in the midst of a worldwide tech talent crisis. Skill isn’t geographically constrained, and great employees are all over the world. Yet borders make talent mobility complicated and cumbersome. America must take note on Europe’s policies on skilled immigrants — the first shot over the bow in the talent war has been fired.

Want to work with top talent from around the globe?

Opinion Pieces

Here are some popular thought pieces from our founder, Karoli Hindriks, in 2017.

Extreme Vetting is a Soviet Tactic & Method of Oppression

“We have seen how fear feeds paranoia, and paranoia feeds the darkest corners of the human soul. In defense of this country’s persistent greatness, we have a chance to decide which side of history we want to be on. Let’s make the right choice.” — Karoli Hindriks

Extreme vetting should be setting off alarm bells for talent management professionals around the world. Our founder explains why, using her personal experience behind similar Soviet policies.

Why I Changed My Mind About Feminism

“We can build a world that’s better than this. It’s our duty not to reward, encourage, or enable behavior that diminishes anyone’s value based on their gender.” — Karoli Hindriks

Our founder was the 2nd woman in Estonia to close a financing round for a startup, in a country with more startups per capita than any other European country. She shares her startup story, filled with unique challenges and lessons learned from knocking on the door of an all-boys’ club.

We hope the lessons we learned in 2017 help you take your team to new heights. As always, stay fearless.

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