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Jobs in Tallinn, Estonia

If you are looking for tech and startup jobs in Tallinn, Estonia you've come to the right place. Browse and apply to tech, business and creatives jobs from over 129 companies in Tallinn.

Don’t let its size fool you. While its population is just under half a million, Tallinn is a city you’ll be hearing more and more about. Estonia’s digital society makes it really easy for anyone to move to Tallinn. Everything is online and all you need is your ID card. It only takes 20 minutes to set up a company online, so it’s no wonder that Tallinn has become a hotbed of innovative startups, including *cough* Jobbatical.

Why move to Tallinn? Winters are cold and dark, with only six hours of daylight and temperatures reaching well below freezing, but we make up for it in summer with white nights where it seems like the sun never sets. Winter or summer, Tallinn is packed with culture, with festivals like Tallinn Music Week and PÖFF Black Nights Film Festival that attract visitors from all around. It’s not every day that you can show off a 13th century medieval Old Town to your friends and family who come to visit. Tallinn boasts some great food too, with plenty of inventive restaurants and bars in the trendy and artsy Kalamaja area. And if you’re looking to keep fit, the suburbs of Kadriorg and Pirita offer plenty of trails for walking, running and cycling.

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Expired jobs

Estonian e-Residency

Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued transnational digital identity available to everyone in the world. Through its e-Residency program, Estonia is building a borderless digital society and unleashing the world’s entrepreneurial potential. e-Residents can establish companies online within minutes and manage the companies online from anywhere in the world, establish bank account online and make payments online, access online payment service providers, declare taxes online, digitally sign legal documents, and encrypt and transmit documents securely. Entrepreneurs everywhere will be able to choose where and how they live their digital lives. For some people, e-Residency is not just a matter of convenience, it is the key ingredient making enterprise possible. e-Residency empowers entrepreneurs to participate in the global market and move at the speed of capital without getting stuck in bureaucracy. Though e-Residency is a government initiative, the project’s ethos is entrepreneurial and its execution has been quick and lean. The move from prototype to product happened in a matter of weeks and a little less than a year after the launch of its application website, the program has already attracted more than 22,000 e-residents and they have established over a thousand companies already. We are taking a step towards a world in which competition for people and companies pushes states to develop faster, better, and more responsive legal regimes and public e-services. That may soon redefine how governments around the world interact with people.

WSI Online

WSI is a franchise network of independently owned digital marketing agencies with a strong international presence. WSI was founded in Toronto, Canada, but now has franchisees in 80 countries, including WSI Online in Tallinn, Estonia. Our vision is to be a globally recognized team of digital marketing specialists, using our proven processes to bring better long-term results for our clients with less marketing. Yes, we believe that less marketing means more results! Our unique offering is full-funnel digital marketing services. We believe that controlling the full funnel is like 1+1=3. We’re a powerful network of marketers who strive to discover, analyze, build and implement digital solutions that win digital marketing awards and help businesses succeed online. Over the last 9 years, WSI Online has won multiple prestigious digital marketing awards for our solutions by adapting to the constantly shifting landscape of the Internet. We take pride in helping businesses make the most of the dollars they spend on digital marketing. In 2008, we established business in Estonia, the country run by e-government, the birthplace of Skype and Kazaa, and which, according to the 2016 Google Consumer Barometer, has 80% of its population online. In this time, we have broken through into the Nordic scene and used the local digital aptitude to our advantage. We have proven ourselves as a reliable marketing partner for several ambitious companies. We understand that our success means the success of our clients, so we put as much effort in the latter as the former. By now, our team has created hundreds of successful websites, bringing an increase in traffic, sales, and the whole client base. This is made possible through finding and keeping the most talented people in the field, who help clients find the most modern and profitable marketing solutions.