How to win remote workers to your team

by Jobbatical November 24, 2017

We are big advocates of a global workforce. We “eat our own dogfood” when it comes to this, as our team is made of remote workers, international employees, and team members who have come from all around the world.

Remote teams can be more productive, highly efficient, and deliver results…when you have the right people contributing. As with the traditional workforce, there is a war going on for top talent in your industry. Skill shortages and different levels of experience means that your business must choose your employees wisely, but it’s a two-way street; the candidates you need must also choose you.

Here’s how to win the remote workers everyone wants on their team.

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Nail your job description

An accurate job description will help the best remote workers self-qualify themselves. This will save both your HR team’s and your applicants’ time. Candidates who are a good fit will understand and be able to articulate exactly why they will do well at the role, and candidates who aren’t a good fit, even if they’re exceptional at what they do, won’t apply.

Beyond being accurate, your job description must also be compelling in order to be effective. It should explain why someone would want to work with your company, what their work will contribute to, and the company culture they will be working in. You should provide enough detail to get candidates excited, and help them picture themselves in the role.

Give them the opportunity to travel

One of the best perks of remote work is the ability to experience new places without missing a day of work. Consider providing a travel stipend so your full-time remote workers can take a quarterly trip, even just for a day or two. This shows candidates that you value their personal life experiences, in addition to what they contribute to your company.

If you want to bring your remote workers to new places as a team, employers can also invest in team-building trips and host everyone in one place, and allow them to travel and get to know their colleagues.

Recruit actively

Active job candidates are searching for work, whereas passive candidates are open to new opportunities but aren’t actively searching them out. When you’re trying to win the best remote workers to your team, you’ll have to focus on active recruitment versus waiting for them to come to you. This means reaching both active and passive candidates who could do great things at your company.

How do you recruit actively? By getting on the radar of active and passive candidates. You can do this by utilizing job boards, producing educational content and career resources, and engaging with with candidates online (ie. social media) and in person (ie. industry events).

Operate remote-first

Even the most meticulous remote worker would have a hard time being successful in a company that treats him or her like a “ghost employee.” This is a company that, for example, holds daily office meetings (where decisions are made and everyone gets their action items) without including remote workers. It’s a workforce that communicates mostly in-person, and forgets to include remote workers via video call. In this scenario the remote worker would be lost when it comes to what has and hasn’t been approved, what needs to be done, and what information is current or most accurate.

Most remote workers already know that it will be difficult to work with teams who don’t have the proper processes and structure in place to support virtual productivity. If your company makes it difficult for digital team members to successfully contribute, you won’t get many remote workers signing up for that uphill battle.

To fix that, lean toward remote work processes, even if part of your team is in-office. This means holding all your meetings virtually, even if a few team members are present in the same room. It means communicating in your online project management tool so that all team members can stay current on project status. Essentially, you must treat your communications and operations as if everyone is a remote worker, even if only one person is.

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The next generation of professionals are smart, resourceful, and innovative, and your hiring techniques must follow suit. In order to attract top talent to your business, portray positions accurately to attain job fit, be active and engaging in your recruitment, ensure remote-first operations, and allow them opportunities to see the world and take advantage of the unique nature of their work.

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