Top talent stories: Our most popular blogs of 2017

by Jobbatical December 15, 2017

Lessons for job seekers and career-minded individuals around the globe

2017 was a whirlwind of exciting hires, new career opportunities and job tips. Jobbatical grew like wildfire and we signed up jobseekers from every country in the world except Chad and North Korea.

Many of you tuned into the Jobbatical blog to get tips for acing job applications, getting help on relocating to other countries around the world, or getting hired. In honor of the readers who make us so great, here are the Jobbatical’s most read jobseeker blog posts of 2017.

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Dear Employre: Pleas hire Me.

Well-edited writing increases your credibility and makes your job application easier to process. Perfect grammar and spelling may not be a dealbreaker for all roles, but it could be the decision-maker when it comes down to two similarly-matched candidates. In this article, we share five simple writing principles to help you get hired.

Six Moar Ways too Write Your Jobbatical Application Good*

This post builds on Dear Employre: Pleas hire Me with six fresh tips to take your job applications to the next level. It covers basic practices like capitalizing your name, and advanced advice like to whom you should address your application letter.

Do not let this thought cross their mind.

“Do they even know what we do?” If your potential employer asks this while reading your application, your chances of landing the job drop into the abyss. This article contains good, better, and best ways to make sure that question never comes up.

For Americans: How to Move to Europe

Before you pack your entire life into a suitcase to move to Europe, there are a few things you need to research. To help you decide where to move, we discuss popular European countries, explain the language barrier and bureaucracy, and go over how to find work and accommodation.

How to Ace Your Job Application. Now with More Kittens.

Did you read the entire job description before you applied? Hiring managers can tell when you don’t, no matter how good your application is. HR hotshot and Jobbatical’s Head of Global Talent, Alina, shares some universal truths to acing your job applications. Plus, how can you say no to kittens?

Here’s a bonus kitten as we close.

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