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Studyportals is a fast-growing online platform where students can find and compare their education options internationally. Our mission is to empower the world to choose education. We focus on quality from both a student as well as a university perspective: offering the best information for students, and low-effort, cost-effective, and result-based marketing for universities. Over 2,450 universities participate across 67 countries, creating transparency across 117,000+ study programmes. We have a large global visitor base of over 19 million visits every year. The Studyportals team now consists of over a hundred and seventy people worldwide from 35 different nationalities, and we're expecting to grow the team to about 200 people in the upcoming year. Studyportals proudly ranks 18th in the 2015 Employee satisfaction ranking, an annual survey carried out by SatisAction and the NRC. Our HQ is located in Eindhoven, in the iconic Klokgebouw, at Strijp-S, a hub of entrepreneurship, technology, and design. We also have operations in Boston, Melbourne, Manchester, Stockholm and Bucharest.

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