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Take Your RoR Know-How to Estonia

If you know your way around Ruby on Rails and are on the hunt for an inspiring outlet for your skills, you've found it. The Wisemedia team needs your drive and ambition in the rive...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Estonia

Rails Hotshots, You're Wanted in Poland!

If complex RoR applications are your thing, perhaps it's time for a career move to invigorate the old gray cells? This one in historic Wrocław looks like it might be the perfect fi...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Poland

Ready to Take Your RoR Knowledge to Historic Moravia?

The beautiful Czech city of Brno is waiting for you—all you have to do to land this great gig at Wisemedia is to be a driven and creative Rails developer.

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Czechia

Adventure in Georgia for Ambitious RoR Developer

Founded in the 5th century and nestled on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia's endlessly fascinating capital has enough going for it to satisfy even the most jaded traveler...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Georgia

Take Your Ruby Skills to the Next Level at a Hot Estonian Fi...

If Ruby is your bread and butter and creating top-shelf financial software is a challenge you know you'll love, here's your dream job. Join Inbank's ambitious team in the innovativ...

Ruby Developer May 2017 Estonia

Runtastic Is Looking for Brilliant Back-Enders

Are you crazy about cutting-edge technology? Do you like the idea of creating a healthier world? Take on this back-end job at Runtastic and combine your two passions—and as a cherr...

Back-End Developer May 2017 Austria

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Take on a Ruby on Rails Challenge in Spain!

Heads up, Ruby aficionados — this gig in Málaga has your name written all over it! Join the team at microapps for an opportunity to harness your skills in one of the most beautiful...

Back-End Developer October 2015 Spain

Go on a Wild Ruby on Rails Ride With the Fuse Team

We think it's time for your talent and skills to fuse with those of a seriously cool team. Do you agree? Then you might like to take a good look at this remote Ruby on Rails gig!

Ruby on Rails Developer October 2016

Ruby on Rails Developer in Vienna

Bring your Ruby on Rails skills to the Platogo team in the iconic capital of Austria, and immerse yourself fully in the inspiring atmosphere of a city brimming with music and fasci...

Ruby on Rails Developer May 2015 Austria

Build Your Career Pair Programming in Asia!

Integrate quickly into a team of skilled developers where you quickly become a key contributor, bringing fresh insights and practices as in addition to your core technical competen...

Software Engineer July 2015 Philippines

Nordic Ruby Challenge

Heads up, Ruby on Rails lovers! Your next adventure is waiting for you in the impossibly beautiful, relentlessly innovative, and irresistibly charming country of Estonia!

Ruby on Rails Developer November 2015 Estonia

Be a Ruby on Rails Visionary in Vietnam

The vibrant atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City is yours for the taking—in return for your amazing Ruby on Rails skills.

Ruby on Rails Developer July 2016 Vietnam

Ruby on Rails Adventure Engineer

Join the amazing PayrollHero team in one of North America's top skiing destinations, and challenge yourself as a Ruby on Rails Engineer, while the surrounding mountains provide an ...

Ruby on Rails Developer May 2015 Canada

Ruby on Rails Intern Wanted in Singapore

Looking for a challenging internship as a Ruby on Rails developer? Become part of a quickly growing startup and shape the future of a disruptive software product!

Ruby on Rails Developer February 2016 Singapore

Seeking Ruby on Rails Expert in Sunny Saigon

Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City—call it what you want, it's an amazing city either way. Bring your Ruby on Rails skills to this team of aspiring world-changers, and prepare to be hit by a...

Ruby on Rails Developer May 2016 Vietnam

Rails Challenge in Spectacular Yangon

For an amazing opportunity to polish your Rails skills on a fantastic team in a truly magical environment, join the NEX family in Yangon!

Rails Engineer October 2015 Myanmar (Burma)

Ruby on Rails ace wanted in Bangkok

It's time to bring your A game! Seize this amazing opportunity to put your Ruby on Rails experience to good use on a great startup team under the hot Thai sun.

Ruby on Rails Developer September 2015 Thailand

Malaysian Rails Adventure

Discover the staggering diversity and mind-blowing beauty of Malaysia — join the GoGet team in vibrant Kuala Lumpur for an opportunity to hone your Rails skills in the tropics!

Ruby on Rails Developer October 2015 Malaysia

Pack Up Your Rad Ruby on Rails Skills for Phuket

Here's a chance to be flown out to Phuket for at least 2-3 months! All you need is your full-stack Ruby on Rails expertise and you're good to go.

Full Stack Rails Developer November 2016 Thailand

Mastermind Full-Stack Leader Sought in Hong Kong

You've got some serious AngularJS and Ruby on Rails skills, and your motivation levels are off the charts. A stint as a full-stack lead in Hong Kong sounds like just the thing for ...

Full-Stack Developer January 2017 Hong Kong

Looking to work with the best? Be our server developer!

Show off your skills as 2359 Media's server developer, and take in the surreal beauty and mind-boggling diversity of Singapore!

Senior Server (Rails/.NET) Developer August 2015 Singapore

Join an Innovative Startup in The Inspirational Art Scene!

This fantastic team in the extraordinary city of Amsterdam is looking for an experienced all-rounder. Are you the web developer of their dreams?

Web Developer March 2016 Netherlands

Back-End Challenge at Cool Tech Startup in Hong Kong

Looking for an outlet for your skills in an inspiring, dynamic environment? The Easyship team in Hong Kong has got you covered. Join the crew and set sail on an incredible voyage t...

Back-End Developer January 2016 Hong Kong

Bring Your Full-Stack Fury to Hong Kong!

Easyship is hiring strong, qualified, highly motivated and eager-to-learn full-stack developers to be the owners of their own projects inside the company. Become part of the team i...

Full-Stack Developer January 2016 Hong Kong

Ruby on Rails adventure in sunny Barcelona

For an amazing opportunity to make the most out of life, join NoviCap in one of the most remarkable cities in the world!

Ruby on Rails Developer July 2015 Spain

Add Some Full-Stack Flavor to a Cool Estonian Startup

Looking to plant your bright ideas in fertile soil? You've come to the right place—the Click & Grow team in beautiful Tartu wants you as their full-stack developer. Click to apply,...

Full-Stack Developer May 2016 Estonia

Driven web development intern sought in Barcelona

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? Intern with PUSHTech in Barcelona, and reap the benefits of working alongside an unstoppable team of brilliant and extremely cr...

Web Development Intern (Ruby/Rails/JS) August 2015 Spain

Full-Stack Brilliance Wanted in Malaysia

If you're looking for something fresh, exciting and challenging, the Touristly team in Kuala Lumpur has got you covered — join them in Malaysia and discover a country of staggering...

Full-Stack Developer December 2015 Malaysia

Awesome Rails and CoffeeScript Challenge

Help a great team build a product that people love — join the Cabify team in Madrid or Mexico City for the ride of a lifetime!

Ruby on Rails Developer October 2015 Spain

Turn Complexity Into Simplicity at SwitchUp

We believe finding the right people to work with is the most important challenge to solve in any organization. Hence, instead of claiming that we are a great startup, we’d like to ...

CTO December 2015 Germany

Brilliant Back-End Champion Wanted in Bonn

Ruby is your best friend. You know it through and through. Now it's time to show this passionate team in Bonn what it's like to work with Ruby in the best way possible.

Back-End Developer October 2016 Germany

Junior Ruby on Rails Developer Wanted in Singapore

Looking for a challenging adventure as a Ruby on Rails developer? Become part of a quickly growing startup and shape the future of a disruptive software product!

Ruby on Rails Developer January 2016 Singapore

Lead a Great Team in Berlin With Your RoR Skills

The Distribusion team loves to innovate. Their latest mind-blowing discovery? You! Pack your Ruby on Rails skills and become part of the team in Germany's inspiring capital.

Ruby on Rails Developer October 2016 Germany

Ruby on Rails challenge in Brisbane

A 4 month gig to build the next level Grapple framework by the beautiful Gold Cost beaches

Ruby on Rails Developer January 2015 Australia

Hone Your Full-Stack Skills in Italy

The Romans called it "pleasant place" and soon you can call it "home"—the beautiful city of Piacenza in northern Italy is ready to welcome you. Don't forget to pack your Ruby on Ra...

Full-Stack Developer August 2016 Italy

Your Back-End Adventure in Barcelona Begins Now

You write code so clean you could eat your dinner off it. You love Ruby and Python as much as you love the idea of living and working in Barcelona. In short, you're the Stuart team...

Back-End Engineer May 2016 Spain

Cofound The Future of Language Learning in Berlin!

Help rethink the future of language education at the heart of the sharing economy — join abroadwith in Berlin as their CTO, and be inspired by life in one of Europe's coolest citie...

CTO/Cofounder December 2015 Germany

Be Wunder's Ruby Wunderkind in Germany

This red hot Ruby gig at Wunder is not one to miss. Join a brilliant product team, work on an awesome app, and make memories in your new home—the city of Hamburg!

Senior Ruby Engineer January 2017 Germany

Challenge accepted? Become our new Backend Expert in Hamburg...

We build an app used daily by thousands of people, and we take great pride in our work. This means excellent development practices, careful code architecture, and an organization b...

Back-End Developer July 2015 Germany

Ruby on Rails challenge in Thailand

Discover the countless wonders of incredible Thailand — join the nimbl3 team in Bangkok, and hone your skills in this extraordinary city of bright lights, stunning sights, and flav...

Ruby on Rails Developer September 2015 Thailand

Looking For Fellow Developers in Tallinn

Extremia is looking to add some Ruby on Rails firepower to their team — join them in Tallinn, and discover the many charms of the lovely Estonian capital!

Ruby on Rails Developer February 2016 Estonia

Bring Your Rails Skills to Tropical Thailand

Blow everyone away with your Rails expertise—join the coolest company in town to work alongside some seriously talented developers! Booming Bangkok is waiting for you.

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2016 Thailand

Berlin Is Waiting for You, Brainy Back-End Developers

If you've got a good few years of RoR experience under your belt and are ready to face new invigorating challenges, you're in luck—here's a fantastic opportunity at an ambitious st...

Back-End Developer October 2016 Germany

Ruby on Rails Challenge in Brazil

Do you love beaches, pets, travelling, having fun and developing in Ruby. This challenge is for you!

Ruby on Rails Developer July 2015 Brazil

Challenge yourself and soak up the sun in Vietnam!

Are you a software engineer looking to rediscover your sense of wonder and adventure? Join the brilliant MySQUAR team, and get ready to be inspired by the beauty and vibrancy of V...

Software Engineer August 2015 Vietnam

Australian Adventure for Ruby on Rails Enthusiast

If the startup life is for you and passion is your middle name, you'll love this awesome Rails gig in Australia. Grow with a great company, tackle inspiring challenges, and make in...

Ruby on Rails Developer September 2016 Australia

Hacker Wanted to Take Over Southeast Asia

As part of a growing tech team, you will be working closely with our team of mobile engineers and product owners with fast, data-driven product iteration cycles. You will have full...

Full-Stack/Rails Engineer November 2015 Malaysia

Wanted: Full-Stack Ruby on Rails developer in Greece

CareAcross dreams of a world where the word “cancer” only refers to a zodiac sign. Lend your skills to the cause in Athens!

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2016 Greece

JavaScript/Ruby Brilliance Sought in Toronto

Join a quickly growing company in one of the most diverse cities on the planet — discover the multicultural magnificence of Toronto as part of the Strategyzer team!

Senior JavaScript/Ruby Developer November 2015 Canada

Capable Back-End Champions Wanted in Malaysia

Lend your solid support to the backbone of a platform for purchasing gold. Also, experience the myriad marvels of Malaysia on a daily basis, from food to scenery to the diverse cul...

Back-End Developer November 2016 Malaysia

Catalan Adventure For Ruby Revolutionary

Are you eager to join a startup that's causing a stir in the hospitality industry? Bring your Ruby skills to MyTwinPlace, and experience life in sparkling Barcelona!

Ruby on Rails Developer January 2016

Be a Web Developer in Belfast!

Bring your team spirit and web development experience to the GoConqr team in Belfast for an opportunity to hone your skills and discover the many wonderful sights of Northern Irela...

Web Developer November 2015 United Kingdom

Get a Taste of The Vibrant Southeast Asian Startup Scene

Are you familiar with Rails and eager to keep learning? Are you a work-hard-play-hard kind of person? Is Malaysia on your list of dream destinations? Well, looks like you've hit th...

Full-Stack Developer January 2016 Malaysia

Software Internship in Beautiful Seoul

Are you looking for a challenge in an inspiring environment? You've found it. Join the Korbit team in the dynamic city of Seoul, and unleash your full potential on the world!

Intern September 2015 South Korea

Exciting Jakarta Awaits Experienced Developers

Do you hate messy code and like the idea of a fun challenge in Indonesia's bustling capital? Sounds like this could be the gig for you. The Jualo team will be waiting for your appl...

Senior Software Developer November 2016 Indonesia

Bring Your Developing Prowess to Romania

With over 1000 years of history, the multicultural city of Timisoara is best for those who are constantly curious and have a deep love of learning. Incidentally, such a person woul...

Web Software Developer March 2016 Romania

Deft Back-End Brain Wanted in Delft

We love learning, and we love technology. Put those two together and you have a recipe for a revolution. Like the sound of what we're doing? Come to Delft and boost what we're buil...

Back-End Developer March 2016 Netherlands

Hack Higher Education in the Netherlands

A city of canals that's been around since the medieval times, Delft also boasts a tech university and some pottery! And if you dig a little deeper, there's a lot more to be discove...

Front-End Developer March 2016 Netherlands

Rock Your Ruby Skills in Dynamic Barcelona

If you're looking to join a great team that also happens to be flexible and multicultural, this team in Barcelona may be what you're looking for! You'll work with RoR 4, and cover ...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2016 Spain

Join the Ruby Ecosystem in Barcelona!

If you are a talented Ruby on Rails Developer that wants to take responsibilities, join Quipu's team in Barcelona for an exciting challenge into one of the most inspiring cities in...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2016 Spain

Bring Your Burning Passion for Ruby to Germany

Do you dream of working with Ruby and its possibilities, all day every day? Join this international team in Bonn, Germany – the birthplace of Beethoven!

Junior Back-End Developer October 2016 Germany

Berlin Wants Your Brilliant Back-End Brain

Interested in working to make the internet more secure? Want to work in a fast-growing tech hub of Europe? Look no further, because this Berlin-based team has it all!

Back-End Engineer January 2017 Germany

Showcase Your Software Development Skills in Tropical Kuala ...

Always dreaming about travelling while doing something you love? Join Supahands! Put your software development knowledge to good use and experience life in Malaysia's lively capita...

Software Engineer August 2016 Malaysia

Experienced Web Developer Wanted in Tropical Malaysia

Your next great adventure awaits under the hot Malaysian sun, where the unstoppable Mindvalley team is looking for a brilliant web developer to help them change the world.

Web Developer March 2016 Malaysia

Bring Your Ruby Expertise to Sultry Kuala Lumpur!

Join the pioneering Loanstreet team on their mission to make loans easy for people in Malaysia, and discover one of Southeast Asia's most popular hotspots — take on this exciting R...

Technical Team Lead December 2015 Malaysia

Back-End Developers, Heads up!

Put your back-end skills to the test in a city unlike any other — join ShoeSize.Me in brilliant Barcelona, where every day is a new adventure!

Back-End Developer March 2016 Spain

Back-End Adventure in Vibrant Berlin

Are you looking for an opportunity to hone your skills in a completely unique environment? Your search could be at an end — take on this back-end gig in Berlin, and let yourself be...

Back-End Developer February 2016 Germany

Help us build a platform that will empower students

Want to be part of something with the potential to change lives? Join the Launchpilots team in Hong Kong for an incredible opportunity to hone your full-stack skills and harness yo...

Full-Stack Developer August 2015 Hong Kong

Bring Your Full-Stack Fury to Mumbai!

Nerf gun battles (and Jenga for the more pacifistically inclined), a passionate team, and challenging work — this gig in colorful Mumbai comes with all of that, as well as freedom ...

Full-Stack Developer February 2016 India

Find Your Muse as a Back-End Developer in Greece

Welcome to Greece — the cradle of Western civilization, and a land that enjoys more than 250 days of sunshine a year. Join the Nobilissimus team in Thessaloniki for the opportunity...

Back-End Developer January 2016 Greece

Rails-Savvy Co-founder Wanted in London

You have the particular skill set of a full-stack Rails developer and the heart of an entrepreneur. You want to be there for the early stages of an ambitious startup. You've come t...

Full-Stack Developer February 2016 United Kingdom

Experienced Back-End Developer Wanted in Bali

Do you like writing mean and clean Ruby code? Come join our team and help us build amazing things in stunningly beautiful Bali!

Ruby on Rails Developer January 2016 Indonesia

Brilliant Back-Ender Wanted in Barcelona

Want to live in a beautiful city and contribute to keeping it clean? This is your chance to make Barcelona your home in more ways than one!

Back-End Developer January 2016 Spain

TechEd Startup in Berlin Seeking Their Daring Tech Lead

You've gathered so much development experience over the years that it would be a shame for you not to share your wisdom. An opportunity to innovate technology education awaits you ...

CTO & Head Coach May 2016 Germany

Bring Your Front-End Flair to an Exciting Startup in Berlin

When it comes to startup spirit, Berlin's got oodles of it. This particular startup is reshaping the world of travel, and they're looking for a front-end ace to join them on their ...

Front-End Developer October 2016 Germany

Full-Stack Expert Wanted in Bustling Bangalore

Bangalore is a thriving tech city with a bustling atmosphere. If you're seeking new experiences and like to be well-rounded in many things, show us your full-stack skills and join ...

Full-Stack Developer April 2016 India

Front-End Fun in Tallinn

Let yourself be inspired and awed by the beautiful North — join the TripRepublic team in Tallinn for a fantastic opportunity to boost your skills and experience life in a small cou...

Front-End Developer November 2015 Estonia

Web Developer Needed in Victoria

Join the MetaLab team and show off your web development talent in beautiful Victoria.

Web Developer March 2015 Canada

Calling All Data Scientists — Barcelona Wants You!

Discover the extraordinary beauty and spirit of Barcelona — join the ShoeSize.Me team for the adventure of a lifetime!

Data Scientist March 2016 Spain

First-Class Front-Ender Wanted in Hong Kong

A truly fascinating city with a rich and storied history, Hong Kong is an unmissable destination for anyone with a sense of adventure. If you're a web developer on the hunt for a c...

Front-End Developer March 2016 Hong Kong

Bring Your Full-Stack Passion to Hong Kong!

Unleash your prodigious full-stack skills on the world — join CompareAsiaGroup in the electrifying heat of Hong Kong, and be inspired by an amazingly talented and driven team!

Full-Stack Developer January 2016 Hong Kong

Go on a Java Quest to Western Romania

Join us in Timisoara, the tech hub of Western Romania! This quest will require a lot of teamwork, individual responsibility and of course, cool events. Sign up here to start.

Java Developer March 2016 Romania

Will you be our Ruby guru?

Here's your chance to discover Barcelona's electric startup scene! Bring your Ruby expertise to the amazing team at PUSHTech, and take on your next challenge in one of the planet's...

Front-End Developer August 2015 Spain

Skilled Front-Ender Wanted in Phuket

If you're a front-end developer nestled comfortably in the sweet spot between passion and pragmatism, the team at Dekeo would like to get to know you!

Front-End Developer May 2016 Thailand

Ruby Whiz Wanted in India

Do you lose sleep at night thinking about the next cool thing you can do with Ruby? Bring those thoughts to Bangalore–you will be much welcomed!

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2016 India

Brilliant CTO Wanted at a Software Startup in Brussels

Are you ready to dive into an Agile environment, interacting day-to-day with various programming languages and infrastructure? Then don't look any further – this company in Belgium...

CTO February 2017 Belgium

Singaporean Back-End Adventure

Join the ambitious Viddsee crew on their quest to fill the world with amazing short films and stories! Live and work in vibrant Singapore, and be inspired by the striking architect...

Back-End Developer July 2015 Singapore

Fearless Development Interns Sought in Singapore

Help the Viddsee clan build the future of Asian short films, and be inspired and invigorated by the bright lights and stunning sights of Singapore.

Intern July 2015 Singapore

Use Your iOS Superpowers For Good in Belfast or Dublin

Help GoConqr conquer the world of e-learning — join them in either Belfast or Dublin for the chance to hone your skills and tackle rewarding challenges as part of a dedicated team!

iOS Developer January 2016 Ireland

Be an Android Developer in Belfast or Dublin

If you're excited about the prospect of creating the best e-learning platform on the market, and your Android skills are legendary, join the GoConqr team!

Android Developer January 2016 United Kingdom

Exciting Back-End Opportunity in Hong Kong

This is your chance to build something significant and life-altering for thousands of students and tutors worldwide. Join us in Hong Kong and transform education once and for all.

Back-End Engineer January 2016 Hong Kong

Help Revolutionise The Loan Industry in Malaysia!

Malaysia's sizzling capital is a dream come true for anyone on the hunt for unforgettable experiences — it's also where the Loanstreet team is waiting for you to join them as a pro...

Junior Programmer December 2015 Malaysia

Full-Stack Passion Wanted in Dublin

If you're motivated, talented, and hungry for adventure, the PageFair team in Dublin wants to hear from you! Hone your skills, make memories, and let the convivial atmosphere of th...

Full-Stack Developer October 2016 Ireland

Coding Enthusiast Wanted in Berlin

Here at Pfeffermind, we believe in having fun. While we love and specialize in tech, we also like to blast through board games in our Berlin office–so if you're a game enthusiast, ...

Front-End Developer March 2016 Germany

Front-End Quest in Beautiful Barcelona

If you are young, driven and living in the city of design, who knows what wonders will come your way? Join the sunny Spanish startup scene for an adventure of a lifetime.

Front-End Developer January 2016 Spain

Fabulous Front-End Talent Wanted in Germany

When it comes to JavaScript, you're a force to be reckoned with. Bring some of that vital force to Bonn (a city over 2000 years old!), where a creative travel startup is waiting fo...

Front-End Developer October 2016 Germany

Enlighten the Next Generation of Developers in Berlin

Would you like to impart your wisdom in the field to the future shining stars of web development? Enjoy the freedom to teach in snazzy Berlin and pass on your passion to your devot...

Full-Stack Engineer June 2016 Germany

Lead a Dev Team in Tropical Thailand

You feel right at home anywhere in the technical stack, and your code is the talk of the town. You're ready for a whole new adventure somewhere warm, preferably with beaches. How a...

Lead Developer May 2016 Thailand

Develop Your Skills in Super Sunny Singapore

So, you know those super trees that grow magically in Singapore? That's how your skills could grow with this daring startup. If you feel like it's time to take a leap and do someth...

Software Engineer May 2016 Singapore

Be a Software Engineer for a Swiss FinTech Startup

Throw yourself into the exciting world of FinTech at the global center for finance! This tech hub of Switzerland has it all – the banks, the beautiful landscape, the burgeoning tec...

Software Engineer May 2016 Switzerland

Be a software engineer in Amsterdam! - JS/CS web components ...

Get ready to take on your next great challenge in one of Europe's coolest capitals! Join the eKids team in the beautiful city of Amsterdam for an opportunity to make a real differe...

Software Engineer September 2015 Netherlands

Be an Android developer in vibrant Bangkok

Experience the natural, cultural, and culinary wonders of beautiful Thailand! Join the nimbl3 team in Bangkok, and be inspired by one of the world's most fascinating countries.

Android Developer September 2015 Thailand

Netherlands Needs Your Knack for Knowledge

Love learning? Join us as we strive to inspire students the world over with our platform. Let's give them an education they won't forget!

Developer March 2016 Netherlands

Harness Your Front-End Talent in Berlin

Always wanted to plant your front-end skills in the fertile ground of Berlin's flourishing startup scene? Your opportunity is here: Spoonflower is looking for a talented and passio...

Front-End Developer January 2017 Germany

Technical Co-Founder in Copenhagen

Have an impact on Europe's political scene as part of the team at The Campaign Shop, and experience the urban fairytale of Copenhagen.

Technical Co-founder April 2015 Denmark

Front-End Wizard Sought to Join Epic Quest

Join the fantastic team at ZUMATA for an amazing opportunity to put your skills to the test in vibrant Singapore, and let the tropical climate and countless jaw-dropping sights mot...

Front-End Developer December 2015 Singapore

Back-End Champion Wanted in Austria

Why settle for anything less if you could be working at a successful startup in a picturesque country that's 62% Alps and 38% cake (according to our calculations)? But don't take o...

Back-End Developer February 2016 Austria

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