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by Jobbatical March 29, 2017

Using a combination of AI and HR to source top talent from out database for you.

Jobbatical & “Premoderation” brings a new product innovation to Jobbatical.com! As a hiring manager, how often have you found yourself sifting through piles of spam or unqualified job applicants? No one has time for that! Recruiters are overloaded with not only attracting top talent, but also interviewing and negotiating with potential hires. Jobbatical is known for giving employers access to a global community of developers, designers and business professionals. Now with pre-moderation, we make pinpointing the perfect candidate faster than ever before.

Choosing cookies, difficult — Choosing candidates with Jobbatical, easy

How Premoderation works to source qualified talent for Jobbatical employers

You’re already bold enough to search the world for the best candidate for the job. Now, with pre-moderation, you can find that elusive unicorn of an employee with lightning speed. Jobbatical pre-moderation brings the best candidates to the forefront of your hiring campaign.

Jobbatical’s talent management team qualifies candidates to highlight the most relevant applicants in your employer dashboard. When a candidate applies, the keywords in their CV and profile are matched to the job description. If the applicant meets the minimum criteria, they appear in your “new” workflow tab. Candidates who are not a match are automatically migrated to the “filtered” folder.

Rest assured, you’ll have access to all candidates who apply. However, the employer dashboard filters candidates so you can easily spot the top applicants. Everyone in the “filtered” or “premoderated” folder will be notified within 7 days that they were not a fit for the role — so you don’t have to.

Helpful? We think so. After all, Jobbatical makes the world a better place for talent and employers by bringing the best teams together. We achieve this one job at a time in the most efficient way possible. You’re welcome.


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