Your Christmas present from Jobbatical

by Jobbatical December 01, 2015

Two ways to score $100 this December.

An acceptance letter to an international career adventure may be the best Christmas present ever, and by connecting a friend to one, you’re giving them the opportunity of a lifetime that they may never otherwise have discovered.

If you give that gift this winter, we (and Santa) have a present for you too!

Starting December 1st, 2015:

If you introduce someone to Jobbatical and they apply to a listing by December 31st and are then accepted, our Christmas present to you will be $100 for being such a good friend.

And we’ll give your friend $100 too!

Santa’s instructions:

  1. Send your friends great matches from our selection of work adventures

and more, or just click below to share Jobbatical and let your friends start the search themselves.

2. Make sure they apply by December 31st

3. Email [email protected] any time when one of them receives an offer.

[Scroll down past two sets of palm trees for the fine print]

Not only that, since Santa is feeling quite generous this year:

If you yourself apply to a Jobbatical between now and December 31st and are accepted, you’ll also get the $100 Christmas reward.

Of course, that’s on top of the life-changing experience of exploring an entirely new city, soaking in the culture, and honing your skills in a fascinatingly different environment.

Who knows — your next Christmas could either be a bit more tropical, or a bit more Nordic than this year!

Santa’s instructions:

  1. Take a look at our jobbaticals from snowy Germany to tropical Malaysia

2. Apply by December 31

3. Email [email protected] with your success story when your hard work pays off, no matter how long it takes.

Santa’s fine print:

1. The “I referred a friend” Bonus

A) Your friend must be a new Jobbatical member (sign up date Dec. 1st or later, and you must be a Jobbatical registered user (new or old is fine).

B) Confirmation of the jobbatical will be required from you, your friend, and the employer.

C) The bonus will consist of one hundred US dollars each (via Visa giftcard or equivalent), and may or may not include a special extra surprise from Santa.

D) You can receive the bonus for gigs landed at any date, as long as the application was submitted by 11:59pm PST, December 31, 2015.

E) The bonus will be awarded once the jobbaticler has officially begun work for the jobbatical employer.

F) The jobbatical must involve relocation to the employer’s city (working remotely or working in your hometown can be great, but that’s not a jobbatical).

2. The “I landed a jobbatical” Bonus

See items C through F above.

G) Confirmation of the jobbatical will be required from your employer

H) Santa will sentence coal and immediate dismissal to the naughty list to anyone attempting to cheat.

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