Where to Promote Your Jobs: Role-specific Job Boards

by Jobbatical September 28, 2016

Head of Disruption Wanted

While the above headline isn’t an actual job posting by the Virgin Group, it grabs your attention. Business magnate Richard Branson has the right idea (as usual), even if that’s not his intent: to find specific tech recruits, post on role-specific job boards.

Preparing for the role

You’re probably not recruiting actors for your business. But there’s still an important role you play as “producer” of recruitment: finding and utilizing the right job boards to attract top talent.

Globally, there are scores of job boards where you might promote your opening. But in the tech industry, you won’t get much traction advertising on a general platform. Why waste your time and money with irrelevant applicants? It makes more sense to home in on tech-specific sites.

Jobbatical is one tech-focused job board, featuring talent such as engineers, designers, and marketers around the world. We attract applicants with appealing headlines that emphasize the experience a candidate will enjoy in each gig’s location, such as, Let Your JavaScript Skills Flourish in Fascinating Taipei, Add Some Front-End Expertise to a Dream Team in Hamburg, and Are Facebook Ads Your Specialty? Come to Malaysia!

Here are three other popular, role-specific sites to help you find specific talent.

How tech jobs Stack up

Stack Overflow

There are close to five million programmers in the Stack Overflow community, asking questions as diverse as, “Why does the value of 4*0.1 look nice in Python 3 but 3*0.1 doesn’t?” to “How effectively can a trancing Elf serve night watch?” (The latter will only make sense to gamers!)

When they’re not chasing elves or solving arcane coding questions, some of the users on Stack Overflow might be searching for jobs. On any given day, the site offers over 2,000 positions to choose among, such as Senior Android Engineer, Front End Architect and Developer (health analytics), Node.js Lead Engineer for a VC funded startup, and Java Software Developer.

Considering that this is where engineers and developers discuss and find solutions, it might be an excellent recruitment job board for your needs. The cost to post your ad for six months is $1,350.

Better than basketball


Even if you’ve never played basketball, you’ll be able to hit the shots regularly with Dribbble (note the triple b), a site where designers showcase their portfolios. Dribbble makes appropriate use of basketball terminology, with the Shots link comprising the tabs Popular, Recent, Debuts, Teams, and Playoffs. The Dribbble community offers self-organized Meetups, a chance for designers “to socialize, talk shop, and foster their local design communities.” These are wildly popular, with thousands of designers worldwide participating each year.

Naturally, Dribbble is an ideal digital resource for posting your design job. Some recent recruiting ads sought an Interaction Design Lead for an Internet of Things business, an Email Designer for a company that offers a premium pet shopping platform, and a Senior Graphic Design Associate for a digital marketing agency specializing in technical and creative applications of SEO and online reputation management.

Sports enthusiasts (metaphorically speaking) will be pleased to know you can Dribbble to your heart’s content for 30 days, for $375.

The right way to hack


Growth hacking has become synonymous with start-up marketing, as early stage companies experiment rapidly to discover what works to promote and grow their new businesses. It’s only logical that a business called GrowthHackers would spring up to support this trend, with Sean Ellis, who coined the term “growth hacking,” at the helm.

More than 100,000 growth pros share the most effective ways to grow a business. The site is a profusion of relevant information, including more than 50,000 posts, 375 videos, 24 growth studies, 5,000 questions answered, and over 100 AMAs.

The Jobs board lists growth hacking openings, such as Demand Generation Manager, Head of Growth Marketing, and Growth Marketing Hacker. $150 for 30 days.

The creative, committed, competent talent you seek is looking for adventure, inspiration and new knowledge — and they are looking on job boards germane to their specialty. Tech-focused job boards that also provide knowledge exchange and inspiration add the extra value that makes them much more attractive than those just-a-job sites, and a better way to allocate your recruiting resources.

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