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Reliable employee relocation for growth companies in Estonia

Relocate your new hires to Estonia efficiently and reliably. We can help you scale as fast as you need by taking immigration and settle-in off your plate.

“We were looking for a strong and reliable partner to work hand in hand in an organized, effective and time-saving manner. We found it in Jobbatical.”
Jana Padabed
People Operations Lead at Transferwise

Trusted by leading global brands


We make immigration look easy...

We will take care of relocation so you can focus on attracting top talent from anywhere in the world.
Candidate decides to accept offer
Employment registration
Visa documentation
Get PPA & ID-Card
Get Residence Permit
You greet the candidate at your office
Skip the noise

… and make sure the move to Estonia is smooth

From airport pickup to finding an apartment, we can help you all the way.

Airport pickup

Search for accomodation

Open a bank account

Register at family doctor

And much, much more.

This is why you’d be crazy not to work with us

Sit back and relax while we handle the immigration puzzle, saving you time and hassle. We deal with the paperwork so your team can scale.
Trust & reliability

A partner you can trust

With a 100% success rate, we mean business. The first and only time a visa application got rejected, we turned it around in just a couple of weeks.
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Software = efficiency

Say hello to efficiency

It’s frustrating to wait months for a hire to join your team. Our on-the-ground experts use our tech to guarantee you’ll never wait longer than you have to.
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We can scale as fast as you need

Small relocation agencies often overload and cases start slipping through the cracks. Say goodbye to unreliable partners and get some much-needed peace of mind.
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Human service

Your new hires will love us

We know our work reflects on you so we go out of our way to build a relationship with your talent, establish trust and avoid “lawyer-y” talk. After all, we are not a soulless law firm 😉
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Your local experts in Estonia

With over 1000 successful cases and not a single rejection, you can’t go wrong.

Money-back guarantee

No risk for you. If we don't get the visa, you get your money back.

1,000+ successes

We've literally done this a thousand times. More than 1,000 hires moved to top companies.

24-hour response

Whatever happens, we'll get back to you within 24 hours when you need us.

Jobbatical vs Other Solutions

We’re more effective than specialized agencies or in-house immigration teams.

Big Agency


€600+ per hire
€1,000+ per hire
€50,000+ per year
Powered by software

We know what we’re doing

That's what they all say. But if our 100% success rate doesn't speak for itself, here's what our clients think.

“Since using Jobbatical, more employees have joined us because of the simplicity of the relocation process. The immigration process is something you just have to get right and Jobbatical has earned my trust 100 percent”

Veriff relocated 49 team members (and a dog)

“We know that our relocators are taken good care of, that our processes are clear to everyone and that all documents are processed in a timely and professional manner. Jobbatical has saved my team numerous hours of work.”

Transferwise relocated 51 team members

“We got in touch with Jobbatical and realized how much spent time, paperwork and potential issues we can avoid trusting professionals with this 1000-piece puzzle.”

Change relocated 23 team members

Discover why fast-growing companies relocate with Jobbatical.

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We’re trusted by the world's leading companies

“We were looking for a strong and reliable partner to work hand in hand in an organized, effective and time-saving manner. We found it in Jobbatical.”
Jana Padabed
People Operations Lead

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