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Mentor a Technical Team in Charming Tallinn

Want to write the next thrilling chapter of your life in the beautiful Northern European country of Estonia? All you have to do is show the MYJAR team you can lead and manage a tea...

Chapter Lead April 2017 Estonia

Handle Human Resources for Starship Robots

Handling human resources for a company of robots? Sounds like a sci-fi plot, but no—this is not a robot uprising. The only things rising up are your odds of landing your dream HR j...

HR Specialist May 2017 Estonia

Manage a Core Banking Product at Tieto in Tallinn

Looking for a change of scenery and some exciting challenges to keep your product management skills razor sharp? Team Tieto has just the thing you seek!

Product Manager April 2017 Estonia

Wrangle Data at a Gaming Company in Riga

Can't get enough of data? Join Evolution Gaming's business intelligence team as a data steward for an opportunity to put your analytical mind to good use in Latvia's charming capit...

Data Steward May 2017 Latvia

Go on an Exciting DevOps Adventure in Vibrant Eindhoven

Looking for an exciting opportunity to harness your skills? Join the ambitious StudyPortals team as a DevOps engineer and be part of the success story of Eindhoven!

DevOps Engineer April 2017 Netherlands

Process Data in Fascinating Bucharest

Fun fact for you data lovers out there: the Romanian Palace of the Parliament is the heaviest building in the world. On a lighter note, the StudyPortals team is looking for a motiv...

Data Processing Specialist April 2017 Romania

Be on the Back End of an Education Revolution in the Netherl...

Here's an opportunity to revolutionize the worldwide study-choice market with your back-end skills. Join the StudyPortals team in Eindhoven and improve the lives of millions of stu...

Back-End Developer April 2017 Netherlands

Move to Latvia & Automate All the Things

If you're all about quality assurance and automated testing, you'll definitely be all about this opportunity in Latvia's spirited capital city. Join the Evolution Gaming team in Ri...

QA Automation Engineer May 2017 Latvia

Share Your iOS Smarts With Rebtel in Stockholm

If you want to get a taste of the Scandinavian way of life, Rebtel is offering you the perfect opportunity. Join them in Sweden as an iOS developer and think big with a team of reb...

iOS Developer May 2017 Sweden

Team Jobbatical Needs a Skilled Sysadmin

Drop whatever you're doing, read this, and put your excited hat on—Jobbatical is hiring! There's a sysadmin-shaped hole in our team, and you might be the one to fill it.

System Administrator May 2017 Estonia

Take on a Sales & Marketing Challenge at Opus

Do you have a mind for international marketing and a flair for B2B sales? Does your effervescent personality make you stand out as a natural when it comes to closing deals? The Opu...

Sales & Marketing Manager May 2017 Estonia

Write Meticulous Technical Documentation in Magnificent Berl...

If you join Glispa in Berlin, the world's your oyster—there's no end to what you can achieve with the support of a team like this. Be a technical writer in Europe's capital of cool...

Technical Writer May 2017 Germany

Take Your Ruby Skills to the Next Level at a Hot Estonian Fi...

If Ruby is your bread and butter and creating top-shelf financial software is a challenge you know you'll love, here's your dream job. Join Inbank's ambitious team in the innovativ...

Ruby Developer May 2017 Estonia

Be a Continuous Delivery Engineer in Riga or Tallinn

Do you know all there is to know about continuous delivery? Then it's time to learn all there is to know about this cool career opportunity at Evolution Gaming!

Continuous Delivery Engineer May 2017 Latvia

Scrum Masters, Share Your Wisdom With Evolution Gaming in Es...

Your wealth of scrum knowledge is needed in Tallinn—Estonia's seaside capital that prides itself on its love for all things tech. So seize the opportunity and join a great team in ...

Scrum Master May 2017 Estonia

JavaScript Developers, Bring Your A-Game to Latvia

Latvia is home to the widest waterfall in Europe. More excitingly, this beautiful country can also be your home—all you have to do is join the Evolution Gaming team as a JavaScript...

JavaScript Developer May 2017 Latvia

Take Your Scala Skills to Evolution Gaming in Tallinn

Estonia's capital city is known for its love of tech and innovation. If you share that love and have a soft spot for Scala in particular, you've found your dream job!

Scala Developer May 2017 Estonia

Ready for a Scala Challenge in Riga?

Let the next step in your career evolution take you to Latvia, where a passionate team is looking for someone with your particular set of skills. Stun the world of gaming with your...

Scala Developer May 2017 Latvia

Score This Awesome Sales Job at Scoro in Tallinn

Are you as fluent in sales as you are in English? Scoro is looking for a tech-loving sales consultant to join them in Estonia. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be...

Sales Consultant June 2017 Estonia

Be MYJAR's Driven Database Admin in Estonia

Performance, integrity, security—if it's got anything to do with databases, you've got it covered. Bring your skills and experience to the MYJAR team and see what life in Estonia h...

Database Administrator April 2017 Estonia

Smart & Experienced System Architects, Make Estonia Your Hom...

If system architecture is your bread and butter, there's a great challenge waiting in one of Europe's loveliest, most innovative cities. Team MYJAR is ready for you in Tallinn!

System Architect April 2017 Estonia

Be a Developer in a Driven Team in Estonia

Estonia is the place to be if you're looking for challenging career moves in the tech space. MYJAR has plenty of those available—like this gig for a back-end develope, for example!

Back-End Developer April 2017 Estonia

Quality Engineers, a Challenge Awaits in Beautiful Estonia

You're not just a quality engineer. You're a quality engineer of the highest quality. And you're hungry for a challenge somewhere new. Fancy a stint at MYJAR in Estonia to further ...

Senior Quality Engineer April 2017 Estonia

Your Leadership Skills & Tech Savvy Are Wanted in Estonia

If you're the very epitome of reliability and an experienced tech lead to boot, let us point you in the direction of this awesome opportunity at MYJAR. Join them in Tallinn to show...

Head of Development April 2017 Estonia

Bring Your Coding Talents to Tallinn

Do you like digitally advanced societies and medieval architecture? Charming seaside cities and lush greenery? Then you'll love Tallinn, Estonia's smart little capital. And if you ...

Front-End Developer April 2017 Estonia

Experienced Security Architect Sought at Danske Bank in Tall...

Do you have a solid background—and a genuine interest—in IT security? Join a team of people who share your passion, in a city that loves all things tech. Tallinn is waiting for you...

Senior Mainframe Security Architect May 2017 Estonia

Shape the World of Higher Education With Your Strategic Bril...

The StudyPortals team is well on their way to conquering the world of higher education and making it transparent. They're now looking for someone with experience to shape a new ser...

Admission Specialist March 2017 Netherlands

Love Words & Tech? Be a Technical Writer in Tallinn!

Do you have a magical ability to make anyone understand the trickiest technical terms? Your particular set of skills is in demand! The MYJAR team, for instance, wants you as a tech...

Technical Writer April 2017 Estonia

Be a Quality Engineer at MYJAR in Estonia

Quality engineers, this one's for you! MYJAR is growing and eager to provide world-class products and services to their users. To help make sure their software is top-notch and to ...

Quality Engineer April 2017 Estonia

Java Juggernauts, Head to Estonia!

If you can't get enough of delivering quality solutions and want to use your Java skills to make the world a bit better, keep reading. Swedbank has an interesting offer for one suc...

Java Developer April 2017 Estonia

Start a Customer Support Rebellion in Stockholm

This team in Sweden's vibrant capital is doing things differently. If you're a rebel at heart and ready to imagine extraordinary things, take the lead on Rebtel's customer support ...

Head of Customer Support May 2017 Sweden

Be a Growth Hacker in the Beautiful Netherlands

Want to spend your days building and marketing innovative products, changing the lives of millions of students worldwide? Make your way to Eindhoven, where the StudyPortals team is...

Growth Hacker April 2017 Netherlands

Join Nevercode as a QA Engineer in Estonia

Tartu is a quaint university town with plenty of spirit and a uniquely inspiring atmosphere. Nevercode is the world’s leading cloud-based continuous integration service for mobile ...

QA Engineer March 2017 Estonia

Be an IT Security Engineer at a Cool Nordic Bank

Ready for your next great adventure in IT security? Bring your analytical mind to Danske Bank in Estonia and help them put together the best cybersecurity team this world has ever ...

Senior IT Security Engineer (zOS) May 2017 Estonia

Be Danske Bank's Security Architect in Estonia

If you like getting stuff done, here's a good one for your to-do list: apply for this security architect gig in Estonia's vibrant capital. Put your skills to good use as part of a ...

Senior Security Architect May 2017 Estonia

Information Security Experts, Estonia Awaits

IT security is no small matter, especially at a bank. Danske Bank's cybersecurity team in Estonia knows it, and that's why they're on the lookout for bright minds to take their eff...

IT Security Engineer (Linux, Windows, Mainframe) May 2017 Estonia

Produce Engaging Video Content in Vibrant Eindhoven

If video is your preferred method of storytelling, set your sights on this awesome opportunity to produce vivid visuals for a company that's changing the world of higher education!

Video Producer April 2017 Netherlands

Join Danske Bank's Cybersecurity Team in Tallinn

This Nordic banking powerhouse is building a fantastic cybersecurity team in the vibrant city of Tallinn. If you know IT security like the back of your hand, take a look at this gi...

IT Security Engineer (Crypto PKI) May 2017 Estonia

IT Security Pro Sought for Danske Bank in Estonia

All about Linux, Windows and/or Mainframe? Excited about IT security and itching for new challenges? Join the ranks of a cool Danish bank in Estonia!

Lead IT Security Engineer May 2017 Estonia

Bring Your Security Architecture Vision to Tallinn

When it comes to getting strategic about security architecture, you're the person to turn to. You have a wealth of experience and a winning attitude that gets things done, and you ...

IT Security Architect (Mainframe) May 2017 Estonia

Take Your RoR Know-How to Estonia

If you know your way around Ruby on Rails and are on the hunt for an inspiring outlet for your skills, you've found it. The Wisemedia team needs your drive and ambition in the rive...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Estonia

Your UI/UX Expertise Is Wanted in Berlin

Looking for a new outlet for your creativity? Brimming with bright ideas for the smoothest possible user experience? Unleash the full firepower of your design brilliance at Homebel...

UI/UX Designer May 2017 Germany

Head to Estonia for a Back-End Challenge at Nevercode

The scenic riverside city of Tartu welcomes bright ideas in all shapes and sizes. If you can make big things happen on the backend, you'll be a perfect addition to the Nevercode te...

Back-End Developer March 2017 Estonia

Your Scala Skills Are Wanted on the Berlin Startup Scene

Are you hardwired to produce clean code and come up with elegant solutions to challenging problems? Do you want to keep learning and broadening your skill set? The team at Wire in ...

Scala/Android Developer April 2017 Germany

Savvy With Sales & Based in Germany?

Team Jobbatical (that's us!) has an interesting challenge for you. We're looking for sales talent to represent us in Berlin. So if you know the scene, speak the lingo, and have the...

Account Executive April 2017 Germany

Create Fantastic UI/UX at Runtastic in Austria

What could be healthier than some mountain air and a job you're seriously excited about? Team Runtastic in the gorgeous Alpine country of Austria wants your design skills!

Mobile UI/UX Designer May 2017 Austria

Motivated Full-Stack Developer Wanted in Sunny Malta

It's time to make the Mediterranean your next destination! The Timely team is looking for talented full-stack developers to join them in Malta. Build awesome websites and apps with...

Full-Stack Developer May 2017 Malta

Crazy About Programming? Work With Bots & AI in Portugal

Want to live and work on the Portuguese coast? If you're a passionate programmer eager to dive deep into the world of bots and AI, here's your opportunity!

Software Engineer June 2017 Portugal

Join a Great Team & Test Ambitious FinTech Solutions in Esto...

Are you ready for the next big step in your career? Inbank is innovating the fintech space in Tallinn, and their team is looking for a passionate QA Engineer that happens to be fun...

QA Engineer June 2017 Estonia

Take Your Front-End Knowledge to the Netherlands

If you love getting collaborative on the front end, you might like to join StudyPortals on their mission to revolutionize the global study-choice market. Intrigued? Read on!

Front-End Developer April 2017 Netherlands

Be Nevercode's First DevOps Engineer in Estonia

As a DevOps engineer at Nevercode, you'll never get bored. Join this small team in the beautiful Estonian town of Tartu for an opportunity to have a big impact!

DevOps Engineer March 2017 Estonia

Be Twitter Counter's Front-End Phenom in Inspiring Amsterdam

If outstanding UI is what you do best, join this fun team in one of Europe's coolest cities. Get creative, experiment, and take Twitter Counter's UI to never-before-seen levels of ...

Front-End Developer April 2017 Netherlands

Go on a Seaside PHP Adventure in Portugal

This innovative team in Portugal is all about creativity and top-notch programming. If you feel like you're on the same page, why not join them? Make incredible memories and take o...

PHP Developer June 2017 Portugal

Bold Marketing Pro Wanted at Nevercode in Estonia

Team Nevercode is looking for a passionate and creative marketing mind to add to their ranks. Join them in a beautiful riverside town in Estonia to help a great service grow!

Marketing Manager March 2017 Estonia

German-Speaking Sales Talent Sought in Barcelona

Do you feel like showing the world what you're capable of? This challenge for a German speaker has got your name written all over it. Discover your inner sales guru and experience ...

Sales Representative May 2017 Spain

Head to Berlin & Work Your Android Magic at Glispa

Join a high-performing international team in one of the coolest cities ever built—be Glispa's brilliant new Android developer in Berlin! Exciting challenges, mouthwatering perks, a...

Senior Android Developer May 2017 Germany

Make the World Healthier With Your Knowledge of Cloud Operat...

Founded by the Romans on the mighty Danube, Linz has an intriguing history and remains one of Austria's main economic centers. It's also home to the extraordinarily passionate Runt...

Cloud Operations Engineer May 2017 Austria

Wrangle Data at a Banking Giant in Latvia

Are you committed to teamwork, experienced with business analysis in the finance field, and famous for your drive and persistence? Then Riga's the place for you—more specifically, ...

Information Modeler April 2017 Latvia

Be an Information Modeler in Vibrant Vilnius

If gathering business requirements is something you could do in your sleep and/or with one hand tied behind your back, take a look at this job description. You could be joining a f...

Information Modeler April 2017 Lithuania

Work With Data in Estonia's Delightful Capital

Business requirements. Data modeling. Information management. Are these the phrases that make you feel at home? Then you'll love working at Swedbank in the tech-savvy and beautiful...

Information Modeler April 2017 Estonia

Own Innovative Products in the Global Education Space

Do you have an innovative brain and experience managing digital products? Take that bright mind of yours to Eindhoven in the Netherlands, where a driven team is reshaping the world...

Product Owner April 2017 Netherlands

Android Aficionados, Sweden Welcomes You

If you want to join a skilled team in a wonderful city, congratulations—you've found the perfect opportunity! Rebtel's extraordinary team of rebels is missing an Android developer....

Android Developer May 2017 Sweden

German Speakers, Seize a Marketing Opportunity in Hamburg

Do you know a thing or two about German consumer behavior? Is marketing coordination second nature to you? Then you could be the one to help Xeneta take the DACH region by storm!

Marketing Coordinator May 2017 Germany

Experienced IT Security Engineer Wanted in Tallinn

If you live and breathe IT security, this modern Nordic bank can hook you up with your dream job. Join the team in Estonia's tech-crazy capital!

Senior IT Security Engineer May 2017 Estonia

Ready to Take Your RoR Knowledge to Historic Moravia?

The beautiful Czech city of Brno is waiting for you—all you have to do to land this great gig at Wisemedia is to be a driven and creative Rails developer.

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Czechia

Get Your Java Kicks at J-IT in Vienna

This team works like a well-oiled machine. The one cog still missing is you—a driven, fearless Java developer. Join them to deliver world-class software solutions in beautiful Vien...

Java Developer May 2017 Austria

Passionate About Software Testing? Join BJSS in the UK!

If you appreciate the importance of software testing and have plenty of solid experience with it, the following should interest you. Take a look at this test automation gig in the ...

Test Automation Engineer April 2017 United Kingdom

Rails Hotshots, You're Wanted in Poland!

If complex RoR applications are your thing, perhaps it's time for a career move to invigorate the old gray cells? This one in historic Wrocław looks like it might be the perfect fi...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Poland

Motivated IT Maven Wanted in Estonia

Do you have what it takes to take the lead on a company's IT strategy? If so, taking on this gig in the quaint Estonian university town of Tartu might be a wise move for you!

CIO April 2017 Estonia

Savvy Automation Tester Sought in Leeds

Are you after an exciting challenge to help you channel your passion for software testing? Here's one that may spark your interest—BJSS is looking for talented test engineers to jo...

Test Automation Engineer April 2017 United Kingdom

Help Glispa Take the U.S. Market by Storm

Here's a team that celebrates diversity and knows how to make the most of it. Join Glispa in Berlin for a chance to put your awesome BizDev skills to work in a truly electrifying e...

Senior Business Development Manager May 2017 Germany

Seriously Tech-Savvy German-Speaking Sales Pro Wanted in Ber...

Skeleton Technologies is changing the energy storage industry. To spread the word in the German-speaking world, the team in Berlin is looking for a sales dynamo who knows their way...

Regional Sales Manager May 2017 Germany

Be a Test Engineer in Thriving Manchester

Manchester—the most linguistically diverse city in western Europe. The city where Rolls met Royce. The city where the atom was first split. Big things are still happening here, and...

Test Automation Engineer April 2017 United Kingdom

Push the Boundaries of Energy Storage Solutions in Berlin

Are you looking to work on the Next Big Thing? Skeleton Technologies is THE company to join if you want to make a splash in the world of energy storage. Be an electric vehicle appl...

Senior Electric Vehicle Application Engineer May 2017 Germany

Be Part of the Hybrid Electric Drivetrain Boom in Berlin

Do you love a good challenge? Do you get excited about developing energy storage solutions? You're not alone—the Skeleton Technologies team gets where you're coming from, and they ...

Senior Heavy-Duty HEV Application Engineer May 2017 Germany

Passionate About Web Development? Stockholm Is Waiting!

Team Rebtel is hiring in Stockholm! This is the job for you if you're a web developer looking for your next life-changing challenge at a company brimming with startup spirit and bi...

Web Developer May 2017 Sweden

Expired jobbaticals

Harness Your Back-End Brilliance in Germany

Berlin is pretty much guaranteed to inspire and energize you. Take on this back-end challenge at MediDate and you'll see what we mean!

Back-End Developer July 2016 Germany

Be a Data Scientist in Luxembourg

If you value challenging work and like the idea of being part of a startup on a mission to make a difference in people's lives, join the Foobot team in Luxembourg!

Data Scientist December 2015 Luxembourg

Your Marketing Flair is Wanted in Slovenia

Lovely Ljubljana—European Green Capital, city of dragons, and an excellent location for a marketing jobbatical such as this one.

Online Marketer July 2016 Slovenia

Design Dream Homes in Crete

Crete: The cradle of European civilization, a jewel of an island in the sparkling Mediterranean, and the location of your next great adventure in architecture and design. Hone your...

Junior Architect July 2016 Greece

Exercise Your Front-End Expertise in Estonia

Avionix is on a mission to become the European leader in delivering custom digital solutions to small and medium enterprises. If your ambition matches theirs, join the team in Tall...

Senior Front-End Developer April 2017 Estonia

Passionate Java Engineer Wanted in Barcelona

Accept the Datumize challenge in Barcelona for a chance to hone your skills, and treat yourself to the unique experience of living in the best southern European startup hub!

Java Developer January 2016 Spain

Build Networks and Change Lives in Beautiful Finland

Help shape the careers of millions of young students and be part of a very supportive, open and inspiring team—Study Advisory is ready to be wowed by your enthusiasm, motivation, a...

Academic Networker March 2016 Finland

Your .NET Know-How Is Wanted in Estonia

If you know all there is to know about object-oriented programming, look this way. Yes, here, at this .NET developer gig in Estonia. Join the Axinom team just in time to enjoy wint...

Lead .NET Developer January 2017 Estonia

Work Your Word Magic in Tallinn!

Are you a skilled wordsmith with an eye for the Oxford comma and strong opinions on whether or not it's OK to occasionally split an infinitive? Are you eager to experience the star...

Copywriter November 2015 Estonia

Bring your full-stack skills to Jobbatical HQ in Tallinn!

Take a Jobbatical... at Jobbatical! A meta-Jobbatical, if you will. Join our fun little family of passionate individuals on our mission to shake up the global job market! We are ba...

Full-Stack Developer August 2015 Estonia

Flex Your Sysadmin Muscles in Gorgeous Porto

You're sharp as a tack, smart as a whip, and a brilliant Linux sysadmin to boot. There is a position open in the stunning city of Porto for one such as yourself!

System Administrator August 2016 Portugal

Help Build The Internet of Things in Lisbon!

Join the ranks at Sensefinity in Lisbon for an opportunity to give your skills a boost and discover a beautiful city bursting with amazing energy!

Hardware Developer November 2015 Portugal

Harness Your Java Expertise in Lisbon

Are you looking for a way to challenge and invigorate yourself? Join the Sensefinity team, and find all the inspiration you're going to need in the wonderfully vibrant city of Lisb...

Java Developer November 2015 Portugal

Brilliant CTO Sought in Porto

Being a CTO takes a lot of skill, passion, and an ability to think on your feet in a constantly changing environment. We know you have it in you, so seize this opportunity in beaut...

CTO July 2016 Portugal

Portuguese Sales Challenge

Hustle, empathy, autonomy—that's what you'll bring to the table at the coolest translation startup around. Contribute to Unbabel's growth in beautiful, soulful, wonderful Lisbon!

Account Executive March 2016 Portugal

Be the Chief Growth Hacker at an event tech startup in Lisbo...

Exercise your sales muscles in a city with real soul — become Eventfuel's director of sales and business development, while discovering the beauty and amazing energy of Lisbon! Yo...

Growth Hacker August 2015 Portugal

Community, Content & Design Lover Wanted in Lisbon

Are you a dab hand at writing engaging copy? Do you have an eye for design and a love for community building? Then join the team in the spirited city of Lisbon for you...

Copywriter & Community Manager January 2016 Portugal

Be an Infrastructure Einstein in Lisbon! is looking for a DevOps/systems engineer to help reach new levels of back-end excellence. Join them in Lisbon for the opportunity to face an exciting challenge in a be...

DevOps Engineer May 2016 Portugal

Go on a Java Quest to Western Romania

Join us in Timisoara, the tech hub of Western Romania! This quest will require a lot of teamwork, individual responsibility and of course, cool events. Sign up here to start.

Java Developer March 2016 Romania

Customer Care & Gaming Fanatic Wanted in Bucharest

Do you communicate exceptionally well and have a knack for providing stellar customer service? Do you feel at home in the gaming world? Level up at eRepublik Labs in Romania!

Customer Support Specialist November 2015 Romania

Bring Your Developing Prowess to Romania

With over 1000 years of history, the multicultural city of Timisoara is best for those who are constantly curious and have a deep love of learning. Incidentally, such a person woul...

Web Software Developer March 2016 Romania

Marketing Maven Wanted in Medieval Romania

Ever been to Transylvania? Guarded by Saxon walls and bordered by the Carpathian mountains, this medieval city of Brasov is the place to be if you want to feel inspired by the soul...

Marketing Assistant April 2016 Romania

A Full-Stack Adventure Awaits You in Finland

Ready for new challenges? Eager to help society operate more efficiently through clever automation? Then you should be a full-stack developer in the Nordics!

Full-Stack Developer December 2016 Finland

Delight Customers at in Finland

Does building strong customer relationships come naturally to you? Do you know how to create the smoothest customer onboarding experience? Join a growing team in the beautiful seas...

Technical Account and Inside Sales Representative March 2017 Finland

Take on an Inspiring Back-End Gig in Southern Finland

Have you ever lived in a city with 71 lakes? If you take on this back-end challenge at Platonics, your new hometown will be a fascinating mix of city sophistication and stunning wi...

Back-End Developer February 2017 Finland

Know Your WebRTC? Head to Helsinki!

If you believe in iterating quickly and being bold, you've already got something in common with the team. Now, do you also know a thing or two about building apps with...

WebRTC Engineer March 2017 Finland

Find Some Full-Stack Fun at in Finland

At, creating solutions that delight customers is the name of the game. If you want to be a full-stack developer on an ambitious team working on exciting things, you've...

Full-Stack Developer March 2017 Finland

Ambitious Server Engineers, Heads Up!

There's a team in Finland eager to know more about your experience building scalable, high availability, internet-scale big data infrastructure. Tell them all about it and then—if ...

Server Engineer March 2017 Finland

Reliability and DevOps Dynamo Wanted in Finland

Looking for a city with brains and a personality? Helsinki is a great choice. Especially if you happen to be on the hunt for a job as a Site Reliability/DevOps engineer. Join calls...

Site Reliability Engineer March 2017 Finland

Engineer a New Era in Banking!

Help Holvi build a financial technology that has a purpose and makes a real difference in people's day-to-day lives! Join the team in Helsinki, and let your beautiful Nordic advent...

Infrastructure Engineer October 2015 Finland

Be a Sales Superstar in Helsinki!

If you are looking for an outlet for your sales flair, you have found the perfect opportunity — join this great team in the utterly charming and inspiringly innovative Nordic capit...

Account Manager November 2015 Finland

Fly to Finland to Channel Your Sales Energy

Do you want to help build the future instead of sitting around waiting for it? Join a fast-growing consumer drone and robot company as a channel sales manager in beautiful Finland!

Channel Sales Manager June 2016 Finland

Finnish Adventure for Passionate Developer

187,888 lakes, 179,584 islands, one sauna for every two citizens—there is no end to the list of amazing things one might encounter in Finland. Join the Study Advisory team as a lea...

Web Developer August 2016 Finland

Bring Your Exceptional Closing Skills to Munich

If selling software is what you do best, the SimScale team in Munich wants a word with you. Start the next thrilling chapter of your life in Bavaria and help shape the next generat...

Account Executive February 2017 Germany

Harness Your Front-End Talent in Berlin

Always wanted to plant your front-end skills in the fertile ground of Berlin's flourishing startup scene? Your opportunity is here: Spoonflower is looking for a talented and passio...

Front-End Developer January 2017 Germany

Harness Your Java Skills in Vibrant Berlin!

Join an exciting and dynamic team in an equally exciting and dynamic city — put your Java know-how to good use as part of the datapine team in Berlin!

Senior Java Developer November 2015 Germany

Your Sales Adventure Is Waiting in Berlin!

Here's your chance to live and work in one of the world's most fascinating cities — discover the staggering diversity and inspiring atmosphere of Berlin!

Sales Executive November 2015 Germany

Track Down Top Talent in Berlin

Got a talent for finding the best talent? Love the idea of helping a company and its people thrive? Take Clue's employer brand to the next level in Berlin!

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager March 2017 Germany

Be ZenMate's Marketing Maven in Berlin

Berlin's reputation as Europe's capital of cool is thoroughly deserved. Make this vibrant city your home and live the best possible version of your life as ZenMate's head of market...

Head of Marketing March 2017 Germany

Social Internet Is Coming of Age - Java Lovers, Heads Up!

We’re now looking for a talented and passionate full-time senior Java developer who can help our partner reach new heights in the extraordinary city of Berlin!

Senior Java Developer October 2015 Germany

Lead & Inspire a Product Design Team in Berlin

You have the power to change lives with your design skills. Don't pass up this opportunity to join team Clue in one of the coolest cities on the planet!

Lead Product Designer March 2017 Germany

Got Full-Stack Skills and a Special Knack for Node.js?

Hamburg has a lot to offer to its visitors. For those with more than just a quick visit in mind, however, this thriving German city also has plenty of fantastic opportunities—like ...

Full-Stack Developer December 2016 Germany

Use Your Machine Learning Know-how in Munich

If you happen to be a machine learning engineer looking for an inspiring challenge, today's the day—there's a great gig waiting for you in Germany!

Machine Learning Engineer July 2016 Germany

Mission-Driven Performance Marketer Wanted in Berlin

Do you want to shape the future of publishing? This company is revolutionizing the way books are read and sold. Join the team in Berlin and spread the word about Inkitt throughout ...

Performance Marketing Manager February 2017 Germany

Project Manager Wanted to Conquer The Gaming World

Become part of an amazing success story — join the Goodgame Studios team in the wonderful city of Hamburg for an opportunity to put your skills to good use at a very exciting compa...

Project Manager November 2015 Germany

Be a Sales Engineer at SimScale in Munich

Beautiful Bavaria—specifically, the SimScale team in Munich—awaits those with technical smarts and solid closing skills. Read on to see if you could be a sales engineer at this fas...

Sales Engineer February 2017 Germany

Join Zalando's Stellar Tech Team as a Research Engineer

Research engineers work on a broad set of real-world practical problems of massive scale that will have a direct and significant business impact. If you have a good idea, you will ...

Research Engineer February 2017 Germany

Seasoned Solution Architect Sought at Leading Fashion Platfo...

This role is for someone with some serious experience under their belt. If you've seen your share of complex development projects over the years, we recommend you take a look at wh...

Software Solution Architect February 2017 Germany

Contribute to Site Reliability at Zalando in Berlin

Have you been looking for an opportunity to have an impact on something big? Show Zalando's engineering team that they can rely on you to keep an eye on the availability, reliabili...

Site Reliability Engineer February 2017 Germany

Social Internet Is Coming of Age — Front-End Warriors Wanted...

We are looking for two passionate and dedicated full-time senior front-end developers to build, structure, grow and scale our partner's social platform.

Front-End Developer October 2015 Germany

Bring Your Sales Superpowers to Berlin

For an opportunity to hone your sales skills at a startup that's taking Europe by storm and growing like crazy, join the Movinga team in Berlin!

Head of Sales December 2015 Germany

Zalando Is Looking for a Seriously Savvy Reliability Enginee...

Zalando wants you to help optimize the availability, reliability, and efficiency of their services. Do you have the makings of this fantastic team's senior site reliability enginee...

Senior Site Reliability Engineer February 2017 Germany

Courageous Back-End Engineer Wanted at Zalando in Berlin

As a back-end developer at Zalando, your opportunities for individual impact will be endless. Join them in the infinitely cool city of Berlin to build a platform that connects all ...

Back-End Developer February 2017 Germany

Find an Outlet for Your Front-End Passion in Berlin

Ready to take on something big? Zalando is building a platform that will unite the fashion ecosystem and change the face of tech and fashion in Europe. If you have some serious fro...

Front-End Developer February 2017 Germany

Tackle a Fun Java Challenge in Berlin

Crowdpark's team is growing, and if you play your cards right, you could be their brilliant new Java developer in Germany. Challenge accepted?

Java Developer July 2016 Germany

Enthusiastic Odoo Developer Wanted in Berlin

Are you passionate about developing interactive tools for users? Help BaseCase make a substantial change in the healthcare industry from a friendly office in Berlin!

Software Engineer April 2016 Germany

Bring Your Graphic Design Passion to Berlin

If you love doing things differently, join a team of industry-changers in inspiring Berlin. You'll live the best possible version of your life at URBANARA.

Graphic Design Manager March 2016 Germany

Adventure Time — Be an Android Superstar in Berlin!

Heads up, Android aficionados! This superstar team in vibrant Berlin is looking for you! If you have what it takes, hop on the ride and discover a world where a new adventure waits...

Android Developer September 2015 Germany

Switch on Your Sales Charm in Berlin

Your career in sales is about to take off at breakneck speed—the Salestools team in Berlin will help you see to that. So buckle up and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

Sales Representative May 2016 Germany

The Gatekeeper Between the Tech World & the Job World

If you're on the hunt for an internship that will provide you with immense opportunities for initiative and creation, you've found it! Take on this QA challenge in Berlin, and reap...

Quality Assurance Intern November 2015 Germany

Sales challenge in Hamburg

Do you like the idea of working alongside bright, talented people with a lot of passion for what they do? Join The ADEX in Hamburg, and be part of an innovative team on a mission!

Sales Manager August 2015 Germany

Like B2B Sales? You'll Love This!

If you like a bit of excitement in your life, Berlin is the place to be. The uniquely vibrant atmosphere in this city is guaranteed to upgrade your creativity.

Sales Manager June 2016 Germany

Embark on a BizDev Adventure in Buzzing Berlin

Fortune favors the brave, so take the plunge and join the Salestools team in Berlin, where your next life-changing challenge is waiting for you!

Business Development Representative May 2016 Germany

Be Our Business Angel in Berlin

Do you love a well-organised office and enjoy taking care of a team? Join us in the heart of Berlin and be our go-to person for keeping things nice and neat!

Assistant January 2016 Germany

Head of IT/ CTO

If you're pining for Berlin and hankering for a challenge that will perk up the old gray cells, become datapine's CTO—excitement and fun guaranteed!

CTO May 2016 Germany

JavaScript Excellence Wanted in Berlin

If you have solid JavaScript skills and the kind of drive that moves mountains, the datapine team in Berlin wants to hear from you!

JavaScript Engineer November 2015 Germany

Be a Back-End Superstar in Berlin!

Berlin is all about diversity, creativity, and innovation — if those are values that appeal to you, join the Tweek team in Germany's indescribably cool capital.

Back-End Developer November 2015 Germany

Be our brilliant SysAdmin in Berlin!

Put your SysAdmin superpowers to good use in one of the most energetic and creative cities in the world! Join The ADEX in Berlin for a chance to challenge yourself in an inspiring ...

System Administrator August 2015 Germany

Make an Impact at a Fantastic Startup in Berlin

Do you want to be part of something fun with amazing potential? Are you ready to show off your skills in one of Europe's coolest cities? Join ROI Hunter's unstoppable Biz Dev team ...

Client Partner — DACH October 2015 Germany

Be an Account Manager in Vibrant Berlin!

Get a taste of Berlin's red hot startup scene as part of the Remerge team — your next great adventure is waiting for you in one of the most exciting cities in the world!

Account Manager October 2015 Germany

Be a Game Client Developer in Beautiful Hamburg

Join a fantastic team that's mad about gaming — be a game client developer at Goodgame Studios, and discover life in the fascinating and vibrant city of Hamburg!

Game Client Developer November 2015 Germany

Native German Speaker With Finance Skills

Ready to demonstrate your fluency in the world of finance? An opportunity is open in Berlin!

Finance Manager January 2016 Germany

Motivated Mobile Dev for a German Sports Startup

Go big or go home – five words often spoken on a sports field. If you love sports and like to dream big, you'll find a like-minded team waiting for your arrival in Berlin.

Mobile Developer January 2016 Germany

Lead a Great Team in Berlin With Your RoR Skills

The Distribusion team loves to innovate. Their latest mind-blowing discovery? You! Pack your Ruby on Rails skills and become part of the team in Germany's inspiring capital.

Ruby on Rails Developer October 2016 Germany

Head of IT / CTO

Looking for business in Berlin? Lead an international IT team with your incredible intelligence, and put your dynamic startup DNA to productive use!

CTO March 2016 Germany

Java Internship in Berlin

As one of the world's most creative and innovative cities, Berlin is a dream come true for anyone looking for their muse — find yours as you take on datapine's Java internship in G...

Intern November 2015 Germany

Join One of Berlin's Most Awesome Startups!

Harness your experience and skill on the ZenMate team as their brilliant new Windows/Windows Phone developer, and experience life in a city that will blow you away with its effortl...

Software Engineer September 2015 Germany

Are You Our PHP Wunderkind?

If you love startup life, there's no place like Berlin. Why not bring your PHP skills to the Legal One team?

PHP Developer April 2016 Germany

Berlin Wants Your Marketing Passion

Much like you, Berlin has inexhaustible energy and an indomitable spirit—you should fit in beautifully. Take on a marketing internship at Inkitt in this great city, and delete the ...

Marketing Intern March 2016 Germany

Design to Help People Hear from the Heart of Berlin

The small but passionate design team at Mimi is working to help change people's lives. If you want to have a direct impact with your product, hear the call and seize this chance in...

Design Researcher April 2016 Germany

Berlin Wants Your Product Management Expertise

With its vibrant culture and startup scene, there is no doubt Berlin is one of the coolest and most inspiring cities in the world. To experience the thrill of living and working in...

Product Manager November 2015 Germany

Sales-Savvy Bookworm Wanted in Berlin

You have an existing network in the publishing world and a boundless love for books. You dream of building something big and living in a city that will inspire you every day. Turn ...

Literary Agent March 2016 Germany

Intro to The Berlin Startup World For Sales Enthusiast

Looking for a hands-on startup experience? Eager to get to know one of Europe's most exciting cities? Take on this fun internship at gallereplay, and immerse yourself in the incomp...

Sales Intern November 2015 Germany

Are You All About Predictive Analytics?

KONUX is looking for a predictive analytics engineer to join their passionate team in Munich. If you like the sound of that, you should probably keep reading.

Predictive Analytics Architect July 2016 Germany

Work on The Forefront of German Mobile App Development

Take on the opportunity to shape one of the most successful mobile apps in Germany – millions of consumers will be using the features you develop, and you get to live and work in t...

Front-End Developer December 2015 Germany

German-Speaking Sales Champ Wanted in Dynamic Düsseldorf

You are a sales-driven person willing to climb mountains and cross rivers to fulfill your goals. You're fluent in Deutsch (and English), and you can't wait to put your skills to th...

Sales Representative April 2016 Germany

Front-end wizard wanted in Berlin

For a chance to harness your front-end skills and reawaken your senses, join The ADEX, and discover the dazzling diversity and unique energy of Berlin!

Front-End Developer August 2015 Germany

Art Director Wanted in Hamburg

Put your artistic vision to work at a successful gaming company in the great city of Hamburg — hone your skills, expand your horizons, and be inspired!

Art Director November 2015 Germany

Perform Wonders on the World Wide Web

Are you a German speaker who can gobble up Facebook ads like nobody's business? There's a welcoming space here in Berlin for one such as yourself.

Performance Marketing Manager March 2016 Germany

Gaming-Crazy Community Manager Wanted in Hamburg

Join a fantastic team that's mad about gaming — be a community manager at GoodGame Studios, and discover life in beautiful Hamburg!

Community Manager December 2015 Germany

Test Games in Hamburg

Looking for your next great quest? Join the GoodGame Studios team in the utterly charming city of Hamburg as a QA technician for an opportunity to immerse yourself in the gaming wo...

Junior QA Technician December 2015 Germany

Take The Gaming World By Storm!

If you have extensive customer service experience and a love for gaming, GoodGame Studios is the place for you. Join the team in Hamburg for an opportunity to challenge yourself in...

Customer Service Lead December 2015 Germany

Be a Game Artist in Hamburg!

Experience life in a beautiful and spirited city with an illustrious history — join the unstoppable Goodgame Studios team in Hamburg!

Game Artist November 2015 Germany

Data Geeks: Hamburg Wants You!

Experience life in a fantastic city with a whole lot to offer — treat your data-driven self to a challenge in gorgeous Hamburg!

Data Analyst November 2015 Germany

Extreme Entrepreneurial Spirit Wanted in Hamburg

Get ready for the learning experience of a lifetime! If you are a driven and passionate high performer with a dream of launching your own startup one day, this one is for you!

Entrepreneur in Residence January 2016 Germany

Show off your sales prowess in Düsseldorf!

If you are looking for an inspiring environment in which to challenge yourself and build new friendships, look no further! Join The ADEX in Düsseldorf, and put your skills to the t...

Sales Manager August 2015 Germany

Coding Enthusiast Wanted in Berlin

Here at Pfeffermind, we believe in having fun. While we love and specialize in tech, we also like to blast through board games in our Berlin office–so if you're a game enthusiast, ...

Front-End Developer March 2016 Germany

Show Off Your Sales Smarts in Munich

This great team in the Bavarian capital is looking for their very own sales Wunderkind. If you speak the language and know all the tricks, this is the gig for you!

Sales Director July 2016 Germany

Creative DevOps DareDevil Sought in Berlin

When it comes to startup spirit and sheer awesomeness, not many cities can compete with Berlin. Join the Distribusion team as a DevOps specialist to challenge yourself and experien...

DevOps Specialist August 2016 Germany

Flex Your BizDev Muscles in Europe's Capital of Cool

Do you want to build the world's biggest data-driven publishing house? Do you want to do it in Berlin? Inkitt is looking for someone to help them publish tomorrow's bestsellers tod...

Intern March 2016 Germany

Savvy Sales Whiz Wanted in Berlin

Do you love talking about travel? Here's a fantastic chance to explore our fabulously hip city while meeting our partners across Europe and the US!

Sales Manager January 2016 Germany

Make Online Marketing Magic Happen in Germany!

Passion is key to our online marketing endeavours – that's why we're seeking an analytical mind with a love for all things digital. If that sounds like you, come meet us in Berlin!

Marketing Manager January 2016 Germany

Berlin Wants Your Sales Smarts and German Skills

If you speak Deutsch and love a good sales challenge, look no further—you've found a great one. Join the datapine team and feed your ambition in Berlin!

Sales Manager June 2016 Germany

Take on a Sales Challenge in Berlin

For an opportunity to combine your passion for travel with your knack for sales, join the team at travel audience in the infinitely inspiring city of Berlin!

Sales Manager January 2016 Germany

German-Speaking Sales Talent Wanted in Düsseldorf

Are you an unstoppable sales dynamo on the hunt for your next big challenge? Join iAdvize in Düsseldorf, and put your skills to the test!

Sales Manager April 2016 Germany

Berlin Needs Your Native Dutch Skills

Spreek je Nederlands? Join us in our international office smack in the center of Berlin and be the face of our Dutch customer care team!

Customer Support Officer April 2016 Germany

Be a QA Mastermind in Berlin!

If quality assurance is your thing, you can rest assured that Berlin is a city of extremely high quality! Join the datapine team here for an exciting challenge that is guaranteed t...

Quality Assurance Engineer November 2015 Germany

JavaScript Wunderkind Wanted in Berlin

For an opportunity to unlock your full potential in a working environment that's as fun as it is challenging, take on datapine's JavaScript internship in Berlin!

JavaScript Intern November 2015 Germany

Add Some Front-End Expertise to a Dream Team in Hamburg

How would you like to live and work in a city that's 14% greenery and has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice combined? Hamburg has all that, plus a great opportunity for a fron...

Front-End Developer December 2016 Germany

Revolutionize B2B Sales as an Intern in Berlin

Learn the ins and outs of B2B sales with an international startup based in one of the most international cities in the world! Berlin boasts a lifestyle full of activities and adven...

Sales Development Intern May 2016 Germany

Let Your Sales Star Shine in Berlin

You might want to brace yourself, because your career is about to take off. Don't let this opportunity whiz by—be a sales champ in Germany's vibrant capital!

Account Executive May 2016 Germany

BizDev Pros: Join the Winning Team in Berlin

You're quite the alchemist—you know exactly how to turn leads into gold. The Salestools team would like to see some of that magic in action!

Business Development Representative May 2016 Germany

Finance Genius With an Entrepreneurial Soul Wanted in Berlin

Help AMPION empower entrepreneurs to build impactful startups and foster technological innovation. Join the team in Berlin as CFO for an opportunity to see your work make a real di...

CFO December 2015 Germany

Demonstrate Your Sales Strength in Germany

Should you move to Berlin? Talk about no-brainers! One of Europe's top destinations for inspiration-seekers, this city is guaranteed to fill your mind with fresh ideas. So yes. You...

Sales Representative May 2016 Germany

Join an Amazing Community of Gamers in Hamburg!

You are a champion of outstanding customer service. We are a gaming company dedicated to making our users happy. Together, we can make magic happen — join us on our journey, and ex...

Customer Support Officer December 2015 Germany

BI & Analytics Champs — Show Off Your Skills in Berlin!

If you know the fields of BI and analytics like the back of your hand and are looking for your next great challenge, look no further! The ZenMate team in Berlin wants you to join t...

Head of BI and Analytics September 2015 Germany

Flaunt Your Awesome Recruiting Skills in Berlin

Developing unique technologies takes unique people. If you are one—and if you know how to find others—you should go to Berlin and be Distribusion's head of recruiting!

Head of Recruiting October 2016 Germany

Use Your PHP Skills in the Heart of the Berlin Startup Scene

Europe's capital of cool wants to see the magic you can work with PHP. Join the beautifully diverse Babbel team in Berlin, and let the adventure begin!

PHP Developer July 2016 Germany

Let Your Creative Flag Fly in Berlin

Join forces with an amazing team in one of the most creative and inspiring cities on the planet — become ZenMate's product design guru in Berlin, and let the good times roll!

Lead Product Designer September 2015 Germany

Bring Your JavaScript Expertise to Berlin

Are you a bit of a front-end miracle worker with a love for the startup way of life? That's good, because Berlin is all about that startup spirit. The MediDate team is waiting for ...

Front-End Developer July 2016 Germany

Be in Charge of Good Vibes and Run an Awesome Office in Muni...

If you know how to create the ultimate feel-good atmosphere where things run smoothly, you'll feel right at home with the KONUX team in inspiring Bavaria!

Office Manager July 2016 Germany

Embark on a Design Journey in Beautiful Bavaria

Not every day is Oktoberfest in Munich, but if you join KONUX as a designer, you can be sure that each new day will bring plenty of exciting challenges.

UI/UX Designer July 2016 Germany

Bring Your Sales Bravado to Bavaria

Dauntless in the face of any obstacle, you are a true sales champion. As luck would have it, you've now also found a challenge worthy of your skill. Join the KONUX team in Munich!

Inside Sales Manager July 2016 Germany

Bold Data Analyst Wanted in Beautiful Bavaria

People say you like data, but they're wrong—you love it. You're skilled and adaptable, and you always appreciate a good challenge. Sounds like you're KONUX's brilliant new data ana...

Data Analyst July 2016 Germany

Be a Digital Marketing Engineer in Europe's Coolest City

Welcome to Berlin — Europe's trendsetting party capital and absolute paradise for anyone looking to be hit with crazy amounts of inspiration. Bring your talented self over to the Z...

Digital Marketing Engineer September 2015 Germany

Cofound The Future of Language Learning in Berlin!

Help rethink the future of language education at the heart of the sharing economy — join abroadwith in Berlin as their CTO, and be inspired by life in one of Europe's coolest citie...

CTO/Cofounder December 2015 Germany

Join a team of forward-thinkers in vibrant Berlin!

How would you like to take on your next big sales challenge in one of the world's coolest cities? Join The ADEX in Berlin, and experience a whole new way of life!

Senior Sales Manager August 2015 Germany

Marketing Storytellers Wanted at Cisco in Beautiful Bavaria

Help Cisco stand out from the rest of the IT crowd! If the thought of transforming the way the world lives, works, learns and plays excites you, bring your German-speaking self ove...

Content Writer March 2016 Germany

Join a team of passionate innovators in Berlin!

Here's your chance to apply your software engineering skills in a truly inspiring atmosphere! Join The ADEX in the wonderfully vibrant city of Berlin, and reap the benefits of work...

Software Engineer August 2015 Germany

Be Wunder's Ruby Wunderkind in Germany

This red hot Ruby gig at Wunder is not one to miss. Join a brilliant product team, work on an awesome app, and make memories in your new home—the city of Hamburg!

Senior Ruby Engineer January 2017 Germany

Java skills wanted in Berlin

Want to join a seriously awesome team in a seriously awesome city? Bring your formidable Java skills to The ADEX in Berlin, and show the world what you're made of!

Java Developer August 2015 Germany

TechEd Startup in Berlin Seeking Their Daring Tech Lead

You've gathered so much development experience over the years that it would be a shame for you not to share your wisdom. An opportunity to innovate technology education awaits you ...

CTO & Head Coach May 2016 Germany

Grow a Global Community of Book Lovers

Join Inkitt to connect great books with readers around the world, make a splash in the publishing industry, and be inspired by the spirit of Berlin!

Growth Hacker March 2016 Germany

Bring Your Front-End Flair to an Exciting Startup in Berlin

When it comes to startup spirit, Berlin's got oodles of it. This particular startup is reshaping the world of travel, and they're looking for a front-end ace to join them on their ...

Front-End Developer October 2016 Germany

Bring Your Social Media Savvy to a Cool Startup in Berlin!

Are you a social (media) butterfly on the lookout for a worthy challenge? Do you also happen to be fluent in German? ROI Hunter has just the thing for you — join them in Berlin and...

PR & Social Media Specialist October 2015 Germany

Berlin Is Waiting for You, Brainy Back-End Developers

If you've got a good few years of RoR experience under your belt and are ready to face new invigorating challenges, you're in luck—here's a fantastic opportunity at an ambitious st...

Back-End Developer October 2016 Germany

Don't Miss This DevOps Gig in Hamburg

If you know the ins and outs of Linux system administration, say hello to the Dreamlines team in Hamburg—they want to talk to you about an opportunity you might like!

DevOps Engineer December 2016 Germany

BizDev-COO Hybrid Wanted in Ljubljana

Help Eurosender keep growing, and discover one of Europe's most charming little capital cities — harness your BizDev superpowers in lovely Ljubljana!

Business Developer December 2015 Slovenia

Lovers of Digital Marketing — Ljubljana Awaits!

Join the Eurosender team in building an awesome shipping and logistics hub — be a digital marketing analyst in the beautiful and eminently lovable city of Ljubljana!

Digital Marketing Analyst/Editor December 2015 Slovenia

Embark on an Internship in Lovely Ljubljana

If you're a BizDev and marketing enthusiast looking for the learning experience of a lifetime, this is it—intern with Eurosender in Slovenia's sparkling little capital!

Business Developer April 2016 Slovenia

Come to Budapest and Recruit Like There's no Tomorrow

You're really good at recruiting. You're so good you're about to recruit yourself for this position—amazing! The Prezi team in Budapest is impressed.

Recruiter June 2016 Hungary

Hardware Engineer With a Sense of Humour Wanted in Budapest

Hung(a)ry for adventure? Help the LIBER8 team bring about a fashion revolution — join the team in the exquisitely beautiful city of Budapest for an opportunity to challenge yoursel...

Hardware Engineer December 2015 Hungary

Are You Prezi's Front-End Phenom?

The front end is where you feel at home, but you also take a keen interest in the workings of the back end? This gig in beautiful Budapest should be right up your alley.

Front-End Developer June 2016 Hungary

Develop a Mobile App in Summery Estonia

Fly north for the summer to take on an adventure in mobile app development! Join the Cleveron team in Estonia to enjoy small-town living while you work on a seriously exciting chal...

Mobile App Developer June 2016 Estonia

Java Craftsman Wanted in Budapest

Future generations will sing songs about your skills—well, maybe not. But it's true that you've got the experience and the talent to be TransferWise's resident Java whiz. The team ...

Senior Java Developer October 2016 Hungary

Information Security Enthusiast Sought in Budapest

If you're all about making problems mysteriously disappear, you might be Prezi's new information security engineer. Join the team in beautiful Budapest!

Information Security Engineer June 2016 Hungary

Be a Developer on The Shores of The Blue Danube

Do you have a burning desire to work on something that inspires and challenges you? Join the Maven7 team in the stunningly beautiful city of Budapest, and give your brain a thoroug...

Full-Stack Developer December 2015 Hungary

Exceptionally Efficient Executive Assistant Sought in Budape...

If you're proactive and passionate, with an irresistible urge to keep learning and experimenting, you should spring into action as an executive assistant at SpringTab in Budapest. ...

Executive Assistant October 2016 Hungary

Engage Everyone With Your Bright Spirit in Budapest

Can you engage people online and make them chatter like a champ? We are based in Budapest, but if you've got those brilliant chops, we'll brainstorm the best place for you.

Engagement Champion April 2016 Hungary

Be the COO of an Innovative Team in Budapest

You're a born leader with your own very special brand of creativity that you apply to everything you do. As far as you're concerned, operational excellence is the name of the game....

COO October 2016 Hungary

Work Some SEO Magic in Budapest

If you know SEO, you might like to make Budapest your new home. Hungary's majestic capital is the ideal destination for you if new challenges are what you crave. Just ask the Intel...

SEO Specialist July 2016 Hungary

German Speaker Wanted to Drive Customer Success at Prezi

If you're perfectly fluent in Deutsch and on the lookout for an opportunity to create a whole lot of happiness, you've come to the right place. Prezi's customer success team has go...

Account Manager October 2016 Hungary

Pick up Some Serious Managerial Skills in Budapest

Learning all you can about management, business, and marketing—that's what puts a sparkle in your eye. You're eager to experiment and excited about new challenges. You should head ...

Management Trainee October 2016 Hungary

Back-End Internship in Beautiful Luxembourg

For a fantastic learning experience at a startup with massive potential, intern with the Foobot team in the picturesque country of Luxembourg!

Back-End Intern December 2015 Luxembourg

Enthusiastic Junior Developer Wanted in Luxembourg

Treat yourself to an incredible learning experience in Luxembourg — a beautiful little country nestled in the heart of Europe. Join the Do apps team as a junior developer!

Developer December 2015 Luxembourg

Find Your Full-Stack Fairytale in Luxembourg!

Welcome to Luxembourg — a fun-size country with full-size charm, where rolling hills and fairytale castles work together to create the loveliest landscapes imaginable, and where th...

Full-Stack Developer October 2015 Luxembourg

JavaScript Ace Wanted At Awesome Luxembourg Startup

If you're looking for an opportunity to work on a unique and challenging international project, join a team of innovators at in Luxembourg!

JavaScript Engineer November 2015 Luxembourg

Front-End Developer Wanted in Luxembourg

If you're looking to become part of a great team in an inspiring environment, Do apps is the place for you. Join the gang in Luxembourg, and make the most of an excellent opportuni...

Front-End Developer December 2015 Luxembourg

Use Your Sales Skills to Connect People With Great Wi-Fi

The country of Estonia is known across the globe for its love affair with all things digital. Team RebelRoam is no exception—they're bringing Wi-Fi to the travel industry. If you j...

Business Development Manager March 2017 Estonia

Finnish-Speaking IT Customer Support Wanted in Estonia

You—a Finnish-speaking customer support ace—are wanted at Tieto in Tallinn. This tiny Baltic capital with a big heart awaits you with open arms!

IT Customer Support Specialist March 2017 Estonia

Satisfy Your Hunger for Marketing Challenges in Tallinn

Are you hungry for some marketing action? Ship yourself over to the lovely city of Tallinn, where the Shipitwise team has some exciting challenges lined up for you!

Marketing Manager January 2017 Estonia

Be Our Content Marketing Maven in Tallinn

You may have heard of Jobbatical—if not, we'd like to know how you're reading this—and maybe you've even thought you'd like to work with us. That could very easily happen—we're loo...

Inbound Content Marketer February 2017 Estonia

Fluent in Norwegian and Skilled at IT Support?

You could be the missing link between Tieto and the best customer support out there. Take on the challenge in Tallinn and help a great team delight their Norwegian customers!

IT Customer Support Specialist March 2017 Estonia

Swedish Speaker Sought for IT Support Role in Estonia

Do you have a positive attitude and a knack for providing excellent customer support? Do you want to move to Estonia's charming capital city to continue your career somewhere new? ...

IT Customer Support Specialist March 2017 Estonia

Use C++ to Develop a 3D Avatar Solution in Tech-Obsessed Tal...

If you know the ins and outs of C++ and feel like a change of scenery is in order, here's an opportunity that should put a spring in your step. Head to Estonia to work on industry-...

C++ Developer April 2017 Estonia

Provide the Best Danish IT Support in Beautiful Tallinn

If you speak Danish and have what it takes to provide stellar customer support, you might like to join the Tieto team. You'll do meaningful work with a collaborative team in a grea...

IT Customer Support Specialist March 2017 Estonia

Estonian Adventure for Talented Analyst

It's decision time: do you want to move to Estonia and be a decision engine analyst at a forward-looking digital bank? Well, there should really only be one possible answer to that...

Decision Engine Analyst January 2017 Estonia

Fearless Sales Viking Sought in Estonia

The world of sales is your battlefield and a quick wit is your sword. You're IT-savvy and ready to take on exotic new markets—like Scandinavia. What you need now is a trusty crew. ...

Sales Lead January 2017 Estonia

Bring Your Sales Smarts to Jobbatical's HQ

All of us here in Tallinn are ready to have our socks knocked off by your winning personality and supernatural ability to convert leads into clients. Oh, and speaking of socks... B...

Account Associate March 2017 Estonia

Computer Vision Engineer Wanted in Tallinn

If you believe that humans can soon have authentic face-to-face conversations in virtual reality, you're already on the same page with Wolfprint 3D. Do you have what it takes to be...

Computer Vision Engineer March 2017 Estonia

Nordic Ruby Challenge

Heads up, Ruby on Rails lovers! Your next adventure is waiting for you in the impossibly beautiful, relentlessly innovative, and irresistibly charming country of Estonia!

Ruby on Rails Developer November 2015 Estonia

Create a PR Sensation in Estonia With Your Strategic Brillia...

This team in Tallinn is working on a project that will change the face of the city. Now they're looking for a brilliant, seasoned PR strategist to tell people about it. If you're a...

Head of PR & Communications Strategy February 2017 Estonia

Lead Jobbatical's Tech Team in Tallinn!

Do you want to have a significant impact on a thriving startup and the future of a next-generation product in the talent acquisition industry? Be Jobbatical's director of engineeri...

Director of Engineering April 2017 Estonia

Develop UI for Mac Anti-Malware in Tallinn

If you've seen your fair share of action with Mac OS X or iOS UI software development in the last three years, give this gig a shot—Malwarebytes is on the hunt for a talented devel...

Senior Mac OS X UI Developer February 2017 Estonia

Driven Electronics Development Engineer Wanted in Estonia

Want to help build the next generation of ultracapacitor modules? That's what you'll be doing as an electronics development engineer at Skeleton Technologies!

Electronics Development Engineer January 2017 Estonia

Senior Marketers, You're Wanted at Jobbatical

Extreme marketing acumen (you've seen it all and done it all), creative ideas (so far outside the box that the box is a distant memory), and a hunger for some serious startup fun—t...

Head of Marketing October 2016 Estonia

Put Your QA Expertise to the Test in Estonia

We're willing to bet you'll love being Relax Gaming's Head of QA in Tallinn. Why? You'll join a great team in a tiny Baltic country that will charm you with its innovative spirit. ...

Head of QA February 2017 Estonia

Design a Seamless User Flow for a Digital Bank in Estonia

Have you spent the last few years of your life designing user interfaces? Ready for more? Join Bigbank to keep an eye on their overall customer experience. Create wireframes and pr...

UX Designer January 2017 Estonia

Your Full-Stack Skills are Wanted in Estonia

If you like dev teams that work hard and play hard, here's one for you! Join gotoAndPlay as a full-stack developer, and you'll find yourself in a fun Estonian town brimming with cu...

Full-Stack Developer February 2017 Estonia

Turn Heads With Your Product Management Skills in Estonia

When it comes to you shying away from a challenge—well, there's ZeroChance of that happening. And that's what makes you the perfect addition to the ZeroTurnaround team. Join their ...

Product Manager November 2016 Estonia

Join Jobbatical's Customer Success Team in Tallinn

You're so supportive that people don't know what hit them once you've unleashed the full firepower of your arsenal of helpfulness. That right there is the recipe for customer succe...

Customer Success Manager April 2017 Estonia

Jobbatical Is Looking for a Masterful Visual Designer

Are you a really good visual designer with the ability to lead and inspire? We're asking for a friend. Just kidding—we'd like you to join us at Jobbatical!

Visual Designer August 2016 Estonia

Be a Part of Our Customer Success Story in Tallinn

We want someone who will be a part of the Jobbatical story. It would be more than wonderful of you to share it with our customers, to spread the success–beyond Tallinn and into the...

Customer Success Manager April 2016 Estonia

SQL-Savvy Support Engineer Sought in Tallinn

For an opportunity to be a part of the next success story out of Estonia's sizzling startup scene, lend a helping hand to the Pipedrive team!

Support Engineer May 2016 Estonia

Go-Getting Go Developers, Look This Way!

Are you already a busy Gopher or looking for an opportunity to really focus on developing your Go skills? Either way, DreamApply has got you covered!

Go Developer July 2016 Estonia

Java Hotshots — Join The Financial Revolution in Tallinn!

Want to write code that helps millions of people across the world save money? Want to do it as part of a fantastic team in a fun size city with more than its fair share of charm? W...

Java Developer June 2016 Estonia

Heads Up, Tech-Savvy Content Marketers!

You have experience with software development and a love for creating compelling content. Whether it's on social media or through insightful blog posts, the world loves to hear wha...

Content Marketer November 2016 Estonia

Take on a Front-End Challenge in Charming Estonia

Would you say bridging the gap between design and technical implementation is your cup of tea? Well, friend—tea is served! Be a front-end developer at arvato in Tallinn!

Front-End Developer July 2016 Estonia

Bring Your Front-End Wisdom to a Team With Vision

What happens to things in a greenhouse? They grow and flourish—just like you will as part of the Greenhouse team in Estonia's capital of good ideas. Take on this front-end challeng...

Front-End Developer November 2016 Estonia

Help Develop Next Generation Photovoltaics in Tallinn!

Join a great team on a serious mission — become crystalsol's next brilliant development engineer in the beautiful and innovative city of Tallinn!

Development Engineer (Semiconductor Powder) November 2015 Estonia

e-Residency Is Ready for a Brilliant Marketer

Estonia's e-Residency is already making waves across the world. With your help, it can make even more of a splash. If you've got an excess of motivation and impressive marketing sk...

Marketing Manager October 2016 Estonia

Product Managers, Build a Borderless World With e-Residency!

Join the team behind the e-Residency program in Estonia—the most advanced digital society on the planet—to help create a world without borders. A high-tech fairy tale awaits you in...

Product Manager October 2016 Estonia

Raise Funds For a Cleaner Earth

Our planet is kind of a big deal—it's the only one we have. Help mankind clean up its act by joining the Let's Do It team in Tallinn.

Head of Fundraising June 2016 Estonia

Awesome Java Architect Wanted in Estonia

If you're all about big-picture thinking and software architecture, there's a place for you on the Helmes team in Tallinn. Put your skills to work and discover a great little seasi...

Java Architect December 2016 Estonia

Love Testing Everything? Come to Tallinn!

So you're great at testing software? Why not put your testing skills to the... well, to the test? The arvato team in Estonia wants to see what you've got.

Software Testing Specialist July 2016 Estonia

Add Some Full-Stack Flavor to a Cool Estonian Startup

Looking to plant your bright ideas in fertile soil? You've come to the right place—the Click & Grow team in beautiful Tartu wants you as their full-stack developer. Click to apply,...

Full-Stack Developer May 2016 Estonia

Design Delightful UX at an Awesome Estonian Startup

You're a bit of a UX genie: You find out people's wishes and make them come true. That's precisely the kind of magic touch the Pipedrive team is looking for!

UX Designer July 2016 Estonia

Front-End Fun in Tallinn

Let yourself be inspired and awed by the beautiful North — join the TripRepublic team in Tallinn for a fantastic opportunity to boost your skills and experience life in a small cou...

Front-End Developer November 2015 Estonia

ICT-Savvy Project Manager Wanted in Estonia

Estonia is a small country that packs a big punch. Join the Enterprise Estonia team in Tallinn to become part of this tiny Baltic nation's success story — your next adventure is wa...

Project Manager January 2016 Estonia

Heads up: Talented Polyglot Wanted in Tallinn

You're crazy about languages. So crazy, in fact, that you speak (at least) three of them fluently. And it doesn't stop there—you know everything there is to know about them. Join t...

Linguist May 2016 Estonia

Analyze Award-Winning Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you have an inquisitive mind and a way with the written word, take on this fun challenge in one of Europe's prettiest, smartest, most innovative capitals — put your skills to go...

Writer/Journalist October 2015 Estonia

Growth Hacker Needed to Disrupt Startup Investing!

Tallinn is one of the world's coolest, most innovative and tech-driven cities. It doesn't hurt that it's also one of the prettiest! Experience this irresistible mix of ancient and ...

Growth Hacker December 2015 Estonia

Java Fiends, Assemble!

Three, two, one—ignition! Your Java adventure is waiting for you in the faraway land of Estonia, where you'll learn the quaint customs of this potato-loving, sauna-crazy, tech-savv...

Java Developer June 2016 Estonia

Unleash Your Design Genius in Tallinn

You think—or rather, you know for a fact—that good design is a big deal. The Scoro team agrees with you, and that's why they'd like you to join them in Estonia's inspiring capital....

UI/UX Designer July 2016 Estonia

Intrepid Design Lead Wanted at Estonian Creative Agency

Are you more inspired by world-changing innovations or a cosy medieval fairy tale atmosphere? Why not both? Join the Velvet team in Tallinn — a city that has the looks as well as t...

Design Lead December 2015 Estonia

Freelance Talent Wanted at Brilliant Creative Agency in Tall...

Looking for a challenge, but not ready for long-term commitment? Make magic happen as a freelancer for the awesome Tallinn-based Velvet team!

Freelancer December 2015 Estonia

Build the Back End of a Brilliant App in Estonia

Bring your back-end experience to an ambitious team in Estonia's startup-minded capital, and be part of the next big Baltic success story!

Back-End Developer July 2016 Estonia

Heads Up, Web Developers — You Are Wanted in Tallinn!

If you're brimming with motivation and unsure where to harness it, your search is at an end — join the Velvet team in the lovely Baltic capital of Tallinn, where you'll face exciti...

Web Developer December 2015 Estonia

Motivated Marketing Mastermind Wanted in Tallinn

Experienced with startup marketing, driven by data, and inspired by challenges that put your creative mind to the test, you could be Scoro's next resident marketing maven. The team...

Marketing Manager October 2016 Estonia

Develop Apps in Estonia to Change Urban Farming

The quaint and vibrant university town of Tartu is the perfect place for a developer looking for some wholesome, home-grown inspiration. Be part of a smarter, greener future at Cli...

App Developer April 2016 Estonia

Transfer Your Full-Stack Wisdom to TransferWise

The TransferWise team is well on its way to turning the world of finance upside-down. If you want your work to have actual, important, serious real-world impact (and be a lot of fu...

Full-Stack Developer June 2016 Estonia

Bring Your Design Passion to Beautiful Tallinn!

What could be more invigorating than a cool sea breeze? What's more inspiring than a friendly, collaborative team working for a common cause in the most creative atmosphere you can...

UI/UX Designer December 2015 Estonia

Use Your Recruiting Skills to Change The World With Jobbatic...

If a talented talent manager could manage talents, how many talents could a talent manager manage? Join the Jobbatical team, and let's find out together!

Talent Manager January 2016 Estonia

Chinese/English Linguists, Tallinn Wants Your Skills

You're a talented linguist equally proficient in Mandarin Chinese and English. You want to use your skills to educate the world, and you love the idea of living in the infinitely c...

Linguist May 2016 Estonia

Tech-Savvy Product Owner Sought in Estonia

Being a product owner takes plenty of vision, spirit, and an ability to balance lofty aspirations with reality checks. If you keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the grou...

Product Owner June 2016 Estonia

Be Jobbatical's Resident Design Fanatic in Tallinn

They say you just can't stop designing awesome products. You sketch out-of-this-world concepts in your sleep. No one is safe when you're around—your creativity infects everyone you...

Product Designer April 2016 Estonia

Trilingual in Portuguese, Spanish and English? You're Wanted...

Your linguistic abilities in Portuguese, Spanish and English are the talk of the town. You know these three languages all through and through. Now it's time to pass on your wisdom.

Linguist May 2016 Estonia

Speak German and Java? This Way, Please!

You—a German-speaking, Java-loving bright idea generator—are wanted in Tallinn. This tiny Baltic capital has plenty of room in its warm heart for you and your adventurous spirit.

Java Developer June 2016 Estonia

Develop a BI Application in Charming Tallinn

Are you looking for exciting challenges? Awesome coworkers? Sea air and a medieval atmosphere? All of the above? It sounds like Tallinn might be the place for you.

Application Developer June 2016 Estonia

Be a Software Tester in Delightful Tallinn

Testing, testing, one, two, three—this team in Tallinn would really appreciate it if you could break stuff for them. So what do you say? Want to be a software tester in Estonia?

Software Testing Specialist July 2016 Estonia

A Bit of Front-End Fun in Tallinn

Join the mission to break work down to bite-size pieces—let GoWorkaBit make you the happiest front-end developer on the planet!

Front-End Developer April 2016 Estonia

Full-Stack Developers, Your Attention Please!

Ah, Estonia—home of the time-honored tradition of the jobbatical! It may not be tropical, but it's paradise for anyone looking for an adventure. Join our very own team of world-cha...

Full-Stack Developer November 2017 Estonia

Dear Santa, Bring us a Senior Business Developer With a Knac...

Yes, it's that magical time of year — all the Biz Dev geniuses are flying north for the winter! Do you want to change how people work in the future? Are you eager to get a taste of...

Chief Commercial Officer January 2016 Estonia

Will You Be Our Office Ghost in Tallinn?

There are some people in this world who get stuff done so well that others feel as if it happened by magic. And in a way, it is. If you have an uncanny ability to know what others ...

Office Manager April 2016 Estonia

Lead an Awesome QA Team in Tallinn

You like your jobbaticals like you like your software: of the highest possible quality. That's very fortunate, because this QA gig in Tallinn is a great one.

QA Team Lead July 2016 Estonia

Take on a Web UI Challenge in Beautiful Estonia

If you love putting your UI development skills to the test, Cleveron has got just the challenge for you. Join the team in lovely Viljandi for the best summer ever!

UI Developer June 2016 Estonia

Product Manager Extraordinaire Wanted at TransferWise

Join a world-changing team that's nothing short of absolutely amazing — become TransferWise's brilliant new product manager and experience life in one of Europe's coolest little ca...

Product Manager July 2016 Estonia

Wanted: Someone Who Can Write Good

In accordance with the prophecy, a mysterious stranger will arrive from a distant land to join the Jobbatical team on their mission to reshape the future of work. Rumour has it you...

Copywriter February 2016 Estonia

Brilliant Sysadmin Sought in Tallinn

Heads up, shrewd sysadmins—this opportunity will take you to a small city that packs a big punch. Join TransferWise in the beautiful and spirited capital of Estonia!

System Administrator July 2016 Estonia

Do Big Research at Bigbank in Estonia

If research is your thing, you might want to look deeper into this opportunity. Put your inquisitive mind to work as a user researcher on the Bigbank team in Tallinn!

User Researcher November 2016 Estonia

Sell the Technology of the Future in the Medieval Heart of T...

This passionate team is working on the electric revolution. If you have the spark too, join COMODULE in Tallinn as their resident sales and business development dynamo!

Business Developer August 2016 Estonia

Apply Your .NET Strength in Estonia

Want to use your .NET skills in the country with the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world? Unlike that little geographical fact, this .NET developer gig i...

.NET Developer October 2016 Estonia

Be a Technical Growth Hacker in France

Paris is home to countless gorgeous sights and cultural marvels. If you're tech-savvy and masterful at marketing, this iconic city could also become your home!

Growth Hacker July 2016 France

Be an Image Processing Engineer in Paris!

If you are creative, talented, and experienced in the computer vision space, do yourself the favor of joining the Chronocam team in the utterly magnificent city of Paris!

Senior Image Processing Engineer October 2015 France

Creative Minds Wanted in Paris

Take on a highly stylish internship in the fashion capital of the world — let your creative flag fly in the infinitely elegant city of Paris!

Intern October 2015 France

French-Speaking Marketing Storytellers—Join Cisco in France

Once upon a time, Cisco was looking for marketing storytellers. That time is now, and the storyteller could be you. If you speak French and know all about smart cities, this is the...

Content Writer March 2016 France

Advance the cause of sustainable development in Paris!

Take on a truly challenging and rewarding role as the manager of the sustainability reporting division at Utopies in the beautiful city of Paris, and make a real impact!


Be a Sales Manager in Montpellier

Take on a sales challenge in the effortlessly chic city of Montpellier, and find your muse in the south of France!

Sales Manager January 2016 France

Project Manager for Innovative Web System

If you're looking for an opportunity to put your project management skills to the test, join the Simbound team and let the adventure begin!

Project Manager November 2015 France

Step up Your Data Science Game in Paris

This data scientist gig in Paris is a win-win-win. You'll join a great team, do work that has an impact, and, well, you'll be in Paris!

Data Scientist July 2016 France

Use Your C Skills to Build the Future of Security

Are you a developer eager to C more of the world? The next step on your journey could take you to Paris, where you'll make the perfect addition to the Sqreen team.

C Developer July 2016 France

Test Your Java Expertise in Spectacular Paris

A Java challenge in Paris, c'est si bon! Admire the sights, take in the unique atmosphere, and give your skills a proper workout in France's famously fabulous capital.

Java Developer July 2016 France

Ready for Adventure? Growth Hack Your Way to Kiev, Helsinki,...

Do you have experience with SaaS marketing and BizDev in the U.S.? Are you ready for a challenge? This gig will take you to three different countries with one goal: to bring some s...

Growth Hacker October 2016 Ukraine

Typeform Is Looking for an Enthusiastic IT Support Engineer

Are you the most tech-literate person you know? Do you have next-level problem-solving skills? Can you provide friendly support and go the extra mile to help people? Are you adapta...

IT Support Engineer February 2017 Spain

SEO Star Sought in Sunny Spain

The magnificent city of Madrid is ready to welcome you with open arms. All it wants in return is to see your SEO skills in action. Sounds like a good trade to us!

SEO Specialist August 2016 Spain

Looking for an iOS Adventure in Spain?

Some say Barcelona is amazing, others don't know what they're talking about. Join a sunny team in a sunny city—be InQBarna's iOS champion in Catalonia's vibrant capital!

iOS Developer April 2016 Spain

Go on a QA Quest in Gorgeous Barcelona

Typeform is all about making things a little more human. To make that happen, they need extraordinary humans to join them in Catalonia's vibrant capital. If you're a passionate QA ...

QA Engineer February 2017 Spain

Harness Your Front-End Expertise in Thrilling Barcelona

One of the coolest cities on the planet + a passionate and fun team = one awesome opportunity. As Typeform's talented new front-end developer in Barcelona, you'll get to tackle ple...

Senior Front-End Developer February 2017 Spain

Prodigiously Talented Product Designers, Look This Way

Barcelona is any designer's dream city: inspiring architectural marvels, a culture scene unlike any other, sea air, the best food in the world... It really doesn't get better than ...

Product Designer February 2017 Spain

Solid QA Experience Wanted in Beautiful Barcelona

Spain is the place to be if inspiration is what you seek. It just so happens that this great team in Barcelona is looking to add a QA champ to their ranks!

QA Analyst August 2016 Spain

Your Back-End Adventure in Barcelona Begins Now

You write code so clean you could eat your dinner off it. You love Ruby and Python as much as you love the idea of living and working in Barcelona. In short, you're the Stuart team...

Back-End Engineer May 2016 Spain

Calling All JavaScript Champions to Vibrant Barcelona

Barcelona — an absolute gem of a city. Marvel at the world-famous architecture, experience the mouthwatering flavours, and take in the incredible atmosphere of Catalonia's spectacu...

JavaScript Engineer March 2016 Spain

Startup Challenge in Brilliant Barcelona

Are you an experienced tech lead ready to hit the ground running? Are you looking for an exciting challenge in a great city? Would you like to help spread peace of mind to families...

CTO April 2016 Spain

Awesome Rails and CoffeeScript Challenge

Help a great team build a product that people love — join the Cabify team in Madrid or Mexico City for the ride of a lifetime!

Ruby on Rails Developer October 2015 Spain

Digital marketing boot camp in Barcelona

Are you ready for the learning experience of a lifetime? Join the PUSHTech team in Barcelona as a digital marketing trainee, and prepare to unleash your full potential!

Digital Marketer August 2015 Spain

Online Marketing Adventure in Spain

Here's an amazing opportunity for a driven marketing buff to experience life amid the jaw-dropping beauty of Andalusia — join the team and live your life to the fullest!

Online Marketing Specialist September 2015 Spain

Be a Software Architect in Córdoba!

Experience the many and varied benefits of living and working in one of Europe's most fascinating and spellbindingly beautiful regions — discover the magic of Andalusia!

Software Architect September 2015 Spain

PHP internship in Barcelona

Are you ready for the learning experience of a lifetime? Join the Bwom team in Barcelona as a PHP intern, and unlock your full potential in a city teeming with inspiring sights, mo...

PHP Developer October 2015 Spain

Be a Front-End Developer in Barcelona or Paris

Barcelona or Paris? You might not have to choose. Join the Stuart team as a front-end developer in one or both of these great cities!

Front-End Developer REACT May 2016 Spain

Want to be a Developer in Barcelona?

We'll admit that's a silly question—of course you want to be a developer in Barcelona. Especially if it means you get to build the world's best gaming experience.

System Engineer April 2016 Spain

Develop Snazzy Android Apps in Catalonia

Everyone loves Barcelona, and with good reason—it really is that great. Take on this Android gig for an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of a truly iconic city.

Android Developer April 2016 Spain

Be a sales superstar in dazzling Barcelona!

Are you hungry for adventure, inspiring challenges, and maybe some excellent tapas? Join the PUSHTech team in Barcelona, where you will find all those things and so much more.

Sales Consultant August 2015 Spain

Take on a Ruby on Rails Challenge in Spain!

Heads up, Ruby aficionados — this gig in Málaga has your name written all over it! Join the team at microapps for an opportunity to harness your skills in one of the most beautiful...

Back-End Developer October 2015 Spain

Will you be our Ruby guru?

Here's your chance to discover Barcelona's electric startup scene! Bring your Ruby expertise to the amazing team at PUSHTech, and take on your next challenge in one of the planet's...

Front-End Developer August 2015 Spain

Be a startup star in Barcelona!

Seize this fantastic opportunity to polish your QA skills and gain invaluable experience on a team of driven go-getters — intern with PUSHTech in the absolutely remarkable city of ...

Intern August 2015 Spain

Driven web development intern sought in Barcelona

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? Intern with PUSHTech in Barcelona, and reap the benefits of working alongside an unstoppable team of brilliant and extremely cr...

Web Development Intern (Ruby/Rails/JS) August 2015 Spain

Design talent wanted in Madrid

Life is too short to work at a boring company! Instead, join the ambitious Smartvel team in Madrid for an opportunity to work on an exciting project with global reach.

Intern September 2015 Spain

Show Off Your German Business Savvy in Spain

Can you say "I am a Barcelonian" in German? Because pretty soon, you can be one. So stroll along over to Spain, and show them your brilliant business moves.

Business Developer April 2016 Spain

Scale Up a Stellar Design Team Under the Catalan Sun

You know what it takes to manage a design team. You've got the experience and the vision to make great things happen. If you join forces with the Typeform team in Barcelona, anythi...

VP of Design October 2016 Spain

Design the future of communications in Barcelona!

There is no better place to be truly inspired than the breathtakingly beautiful and spirited city of Barcelona. Take on PUSHTech's challenge, and be your most creative self under t...

UI/UX Designer August 2015 Spain

Brilliant Back-Ender Wanted in Barcelona

Want to live in a beautiful city and contribute to keeping it clean? This is your chance to make Barcelona your home in more ways than one!

Back-End Developer January 2016 Spain

Are you our next web development mastermind?

Welcome to Barcelona, a masterpiece of a city, and one of the world's foremost cultural and culinary hotspots. Your next great adventure awaits you right here — join Musicxip as a ...

Web Developer September 2015 Spain

Bring your full-stack skills to a team of music lovers in Sp...

Calling all full-stack rockstars! Join the team at Living Indie in Santiago de Compostela, and take in the fascinating history and unique atmosphere of beautiful Galicia.

Full-Stack Developer September 2015 Spain

Be an Account Manager in Stunning Córdoba!

If client management is your thing, you might want to join the team at — polish your skills, broaden your horizons, and immerse yourself in the invigorating atmosphere of...

Account Manager September 2015 Spain

Fun Internship in The Catalan Sun

If you are on the hunt for a fantastic learning experience, join the Ijendu team in Barcelona, and discover a truly remarkable city with an incredibly rich cultural heritage!

Intern June 2016 Spain

Join the Ruby Ecosystem in Barcelona!

If you are a talented Ruby on Rails Developer that wants to take responsibilities, join Quipu's team in Barcelona for an exciting challenge into one of the most inspiring cities in...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2016 Spain

Heads up, Product Managers — Barcelona Is Waiting!

Who doesn't love Barcelona? If it's not the exquisite architecture that gets you, it'll be the food, the people, the culture, the sea... You see where this is going. Don't miss thi...

Product Manager March 2016 Spain

Be an Account Manager in Spain

Barcelona — what a city! Join the Tappx team for an opportunity to be inspired by the world-famous architectural marvels, acquaint yourself with one of the most popular cuisines on...

Account Manager December 2015 Spain

Multilingual Mission in Buzzing Barcelona

A brand new mission has been assigned to the multilingual masterminds out there! Pick up the call and meet up with the team in Barcelona, where you will carry out your operation.

Customer Support Officer April 2016 Spain

Take on a Front-End Challenge in Spain

This startup team in Barcelona is looking for a passionate front-end developer. Join them for the opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives!

Front-End Developer January 2016 Spain

Be a Commercial Manager in Barcelona

An inspiring city and a worthwhile cause — it doesn't get better than this. Put your sales and marketing experience to good use as commercial manager at Psious in beautiful Barcelo...

Commercial Manager January 2016 Spain

Sales Executive Wanted to Grow Tech Startup in Barcelona

Build your own unstoppable sales team and help Datumize reach the next level — take on this challenging sales role in magnificent Barcelona!

Sales Executive January 2016 Spain

Stir Up a Spectacle for a Startup in Spain

Speak Spanish? Make business shine for this startup based in Barcelona, and pick up a few sceneries along the way. We've heard stories of several architectural spectacles you won't...

Business Developer April 2016 Spain

Barcelona is Waiting For Your iOS Skills!

Discover the stunning city of Barcelona, where every day is an adventure, and some of the planet's most extraordinary architecture and a world-class culture scene provide the perfe...

iOS Developer January 2016 Spain

React + Redux Enthusiast Sought in Barcelona

If you are a front-end fiend with an interest in React and Redux, as well as a burning desire to live and work in the iconic city of Barcelona, join the team at Social & Beyond!

Front-End Developer March 2016 Spain

Extraordinary Marketing Talent Wanted in Madrid

If your brain is brimming with marvellous marketing ideas and you've got a flair for strategic brilliance, you should lead Bloombees' marketing team in Spain's splendid capital!

Head of Marketing July 2016 Spain

Join a World-Class Spanish Startup – Live in Madrid

Does your zest for optimization match your zeal for life? Madrid beckons with its pool of talented techies, a first-rate nightlife and a legendary football team.

Back-End Developer January 2016 Spain

JavaScript/Mobile Development Intern Wanted in Barcelona

If you're a JavaScript developer interested in Appcelerator and up for a challenge in one of the world's most beautiful, inspiring and vibrant cities, join the Bwom team in Barcelo...

Mobile App Developer December 2015 Spain

Android/Java Talent Wanted in Barcelona

If you're looking for an inspiring environment to hone your Java skills and live your life to the fullest, bring your brilliant self to Barcelona, where you'll find a great team wa...

Android Developer January 2016 Spain

Calling All Data Scientists — Barcelona Wants You!

Discover the extraordinary beauty and spirit of Barcelona — join the ShoeSize.Me team for the adventure of a lifetime!

Data Scientist March 2016 Spain

QA Adventure in Captivating Catalonia

Q&A is simple enough. Q: "Would you like to live and work in one of the most vibrant cities on the planet?" A: "Yes." When it comes to QA, however, it's better to leave that to pro...

Server QA Engineer August 2016 Spain

Love Design? Put On Your Shoes and Come to Barcelona!

When Gaudi designed the Sagrada Família, he couldn't have foreseen the future frontier of design – the web. Will you carry on Barcelona's legacy as a design destination?

UI Designer February 2016 Spain

Node.js Challenge in Spain

Looking for a change of scenery and plenty of exciting challenges to keep your mind razor sharp? Bring your back-end skills to Málaga where an awesome team is waiting to meet you!

Back-End Developer October 2015 Spain

Use Your Full-Stack Skills in Barcelona to Disrupt FinTech

Shake up the world of finance in Catalonia's captivating capital—the Viventor team wants your full-stack expertise!

Full-Stack Developer June 2016 Spain

Add Snazzy Features to an App in Barcelona

What's so special about Barcelona? Well, to begin with—everything. What's so special about this gig? Simple—it's in Barcelona, it comes with an awesome team, and you get to make a ...

Software Engineer May 2016 Spain

Front-End Quest in Beautiful Barcelona

If you are young, driven and living in the city of design, who knows what wonders will come your way? Join the sunny Spanish startup scene for an adventure of a lifetime.

Front-End Developer January 2016 Spain

Embark on a Marketing Adventure in Málaga!

Live it up on the Costa del Sol as part of the microapps team in Málaga and discover the countless wonders Spain has to offer!

Apps Marketing Guru October 2015 Spain

Be a Product Developer Under the Catalan Sun

If you're not in love with Barcelona yet, you probably will be once you've taken on this product development role at Cyberclick. But don't take our word for it—apply and see for yo...

Product Developer June 2016 Spain

Erlang Challenge in Spain

Are you already familiar with Erlang, or extremely keen to learn? Is concurrent, real time, functional programming your thing? Then head on over to Barcelona, where you'll be able ...

Developer January 2016 Spain

Amazing Internship in Madrid

Here's an amazing opportunity for a social media butterfly to work hard and play hard in a fantastic city! Take on Spotahome's life-changing internship in Madrid, and be part of so...

Social Media & Community Manager (Native English) October 2015 Spain

Grow Fruitful Ideas in the Creative Capital of Catalonia

If new ideas are invigorating, and data is the driving force of your ventures, there's a place for you in Barcelona, the beaming beacon of brilliance in Spain!

Growth Hacker April 2016 Spain

Barcelona Beckons to You, Brilliant BizDev!

Buongiorno! Parli italiano? You have a call waiting, all the way from Barcelona. Apparently your Italian market expertise is a highly sought-after commodity. Will you take the call...

Business Developer April 2016 Spain

Take on an Awesome Internship in Barcelona!

Do you dream of living and working in one of the world's most vibrant and inspiring cities? Are you overdue for the kind of learning experience that will fill you with boundless en...

Community Management Intern June 2016 Spain

PHP/Drupal Developers — Barcelona Wants You!

Bring your drive and enthusiasm to the Ijendu team in Barcelona for an amazing opportunity to polish your skills and make beautiful memories in a city you can't help falling in lov...

PHP Developer June 2016 Spain

Unleash Your Creative Genius in Inspiring Barcelona!

Heads up, aspiring design gurus! This team in Barcelona wants to help you unlock your full potential — take on Ijendu's internship and get ready for an electrifying learning experi...

Intern June 2016 Spain

Lead Typeform's People Ops Strategy in Dazzling Barcelona

One thing you and Barcelona have in common: You know all about building world-class culture. Except in your case, it's company culture. Take the lead in people ops at Typeform, and...

VP of People Operations November 2016 Spain

Work Your Front-End Magic in Málaga!

If you are a JavaScript guru looking for a new inspiring outlet for your skills, look no further! Join the team at microapps and let your adventure begin in the wonderful country o...

Front-End Developer October 2015 Spain

Looking For The Ultimate Data Manager in Barcelona!

This is a fantastic opportunity for a student in Barcelona looking for the learning experience of a lifetime — take on a part-time data management internship at ShoeSize.Me!

Data Manager March 2016 Spain

Take on a Biz Dev Challenge in The Heart of Barcelona

This one goes out to everyone with a sense of adventure, oodles of entrepreneurial spirit, and plenty of Biz Dev pizzazz — join the Tappx team in Catalonia's vibrant capital!

Mobile Business Developer December 2015 Spain

Head to Barcelona and Bring Your SEM Magic

There's a long list of reasons why Barcelona is one of the most universally loved cities on the planet. Let's add this awesome SEM manager gig at Typeform to that list, shall we?

SEM Manager November 2016 Spain

Bring Your Expert UX Knowledge to Sunny Spain

Users matter to you—that's why you want them to have the best experience imaginable. The Typeform team feels the same way—that's why you should join them in Barcelona.

Senior UX Designer November 2016 Spain

Be a Client Partner in Beautiful Barcelona

If you are a creative thinker with sales/marketing experience, join this amazing team in Barcelona for an opportunity to harness your skills in one of the world's most iconic citie...

Client Partner October 2015 Spain

Be an Agile Coach at Typeform in Sunny Barcelona

Why should you join Typeform? There's not enough space here to cover all the reasons, so if you know how to optimize Agile methodologies and workflow management, you should keep re...

Agile Coach/SCRUM Master February 2017 Spain

Back-End Adventure in Barcelona

Join the adventure and change the way young people travel through Europe — bring your skills and enthusiasm to the WaynaBox team in Barcelona!

Back-End Developer December 2015 Spain

Sales Development Challenge in Austria

Join an awesome team on their mission to develop, sell and market the world’s fastest video encoding service — bring your drive and talent to the bitmovin team in the lovely lakesi...

Sales Representative October 2015 Austria

Join a team of innovators in beautiful Vienna!

For an opportunity to polish your skills and expose yourself to one of the world's most exquisite culture scenes, join the Hitbox team in Vienna as their next brilliant network adm...

Network Administrator August 2015 Austria

Be a video systems superstar in Vienna!

Bring your skill and expertise to one of Europe's most elegant and inspiring cities, where the Hitbox team is looking for a video systems engineer!

Video Systems Engineer August 2015 Austria

Do you have what it takes to be our network architect?

Are you a brilliant network architect with a love for travelling? Join a fantastic team of developers and engineers in gorgeous Vienna, and take on an exciting, challenging role at...

Network Architect August 2015 Austria

Analytical minds wanted in Vienna

Bring your knowledge and drive to the Pioneers team in Vienna, and be part of a genuine dream team in an exceptionally inspiring environment!

Analyst August 2015 Austria

Strategic genius wanted in Vienna

Are you a marketing mastermind with a creative approach to problem-solving? Do you also happen to know your way around the gaming landscape? If so, you may be precisely what the Hi...

Marketing Strategist August 2015 Austria

Calling all data engineers — Vienna awaits!

Start your next big adventure in one of Europe's most romantic cities — join the Hitbox team in iconic Vienna, and waltz your way into the exciting world of interactive entertainme...

Data Engineer August 2015 Austria

Bring your sales experience to Vienna!

For an amazing opportunity to test your skills and be inspired, become the Hitbox team's new key account manager in Vienna — a beautiful and vibrant city steeped in history and wor...

Account Manager August 2015 Austria

Flex Your Marketing & Design Muscles in Austria!

If you want to be part of the driven team behind the world's fastest video encoding service, bring your marketing and design know-how to the lovely city of Klagenfurt where the bit...

Marketing & Design Expert October 2015 Austria

Harness Your UI/UX Skills in Austria

Looking for a healthy, holistic experience? The Austrian Alps, the lakes and parks can provide you with the attractive landscape you need to make it happen!

Web UI/UX Designer May 2016 Austria

Marketing Wunderkind Wanted in Vienna

We have a robotic kit that lets kids build and play with their very own robots while picking up the basics of coding. Cool, right? Then help us spread the word!

Digital Marketing Manager April 2016 Austria

Develop Apps in Elegant Vienna

The robots are here to take over the world—in a nice way. Use your app development skills to help Robo Technologies make robotics and coding accessible to children everywhere!

Application Developer May 2016 Austria

Viennese engineering challenge

Are you a savvy software engineer with a soft spot for gaming? Then join a passionate team of innovators in beautiful Vienna for a chance to put your skills to the test!

Software Engineer August 2015 Austria

Ride The Startup Roller Coaster in Vienna!

For an amazing opportunity to hone your skills and soak up inspiration, become the Pioneers team's new junior editor & community manager in Vienna — a beautiful and vibrant city st...

Community Manager October 2015 Austria

Ready for a Front-End Challenge in Vienna?

If you want to use your front-end skills to change the future of the job market, you should take a closer look at this opportunity in Austria. And be quick, because you know what t...

Front-End Developer January 2017 Austria

Passionate Design Geek Wanted in Vienna

If you live and breathe design and are just as crazy about startups and tech, join the Pioneers team in lovely Vienna!

Junior Designer October 2015 Austria

Level up Your DevOps Skills in Amsterdam

Are you enthusiastic and creative? Smart as a whip and relentless in your search for rewarding challenges? Hop on over to the TravelBird team in Amsterdam and join their high-flyin...

Senior Ops Engineer March 2017 Netherlands

Develop a Website and Awesome Apps in Amsterdam

If you could use a fun challenge to supercharge your front-end skills, here's a great one in the infinitely inspiring city of Amsterdam.

Front-End Developer March 2017 Netherlands

Be an Affiliate Manager at a Startup in the Netherlands

Nourishing existing partner relationships and building new ones, keeping a watchful eye on marketing campaigns and making sure they're performing as well as they possibly could—all...

Affiliate Manager February 2017 Netherlands

Be a software engineer in Amsterdam! - JS/CS web components ...

Get ready to take on your next great challenge in one of Europe's coolest capitals! Join the eKids team in the beautiful city of Amsterdam for an opportunity to make a real differe...

Software Engineer September 2015 Netherlands

Don't miss the 3D experience of the year!

Bring your JavaScript and Node.js skills to the smart and charming Dutch city of Enschede, and be part of the 3D revolution!

Software Developer October 2015 Netherlands

Netherlands Needs Your Knack for Knowledge

Love learning? Join us as we strive to inspire students the world over with our platform. Let's give them an education they won't forget!

Developer March 2016 Netherlands

Develop apps in Rotterdam

Join the ambitious and entrepreneurial Mybestseller team in Rotterdam and revolutionise the way people read and write!

Android Developer September 2015 Netherlands

Python challenge in the Netherlands

For a chance to work on something that will excite and inspire you, join the SendCloud team as their new Python wrangler, and live life in the fast lane!

Python Developer August 2015 Netherlands

Marketing adventure in Amsterdam

Are you a marketing mastermind on the lookout for a new, inspiring outlet for your skills? Would you like to work at the fastest growing travel site in the Netherlands? Join the Tr...

Digital Marketer September 2015 Netherlands

Take Your Communications Skills to Tallinn & Help e-Residenc...

Communications-savvy social butterflies, it's your time to shine—fly to Tallinn for an opportunity to spread the word about Estonia's groundbreaking e-Residency program!

Head of Communications & Community Engagement March 2017 Estonia

Join the best party in town!

Are you an open-minded iOS developer with a passion for travelling? Do you enjoy a good night out and love meeting new people? Then this one's for you!

iOS Developer August 2015 Netherlands

Mobile CRM Specialist Wanted in Amsterdam

Are you ambitious, eager to learn, and knowledgeable in mobile CRM? Does the idea of living in Amsterdam strike you as an excellent one? Soak up the unique energy and genial atmosp...

Mobile CRM Specialist November 2015 Netherlands

Norwegian-speaking sales ace wanted in Amsterdam

If you know the Norwegian language as well as you know sales, join TravelBird in Amsterdam for an amazing opportunity to put your skills to the test in an inspiring, dynamic enviro...

Account Manager September 2015 Netherlands

Isomorphic App Challenge in Amsterdam

If you are learned in the art of isomorphic JavaScript and ready for a challenge of epic proportions, harness your skills and winning attitude on the Beestar team in the iconic cit...

JavaScript Engineer September 2015 Netherlands

Be a UI/UX champion in the Netherlands

Work your UI/UX magic at Mybestseller in vibrant Rotterdam, and be inspired by an innovative team with big dreams.

UI/UX Designer September 2015 Netherlands

Join a Driven Business Intelligence Team in Amsterdam!

A fun, dedicated team is waiting for your skill and experience in one of the coolest cities that has ever existed — join TravelBird in Amsterdam and let your joy of living soar to ...

Developer November 2015 Netherlands

Design Virtuoso Wanted in Amsterdam

Looking for a job that's one big adventure with new challenges for you to tackle every day? Come fly with the TravelBird team in beautiful, spirited Amsterdam!

Graphic Designer November 2015 Netherlands

Are You The Growth Hacker That Can Help Us Grow in Southeast...

If you love travel and marketing and are brimming with fresh ideas, join the Triposo team as their brilliant new growth hacker!

Growth Hacker October 2015 Netherlands

Work Your Front-End Magic in Amsterdam

You have the skills and the ambition, and now you've found your challenge — build a game-changing product with the Dashmote team in Amsterdam!

Front-End Developer | Angular November 2015 Netherlands

Hack Higher Education in the Netherlands

A city of canals that's been around since the medieval times, Delft also boasts a tech university and some pottery! And if you dig a little deeper, there's a lot more to be discove...

Front-End Developer March 2016 Netherlands

Are You an Ambitious Networker? Amsterdam is Calling!

If apps are your thing, so are we! Our accounts need looking after, our ads want to be optimized. Join us in Amsterdam and jump into the world of app marketing.

Account Manager March 2016 Netherlands

Kick Off a Lifestyle Business in Riga!

If you're fluent in Latvian and brimming with entrepreneurial spirit, join the SportID team! You will get to spend the first three months of the journey in Tartu, Estonia. After th...

CEO For The Latvian Branch November 2015 Latvia

Master Social Media Marketing in Amsterdam

Can you tell a story in 140 characters or less? Are you a good listener and an analytical thinker? The Twitter Counter team in Amsterdam has just the thing for you!

Social Media Marketing Intern January 2016 Netherlands

Join an Innovative Startup in The Inspirational Art Scene!

This fantastic team in the extraordinary city of Amsterdam is looking for an experienced all-rounder. Are you the web developer of their dreams?

Web Developer March 2016 Netherlands

Deft Back-End Brain Wanted in Delft

We love learning, and we love technology. Put those two together and you have a recipe for a revolution. Like the sound of what we're doing? Come to Delft and boost what we're buil...

Back-End Developer March 2016 Netherlands

Do you want to be an app superstar?

Join an amazing team of innovators in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, and polish your app development skills in an inspiring and exciting environment!

iOS Developer September 2015 Netherlands

Will you be our resident marketing genius?

Reap the benefits of working in a dynamic, flexible and motivating environment at a fast-growing online travel agency — bring your skills and experience to the unstoppable TravelBi...

Online Marketer September 2015 Netherlands

Data engineering challenge in Amsterdam

Bring your data engineering skills to Amsterdam for an opportunity to be inspired by a young, fast-growing, dynamic team!

Data Engineer September 2015 Netherlands

Bright and Creative Developer Wanted in Inspiring Amsterdam

You're a down-to-earth sort of developer with a creative side. You love hacking away at complex problems, and coding is your passion. Not a moment to lose—check out this gig in Ams...

Software Engineer April 2016 Netherlands

Exciting Back-End Internship in Amsterdam

When it comes to PHP, you've already got some skills—but you can't stop here. You've got to keep learning. A six-month stint in Amsterdam might be just what you need!

Intern April 2016 Netherlands

Join a global startup as a senior developer!

For an opportunity to put your skills to the test and work on seriously exciting projects with a fantastic team of innovators, join Mybestseller in Rotterdam!

Software Developer September 2015 Netherlands

Embedded Systems Engineer Sought at Awesome Dutch Startup

Help bring about a revolution in networking — join a young team in Delft for a fantastic opportunity to put your enthusiasm to good use and give your skills a boost!

Embedded Systems Engineer – Bluetooth September 2015 Netherlands

A revolution is brewing. Are you in?

Here's your chance to make a real difference. Join the Moyee revolution, and help turn the world of coffee upside-down!

E-commerce Manager August 2015 Netherlands

Are you the back-end wizard we need?

Do you want to be an integral part of something amazing? Join the dedicated and ambitious team at Yazuul in the Netherlands, and co-found your next great adventure!

Back-End Engineer September 2015 Netherlands

Playfully provocative community manager wanted in Amsterdam

Help a radical team of innovators conquer the world of coffee! Join Moyee Coffee in beautiful, inspiring Amsterdam for an opportunity to put your community management skills to use...

Community Manager August 2015 Netherlands

Unleash Your Back-End Energy in Amsterdam

Do you want to accelerate the transition towards sustainable microgrids? Amsterdam is on the leading front of the energy sector. Join us here and help us improve the world!

Back-End Developer April 2016 Netherlands

(Hardware) Engineer a Better World in Amsterdam

Every now and again a challenge comes along with the potential to have a real impact on the world. Help the Reflow team print the difference—transform societies as a hardware engin...

Hardware Engineer June 2016 Netherlands

Show Off Your Style in Fashionable Amsterdam

The Kalverstraat, the Leidsestraat – Amsterdam's famous shopping streets make it the perfect place for some styling service! Fashion lovers, join us and and flaunt your flair.

Lead Developer March 2016 Netherlands

Work On A Boat In Amsterdam!

Think of the coolest, most relaxed working environment you can imagine... Now multiply that by ten to get an idea of what life's like at Mobypicture! Join the team in Amsterdam for...

Web Developer January 2016 Netherlands

PHP Quest in the Netherlands

Fly high with the Wirelab team in the Netherlands—be their next back-end virtuoso in Enschede and help make the digital world more beautiful!

PHP Developer April 2016 Netherlands

Fun and challenging internship in Amsterdam

Experience life in a city with a fascinating history and immense character — bring your enthusiasm and desire to learn to the TravelBird team in beautiful Amsterdam, and unlock you...

New Projects Intern September 2015 Netherlands

Spur a Sea Change from the Heart of the Baltics!

As the largest Baltic city located on an ancient Viking trade route, Riga is Latvia's trendy tech hub and home to one of the most hipster neighborhoods in the world – so what are y...

Developer March 2016 Latvia

Marketing Expertise Wanted at Hot Latvian Startup

If you have a thing or two to teach a young startup about marketing, your moment has arrived. The BranchTrack team in gorgeous Riga is ready to soak up your wisdom!

Head of Marketing February 2016 Latvia

Polish Your Sales Skills in Poznań!

This gorgeous Polish city is the perfect place to be inspired — history, nightlife, culture, amazing people, Poznań has it all!

Junior Sales Developer October 2015 Poland

Build a Fast and Intuitive Web Platform in Poland

Looking for an interesting project in the epicenter of an innovative and dynamic industry? Look no further than this gig for a passionate developer in the gorgeous city of Kraków!

Full-Stack Web Developer December 2016 Poland

Sales Adventure in Beautiful Wrocław

Welcome to Poland — a beautiful, spirited country with a fascinating and complex history. Explore this land in all its glory as you take on Clearcode's sales challenge in Wrocław!

Account Manager November 2015 Poland

Are you our brilliant business analyst?

Here is your chance to gain experience in an international finance institution and develop new skills! Join the Creamfinance team in Poland's vibrant capital, and immerse yourself ...

Business Analyst September 2015 Poland

Join the Code Warriors in Poland

We're looking for developers who are passionate about writing great software and solving hard problems, and enjoy learning about new technologies and contributing to products used ...

Java Developer March 2016 Poland

Bring Your Product Management Passion to Poland

You're a product management dynamo with an insatiable hunger for inspiring challenges. We're an unstoppable team of world-changers starting a productivity revolution. Join the caus...

Product Manager March 2016 Poland

Analytical minds sought in Warsaw

Are you an analytical thinker who thrives in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment? Do you want to challenge yourself and discover the fascinating history and fairytale beauty...

Analyst September 2015 Poland

Customer Success Champion Wanted in Poland

Welcome to Poznań — a lovely, vibrant city with a rich and fascinating history. This is where your next big challenge is waiting for you!

Account Manager October 2015 Poland

Ready for a JavaScript Challenge in Poland?

Are you all about that Base CRM? Join the team in picturesque Krakow, and learn what it means to work on a product that's sparking a revolution!

JavaScript Developer March 2016 Poland

Join The Code Warriors in Gdansk as a DevOps Engineer

Love staying ahead of the growth curve and experimenting with new software and environments? Join the Spartez team in Gdańsk as a JIRA DevOps engineer working on production systems...

DevOps Engineer March 2016 Poland

Run Taxify's Operations in Picturesque Krakow

Taxify is expanding at speed. Next stop: Poland. If you'd like to be part of the journey, you'll need to have a knack for operations and sales. Sound good? Read on!

Operations Manager July 2016 Poland

Join The Code Warriors in Gdansk, Poland!

Love staying ahead of the growth curve and experimenting with new software and environments? Join the Spartez team in Gdańsk as a JIRA DevOps team lead working on production system...

DevOps Team Lead March 2016 Poland

Finnish Front-Enders, Fancy a Stint in Malta?

Catena's market is growing like crazy, and that means more hands on deck. What you need to land this gig: front-end chops, perfect Finnish, and a winning attitude.

Front-End Developer May 2016 Malta

Come to Malta to Develop an Awesome Gaming Site

The Casumo team is looking for the programming nerd of their dreams. If that's you, join in on the fun in wonderful Malta!

System Engineer April 2016 Malta

Speak Finnish? Take Charge of Awesome Products in Malta!

Who would have guessed that your Finnish fluency and product management experience would turn out to be your ticket to the Mediterranean?

Product Owner May 2016 Malta

Compliance Executive Wanted in Malta

Looking for a change of pace? Become the Binary team's compliance guru in Malta and live it up in the middle of the Mediterranean!

Compliance Executive October 2015 Malta

Start Your Career Within the Growing iGaming Industry

Would you say your only weakness is being too good at customer support? If you absolutely had to point out another weakness, would it be that you're almost too fluent in German? We...

Customer Support Officer March 2016 Malta

Product-Savvy and Fluent in Dutch? Malta's the Place to Be!

Are you all about that product? Got a thing for island living? Join Catena Media in Malta to be part of a team on a mission to become better than anyone—including itself.

Product Owner May 2016 Malta

Do You Write Beautifully in Norwegian? Malta Beckons!

Looking for a peaceful, comfortable place to write? This former fishing village of Tas-Sliema is a town that literally means 'peace' and 'comfort'. Go on and let your writing take ...

Copywriter April 2016 Malta

Bring Your Beautiful Marketing Mind to Belgium

In this role, you will belong to a group that's redefining the way people and companies share storified content. All you need is a firm grasp on all things digital marketing—oh, an...

Digital Marketer February 2017 Belgium

Be a Software Engineer in Belgium

Join an incredibly promising startup at a very exciting stage in its life — make beautiful music together with the neoScores® team in the elegant city of Antwerp!

Software Engineer October 2015 Belgium

Python Developer Wanted at Skypicker!

Skilled at Python and ready for a challenge? Bring your know-how and unbridled enthusiasm to the Skypicker team in the Czech Republic for the ultimate startup experience!

Python Developer October 2015 Czech Republic

Join a Hot Czech Startup in Beautiful Brno!

Join the Skypicker team in the Czech Republic and get a taste of the startup life in a country that is guaranteed to make you fall in love with its gorgeous landscapes, charming ci...

Booking Agent November 2015 Czech Republic

Harness Your JavaScript Skills in Wonderful Brno!

If you've been wondering what it's like to work at a startup growing at breakneck speed, here's your chance to experience it for yourself — join Skypicker in the Czech Republic for...

JavaScript Engineer November 2015 Czech Republic

Join the coffee revolution in Amsterdam!

Do you want to be part of something truly amazing? Join the Moyee Coffee team in Amsterdam for an opportunity to put your skills to work for a great cause.

Creative Producer August 2015 Netherlands

Know Computer Vision & Perception? Join the High-Flying Star...

Talk about opportunities—here's one with a capital 'O'... and a capital 'PPORTUNITY,' for that matter. This is truly a job worthy of all caps. STARSHIP IS HIRING! Take off into the...

Senior Software Engineer April 2017 Estonia

Sales Challenge in Lithuania for Chinese Speaker

Do you have what it takes to sell anything, wow clients, and close deals? This one is for Chinese speakers curious about life in the lovely Baltic country of Lithuania. If that's y...

Sales Project Manager January 2017 Lithuania

Be Jobbatical's Superb CTO in Our Tallinn HQ

We've got a legitimately awesome tech team. They're always very polite and never really seem to mind when the rest of us ask questions about "this computer stuff." Now we're on the...

CTO May 2017 Estonia

Move to Estonia to Manage Click & Grow's Presence on Amazon

This innovative startup in Estonia's capital of good thoughts is looking for bright minds to join them. Specifically, someone with a knack for driving sales on Amazon. What do you ...

Amazon Sales Manager April 2017 Estonia

Perk up Your Front-End Skills for Barcelona

Do you like to get creative on the frontend? Are you looking for a powerful product team to join? Perhaps somewhere on the Mediterranean coast? You're in luck—TravelPerk is hiring ...

Senior Front-End Developer March 2017 Spain

Full-Stack Developers, You're Wanted at Jobbatical HQ

Look this way, talented developers of the full-stack variety! We at Jobbatical are about to attempt to win you over with our quirky startup ways. Exciting challenges, nerdy colleag...

Full-Stack Developer April 2017 Estonia

Speak Finnish? Be an Accountant in Prague!

On the list of Europe's most beautiful cities, Prague is a serious contender for first place. But there's a lot more to this city than just good looks—this accounting gig for insta...

Accountant May 2017 Czech Republic

Amp up Jobbatical's Marketing Efforts in Tallinn

Evergreen content. Crazy growth. Thought leadership. Time travel. Space battles. Well—we don't actually do the last two. But we're really keen on the other stuff on that list. If y...

Content Growth Marketer March 2017 Estonia

Be a graphic designer in Estonia!

Put your design skills to work for the greater good in the gorgeous seaside city of Tallinn, and give your life a new focus!

Graphic Designer August 2015 Estonia

Use Your Networking Skills to Build a Borderless Society wit...

Estonia's e-Residency program is revolutionizing the way we think about citizenship. If you love the idea of a digital identity that transcends borders, join the team in Tallinn to...

Head of Global Growth March 2017 Estonia

Be a Software Developer in Scotland!

Hone your skills in an awe-inspiringly beautiful land of glacial glens and picturesque lochs — join ResDiary's development team in Glasgow, and discover the spectacular beauty of S...

Developer October 2015 United Kingdom

Do PR for Jobbatical in Tallinn

So you love startups, open borders, exciting challenges and—perhaps most importantly—PR & communications. Sounds like it might be time for you to join the Jobbatical team. We're re...

PR Manager May 2017 Estonia

Great With Words & Digital Marketing? Make Tallinn Your Dest...

Looking for new ways to use that creative mind of yours? In love with digital marketing and curious about life in Estonia? This job at Scoro should suit all your needs!

Digital Marketing Specialist April 2017 Estonia

Be an iOS Developer at a Banking Powerhouse in Estonia

Ready to take the world of banking by storm with your iOS skills? Here's a great opportunity to do just that—join team Swedbank in Tallinn!

Senior iOS Developer April 2017 Estonia

Be Scoro's Marketing Maven in Estonia

Know all there is to know about marketing? Out to score your dream job? You've come to the right place! Team Scoro in the vibrant city of Tallinn is looking for someone to keep a w...

Head of Marketing April 2017 Estonia

Product Management Virtuoso Wanted in Finland

This team is reimagining music education so everyone can play. If you're a bit of a product management prodigy, join Yousician in Helsinki to make the world a more musical place! O...

Product/Project Manager March 2017 Finland

Music-Loving QA Pro Wanted in Finland

Are you ready to rock? More specifically, are you ready to make Yousician's products rock? If you can play some guitar and piano—and if you love quality software—join this impossib...

QA Specialist May 2017 Finland

Be Yousician's Maestro of UX in Helsinki

There's an art to creating smooth user experiences—and you're well on your way to mastering it. The infinitely inspiring team of music lovers at Yousician wants a word with you!

UX/UI Designer May 2017 Finland

Release Automation Engineers, Your Skills Are Wanted in Finl...

Developing the largest and fastest-growing music education app in the world is a rewarding challenge. If you want to be part of the journey and discover the stunning country of Fin...

Release Automation Engineer March 2017 Finland

Take your QA Skills to Finland

There's about to be a whole lot more music in the world, if Yousician has any say in the matter. Make a note of this QA gig in Helsinki and use your know-how to help build the best...

QA Engineer May 2017 Finland

Be Yousician's IT Lead & Revolutionize Music Education in Fi...

Yousician needs a steady hand and a sharp pair of eyes—not to mention a brilliant brain—to make sure their infrastructure and internal systems are running smoothly. Are you the one...

IT Lead May 2017 Finland

Create a Full-Stack Symphony With Yousician in Helsinki

How many companies give a ukulele to everyone they interview in person? Well, Yousician does, so if you were wondering whether it's a fun place to work, that's a pretty big hint. J...

Full-Stack Web Developer March 2017 Finland

Experienced HR Pro Wanted in Helsinki

Will future generations sing songs of your HR skills? Perhaps they will if you take on the mighty task of growing team Yousician from 55 to 150. The challenge is waiting for you in...

HR Professional March 2017 Finland

Join Yousician as a Senior Unity Game Programmer in Helsinki

Yousician's job is to reimagine music education so everyone can play. Want to help make the world a more musical place? Join them in beautiful Finland as a Unity game programmer!

Senior Unity Game Programmer March 2017 Finland

Tech Geeks With a Passion For Reactive Coding Wanted in Stoc...

Join a fantastic team of geeks in the beautiful Nordic capital of Stockholm for an opportunity to hone your skills and gain new perspectives — your Scandinavian adventure is about ...

Software Developer October 2015 Sweden

Aspiring Sales Rockstar Wanted in Munich

Harness your drive and ambition on a team with some serious spirit — join 3megawatt in Munich to gain a wealth of sales experience in bold, beautiful Bavaria!

Sales Agent January 2016 Germany

High-Flying Front-Ender Sought in the Netherlands

Inspire the world with the Wirelab team in Enschede—be a front-end developer in the Netherlands, and let your epic quest begin!

Front-End Developer April 2016 Netherlands

DevOps Adventure in Belfast or Dublin

If you want to join a talented team and glean inspiration from a great city, GoConqr has just the thing for you—become their brilliant new DevOps engineer in Belfast or Dublin!

DevOps Engineer March 2016 United Kingdom

Join a JavaScript Journey in Bratislava

In Slovakia, there is a group of people who are passionate about JavaScript. But they want another fellow traveler to join them on their quest to become superhero coders. The quest...

JavaScript Engineer February 2016 Slovakia

Catalan Adventure For Ruby Revolutionary

Are you eager to join a startup that's causing a stir in the hospitality industry? Bring your Ruby skills to MyTwinPlace, and experience life in sparkling Barcelona!

Ruby on Rails Developer January 2016

Join a Team of Innovators in Madrid!

Discover Madrid — a wonderful city bursting at the seams with energy and joy of living. Join the team at mediasmart and let your adventure begin!

Campaign Performance Specialist November 2015 Spain

Be a Community Manager at a Hot Berlin Startup

You have a big heart and love people in general. Seeing others succeed makes you genuinely happy and proud. Help Inkitt's community of brilliant authors grow and prosper—join the f...

Community Manager March 2016 Germany

Touch Lives With Your Android Skills in Berlin

Here's a team with vision, poised to shape the future of reproductive health. If your passion matches theirs—and if you dream in Java—join the Clue team in vibrant Berlin!

Android Developer July 2016 Germany

Do you have what it takes to be our marketing mastermind?

Show off your marketing skills on an unstoppable startup team in Barcelona, and live life to the fullest in enchanting Catalonia!

Content Marketing Manager August 2015 Spain

Rails-Savvy Co-founder Wanted in London

You have the particular skill set of a full-stack Rails developer and the heart of an entrepreneur. You want to be there for the early stages of an ambitious startup. You've come t...

Full-Stack Developer February 2016 United Kingdom

Generate Insights From Mountains of Data in London

This company is raising the bar and keeping a close eye on the trends in the developer community. So use your researcher's instincts to look deeper into this opportunity to be an a...

Senior Developer Trends Analyst February 2017 United Kingdom

Bring Your Android Passion to TransferWise

TransferWise is awesome at disrupting the payments industry. You are awesome at Android development. That's a perfect match waiting to happen!

Android Developer July 2016 United Kingdom

Join an Amazing Biz Dev Team in London!

One of the planet's most iconic and unforgettable cities is waiting for your skill and experience — become part of ROI Hunter's Biz Dev team in London, and unlock your potential in...

Business Developer October 2015 United Kingdom

Be a Marketing Storyteller at Cisco in London

You have experience writing stellar content in the tech industry, so you know what it takes to engage audiences. Join the Cisco team for an opportunity to harness your skills at a ...

Content Writer March 2016 United Kingdom

Communications and Marketing Mastermind Wanted in London

This opportunity in London is for someone with a serious flair for marketing and communications. Make a splash in the startup ecosystem with Seedcamp!

Marketing Manager July 2016 United Kingdom

Be a Web Developer in Belfast!

Bring your team spirit and web development experience to the GoConqr team in Belfast for an opportunity to hone your skills and discover the many wonderful sights of Northern Irela...

Web Developer November 2015 United Kingdom

Financial Brilliance Sought in London

Join a company that's developing cutting-edge design and innovations that will change the way people interact with technology — harness your financial acumen as part of the ROLI te...

Financial Controller December 2015 United Kingdom

Financial Minds With a Creative Bent Wanted in London

Help the ROLI team recalculate the future of touch technology — join them in London as a financial assistant, and experience life in one of the world's most inspiring cities!

Financial Assistant December 2015 United Kingdom

Sales Manager Sought in London

Here's a great opportunity for a talented and ambitious sales professional eager to build something new and exciting — join the Idomoo team in London, and find a lifetime's worth o...

Sales Manager January 2016 United Kingdom

Sales virtuoso wanted in London

Join a fantastic team in one of the world's most popular and iconic cities — join Living Indie in London, and put your sales skills to the test!

Head of Sales September 2015 United Kingdom

Music-Minded Marketer Wanted in London

Join the exceptionally driven marketing team at ROLI for an opportunity to put your extensive marketing experience and knowhow to good use in the extraordinary city of London!

Digital Marketing Manager December 2015 United Kingdom

Entrepreneurial Experience Wanted in London

Do you get wildly excited wherever entrepreneurship is concerned? Is it your dream to connect with other passionate, emerging entrepreneurs around the world? Look no further! This ...

Data Analyst May 2016 United Kingdom

Be an Android Developer in Belfast or Dublin

If you're excited about the prospect of creating the best e-learning platform on the market, and your Android skills are legendary, join the GoConqr team!

Android Developer January 2016 United Kingdom

Marketing & Sales Challenge in Athens

Embark on your next great adventure in a legendary city brimming with fascinating history — join the InStyle Villas team in Athens, and let yourself be inspired!

Sales Agent November 2015 Greece

Design Beautiful Products in Gorgeous Greece

Our country, Greece, is a haven for those with a keen eye for aesthetics. As a designer, you will definitely appreciate the beauty of our beaches and hopefully be inspired to creat...

Product Designer March 2016 Greece

Energetic Analyst Wanted in Greece

Are you nuts about fitness or crunching numbers and data? Help us change people's lives by bringing their health to the absolute forefront!

Data Analyst March 2016 Greece

Head of Operations Wanted in Athens

For an incredible opportunity to live and work in a spellbinding city with thousands of years of astonishingly captivating history, join the Rooms-2-Let team in Athens!

Operations Manager November 2015 Greece

Brilliant Back-Ender Wanted at Trustpilot in Copenhagen

Do you want to take part in developing the products of one of the fastest-growing online companies in Europe? Do you have a passion for coding and learning new technologies? It s...

Back-End Developer February 2017 Denmark

Bring your online marketing flair to a hot Danish startup!

Are you savvy in the art of online marketing? Do you want to take on an exciting challenge at a hot young startup, where you will gain invaluable experience and pick up countless u...

Online Marketing Intern June 2015 Denmark

Experience The Startup Life in Copenhagen!

We are moving our business to mobile. Are you ready to join us in one of Europe's coolest cities to build an awesome app?

Software Developer November 2015 Denmark

Experience the Copenhagen hygge

Treat yourself to the opportunity to discover one of Europe's coolest and most innovative cities — join the team at Pemberton Rank for a chance to show off your front-end flair in ...

Front-End Developer August 2015 Denmark

Join a Team of Entrepreneurs in Copenhagen!

If you have the full stack skills, the drive, and the desire to achieve something great, join this fantastic team on a mission in Copenhagen!

Full-Stack Developer December 2015 Denmark

Hone your design skills in Copenhagen!

Experience the startup way of life in one of Europe's coolest capitals — join the crew at getQueried in beautiful, vibrant Copenhagen for an internship that will help you unlock yo...

Web Designer June 2015 Denmark

Be a Game Developer in Slovakia!

Are you a talented and experienced game developer looking for your next quest? Join the Aykiro team in Bratislava and get ready for an adventure on the shores of the mighty Danube!

Game Developer October 2015 Slovakia

Team up with us in scenic Switzerland

We believe that the best solutions are found when discussing a problem with others – join us to work in a critical but sociable team, and get to know Switzerland while you're at it...

Front-End Developer April 2016 Switzerland

Italian Startup Adventure

If you speak Italian, have sales/marketing experience, and can't get enough of the startup way of life, join the ROI Hunter team in beautiful Milan, where your next big adventure i...

Client Partner October 2015 Italy

Be a Developer in Beautiful Lombardy!

If you are a skilled senior developer looking for a creative and inspiring work environment, join the Wide team to find great opportunities for professional and personal growth in ...

Senior Developer October 2015 Italy

Take on an Exciting HR Internship in Italy!

Join a successful, dynamic team in a culturally and historically fascinating city — bring your enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge to elegant Turin, and seize this amazing opportun...

Intern March 2016 Italy

Italian Startup Seeks Creative Intern

Are you ready to sink your teeth into a fun startup challenge in one of the most inspiring countries on the planet? This internship in Milan will broaden your horizons and take you...

Intern October 2015 Italy

Creative Visionary Wanted in Turin

For an instant hit of extreme inspiration, head over to Turin and join an international team of young and ambitious professionals who love what they do — become head of content at ...

Head of Content March 2016 Italy

Italian iOS Challenge

Amazing opportunities for professional and personal growth await you on the Wide team in lovely Lombardy — join them as their next stellar iOS developer, and make the most out of y...

iOS Developer October 2015 Italy

Hone Your Full-Stack Skills in Italy

The Romans called it "pleasant place" and soon you can call it "home"—the beautiful city of Piacenza in northern Italy is ready to welcome you. Don't forget to pack your Ruby on Ra...

Full-Stack Developer August 2016 Italy

Let Your Creative Juices Flow in Italy!

Are you a talented and motivated writer looking for a challenging outlet for your creativity? Harness your skills in the beautiful city of Turin, and discover the many cultural and...

Content Writer March 2016 Italy

InfoSec Adventure at Fast-Growing E-Learning Company in Ital...

Information security is what you do best. Putting up firewalls, tracking down weaknesses, spreading the word about impeccable IT security culture—you can do all of that with one ha...

Information Security Officer October 2016 Italy

Join a Tech-Obsessed Team in Sweden!

Welcome to Sweden — land of Vikings, pristine forests, and people with impeccable taste! Join the Simplygon team as a test/build engineer for an opportunity to discover the wonders...

Test/Build Engineer November 2015 Sweden

Unreal Adventure in Sweden

Step right up for the 3D event of the year! Join the Simplygon team to harness your passion for all things three-dimensional, and experience life in one of the most strikingly beau...

Developer November 2015 Sweden

Tech Geeks With a Passion For GUI Wanted in Stockholm

For a chance to live your very own Scandinavian Dream, join the Tipser team in Stockholm, and experience life in the beautiful North!

Front-End Developer September 2015 Sweden

Talented Cloud Whisperer Wanted in Sweden

Make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground, but keep your head in the cloud — the Simplygon team in Sweden wants you as their cloud developer!

Lead Cloud Developer November 2015 Sweden

iOS Experience Sought in Bulgaria

Create mobile applications and help lead a great team — join Futurist Labs in Bulgaria and discover a beautiful, vibrant country with everything to offer!

iOS Developer November 2015 Bulgaria

Ready to Take on a JavaScript Challenge in Bulgaria?

With a history of nearly 7000 years, Sofia has a story or two to tell. Join the team at Despark for some serious personal and professional development, and make stories of your own...

JavaScript Developer June 2016 Bulgaria

Bring Your Back-End Experience to Bulgaria

Did you know that Bulgarians shake their heads to mean yes? So when we ask if you want to be a back-end developer at Despark in Sofia, we'll expect to see some vigorous head-shakin...

Back-End Developer June 2016 Bulgaria

Manage Authentication and Banking Security Projects in the B...

If you're a driven and capable project manager eager to help make internet banking safer, go ahead and take a closer look at this opportunity to join the Baltics branch of SEB Bank...

Project Manager February 2017 Lithuania

Concept Development & Marketing Mastermind Wanted in Lithuan...

You have a knack for coming up with brilliant product concepts and marketing initiatives that get people's attention. Why not put that amazing ability to use in vibrant Vilnius?

Head of Marketing May 2016 Lithuania

Startup Challenge for Lithuanian Speakers

Do you have what it takes to make sure Taxify thrives in Lithuania? Is your inner entrepreneur ready for an adventure? Looks like you're just the person for this country manager ro...

Country Manager July 2016 Lithuania

Join an Awesome Team of Adventure Architects

You love getting to the bottom of everything and digging for precious information. Time to get your hands dirty as part of an adventurous team based in gorgeous Lithuania!

Research Assistant March 2016 Lithuania

Creative Adventure in Lithuania for Talented Graphic Designe...

If you love the idea of using your design skills to bring more laughter and adventure into the world, you've come to the right place. Read on to see what the UNO Parks team in beau...

Graphic Designer July 2016 Lithuania

Committed Coder Wanted in Delightful Dublin

Passionate about coding? Looking for a work environment that's challenging and geeky in equal measure? Sounds like you and the PageFair team have something to talk about!

Software Developer October 2016 Ireland

Be a Senior Developer in Beautiful Dublin!

Are you a hungry, exciting person who loves coding and enjoys fast-paced dynamic environments? The Locatible team in Dublin is looking forward to meeting you!

Back-End Developer October 2015 Ireland

Use Your iOS Superpowers For Good in Belfast or Dublin

Help GoConqr conquer the world of e-learning — join them in either Belfast or Dublin for the chance to hone your skills and tackle rewarding challenges as part of a dedicated team!

iOS Developer January 2016 Ireland

Freelance Opportunity in Dublin

If you've got a smartphone, a camera, and a whole heap of enthusiasm, join the Spotahome team for an opportunity to discover the beautiful and spirited city of Dublin!

Property Checker October 2015 Ireland

Be part of something awesome in Prague!

Take on your next big challenge in the City of a Hundred Spires! Bring your iOS expertise to STRV in Prague, a stunning city with a mind-bogglingly fascinating history, and be insp...

iOS Developer August 2015 Czech Republic

Fly to Prague to Provide Superb Customer Support in Dutch

Fluent in Dutch and hardwired to help people, you're the kind of high-flying customer support hero BlueLink is after. Join them in the spectacularly beautiful city of Prague for a ...

Customer Support Officer March 2017 Czechia

Quality Specialist Sought at Cool Czech Startup

Immerse yourself in the infinitely inspiring startup world — join Skypicker in Brno and reap the myriad benefits of working alongside a fantastic team in a country brimming with fr...

Quality Specialist November 2015 Czech Republic

Bring your analytical prowess to magical Prague!

Are you looking for a challenging work environment where you will be truly valued? Do you have a knack for web analytics and a thirst for new experiences? Join Creamfinance in the ...

Web Analyst September 2015 Czech Republic

Android development in beautiful Prague

Join the driven team at STRV in the astonishingly beautiful and irresistibly energetic city of Prague, and experience the joy of living and working in a truly inspiring environment...

Android Developer August 2015 Czech Republic

Workforce Management Challenge in The Czech Republic

Treat yourself to an adventure in the beautiful Czech region of Moravia — join the Skypicker team in Brno, and find your muse!

Workforce Management Specialist November 2015 Czech Republic

Join a Fantastic Global Startup in The Czech Republic!

If you want to provide stellar customer care at one of the coolest startups around, here's your chance! Bring your skill and motivation to the beautiful Czech Republic for an oppor...

Customer Care Specialist November 2015 Czech Republic

Fearless Back-End Adventurer Wanted in Brno

If you are a passionate and driven back-end virtuoso looking for your next great challenge, join the unstoppable Skypicker team in the Czech Republic for the startup experience of ...

Back-End Developer November 2015 Czech Republic

Be a Web Developer in Prague

For the startup experience of a lifetime, join datasapiens in beautiful Prague as a web developer, and let yourself be inspired by a great team in an equally great city!

Web Developer July 2016 Czech Republic

Be a Scala Developer in The City of a Hundred Spires

Build a cool new app with Spinoco in the beautiful city of Prague, and do your part in changing the world of communication!

Solution Designer February 2016 Czech Republic

Be a Customer Care Champion at Skypicker!

Get ready to give your skills a boost and be inspired by an amazing startup team — join Skypicker in the lovely city of Brno, and discover the many beautiful sights of the Czech Re...

Customer Success Manager November 2015 Czech Republic

Bavarian adventure for passionate coders

Ready to take on a fun challenge in an amazing city? Join the matchinguu team in Munich, and experience life in the vibrant Bavarian capital!

Software Developer September 2015 Germany

Microsoft AX Developer Wanted in Awesome Prague

Start the next chapter of your life in Prague, one of the best cities in the world for culture and cost! Join this small, spirited team as their next AX developer.

AX Developer October 2016 Czech Republic

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