Work hard and play hard in Australia

by Dea Martinjonis June 28, 2017

Must-do’s in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne — where to eat, where to party and where to drive for a weekend getaway.

Every year news outlets enlist TOP10 countries to live. Australia is featured every year without exception. What’s not to love? It’s always sunny; there are things to satisfy demanding foodies, surfing beach bums, culture-addicts and wild life lovers. Want to move there? Jobbatical to the rescue! We’ve got great job opportunities to choose from right here.

We tapped into top tech minds from Australia’s most prestigious software development companies called Readify (yes, the one with all these job opportunities we mentioned). The company serves clients in the major cities in Australia — varying from startups to well established banks, telcos, insurance companies and transport companies.

There’s no Australia week without koalas, obviously! Photo by robert cicchetti / Shutterstock.

“There is so much to explore in Australia — because it is such a large country — the size of several European countries combined,” says Matt Hilton, the Technical Talent Scout at Readify. “Australia’s got a range of awesome natural and built environments — in your time in Australia you can go surfing in our beautiful beaches, bush-walking in our many and varied national parks, if you’re into sea sports you can go diving — all the way from tropical dives through to quite cold rack dives down in Victoria and South Australia, we’ve got iconic things like the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, there’s Ayers Rock — one of the most impressive landmarks in Australia.”

One of Australia’s most impressive landmarks — Ayers Rock. Photo by Alex Cimbal / Shutterstock.

Thanks to the good folks at Readify we’ve prepared four city guides for you — the must-do’s in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane — and we will be rolling them out throughout our Australia week. You’re welcome, mate!

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