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Seize a Rewarding Business Intelligence Challenge in Ghana

PEG Africa is creating serious social change in off-grid communities. If you know the ins and outs, the dos and don'ts of data processing and business intelligence, you belong on t...

Business Intelligence Manager May 2017 Ghana

Net an Awesome .NET Job in Manchester

Manchester's recorded history started in 79 AD. In 2017, you could make this vibrant city your home. If you have .NET skills and plenty of creativity, join the BJSS team!

.NET Developer May 2017 United Kingdom

.NET Developers, a Dream Job Awaits in Leeds

BJSS is building stellar teams all across the UK. Join their award-winning consultancy in the city of Leeds for an opportunity to be part of something big!

.NET Developer May 2017 United Kingdom

Go on a Seaside PHP Adventure in Portugal

This innovative team in Portugal is all about creativity and top-notch programming. If you feel like you're on the same page, why not join them? Make incredible memories and take o...

PHP Developer June 2017 Portugal

Adventure in Georgia for Ambitious RoR Developer

Founded in the 5th century and nestled on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia's endlessly fascinating capital has enough going for it to satisfy even the most jaded traveler...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Georgia

Demonstrate Your Java Mastery in Manchester

Here's a team with oodles of passion and plenty of exciting challenges to offer. Make Manchester your home and work with cutting-edge technology as a Java engineer at BJSS!

Java Developer March 2017 United Kingdom

Share Your DevOps Wisdom in Leeds

Be part of the UK's vibrant tech scene, where your innovative mind and enviable DevOps skills are in demand. Team BJSS in Leeds has just the kind of opportunity you've been looking...

Platform Engineer (DevOps) May 2017 United Kingdom

Ready to Take Your RoR Knowledge to Historic Moravia?

The beautiful Czech city of Brno is waiting for you—all you have to do to land this great gig at Wisemedia is to be a driven and creative Rails developer.

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Czechia

Rails Hotshots, You're Wanted in Poland!

If complex RoR applications are your thing, perhaps it's time for a career move to invigorate the old gray cells? This one in historic Wrocław looks like it might be the perfect fi...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Poland

Wrangle Data at a Gaming Company in Riga

Can't get enough of data? Join Evolution Gaming's business intelligence team as a data steward for an opportunity to put your analytical mind to good use in Latvia's charming capit...

Data Steward May 2017 Latvia

Be a Developer in a Driven Team in Estonia

Estonia is the place to be if you're looking for challenging career moves in the tech space. MYJAR has plenty of those available—like this gig for a back-end develope, for example!

Back-End Developer April 2017 Estonia

Take Your Ruby Skills to the Next Level at a Hot Estonian Fi...

If Ruby is your bread and butter and creating top-shelf financial software is a challenge you know you'll love, here's your dream job. Join Inbank's ambitious team in the innovativ...

Ruby Developer May 2017 Estonia

Join Nevercode as a QA Engineer in Estonia

Tartu is a quaint university town with plenty of spirit and a uniquely inspiring atmosphere. Nevercode is the world’s leading cloud-based continuous integration service for mobile ...

QA Engineer March 2017 Estonia

Leeds Needs Your Java Know-How

This city is not only remarkable for being surrounded by some seriously stunning landscapes. It's also poised to become one of Europe's hottest new tech hubs. To get in on the acti...

Java Developer March 2017 United Kingdom

Take Your RoR Know-How to Estonia

If you know your way around Ruby on Rails and are on the hunt for an inspiring outlet for your skills, you've found it. The Wisemedia team needs your drive and ambition in the rive...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Estonia

Time to Take Your Java Expertise to England

Team BJSS is looking for talented and driven developers to join them in Sheffield. If you're a dab hand at Java, let your next career step take you to the UK!

Java Developer March 2017 United Kingdom

Data-Driven Product Analyst Sought in Singapore

Do you get excited about data? Ematic shares your excitement, and they want you on the team. Head on over to tropical Singapore for your next big adventure in product analysis!

Product Analyst May 2017 Singapore

Be MYJAR's Driven Database Admin in Estonia

Performance, integrity, security—if it's got anything to do with databases, you've got it covered. Bring your skills and experience to the MYJAR team and see what life in Estonia h...

Database Administrator April 2017 Estonia

DevOps Experts, Make Manchester Your Home

If you like wearing many hats and tackling exciting challenges, turn your attention to this DevOps role in the vibrant city of Manchester!

Platform Engineer (DevOps) May 2017 United Kingdom

Skilled Developers Sought in Sheffield

If you're looking for a place to showcase and further hone your skills, team BJSS in Sheffield is ready to welcome you. Join their engineering team in a city that's 61% green space...

UI Developer May 2017 United Kingdom

Be Danske Bank's Security Architect in Estonia

If you like getting stuff done, here's a good one for your to-do list: apply for this security architect gig in Estonia's vibrant capital. Put your skills to good use as part of a ...

Senior Security Architect May 2017 Estonia

Java Juggernauts, Head to Estonia!

If you can't get enough of delivering quality solutions and want to use your Java skills to make the world a bit better, keep reading. Swedbank has an interesting offer for one suc...

Java Developer April 2017 Estonia

Bring Your Coding Talents to Tallinn

Do you like digitally advanced societies and medieval architecture? Charming seaside cities and lush greenery? Then you'll love Tallinn, Estonia's smart little capital. And if you ...

Front-End Developer April 2017 Estonia

Expired jobbaticals

London Wants Your Love for All Things Data

Do you have the hots for data-related challenges? Move to lively - and lovely - London for a chance to develop a complex and sophisticated database architecture!

Database Developer March 2016 United Kingdom

Dazzle Singapore With Your Development Skills

Do you love lush greenery as well as vibrant cityscapes? Would you prefer to have easy access to both within an area of, say, 719.1 square kilometres? Be a software engineer at Wav...

Software Engineer February 2016 Singapore

Be a Routing Engineer in The Philippines

This team in the Philippines could use your software development experience. If you're passionate about what you do, and overdue for an adventure, step right up and introduce yours...

Routing Engineer February 2016 Philippines

Give Your Development Skills a Boost in Electrifying Bangkok...

Been daydreaming about tropical Thailand? You're in luck — AD System Asia is looking for developers with varying degrees of experience. Read on to see if you could be one of them!

Software Engineer March 2016 Thailand

Be Part of a Motley Crew of Web Developers in Bangkok

You are a web developer on the hunt for your next great adventure. You can't wait to be part of a dynamic team in a city that knows how to enjoy life. You should probably take a lo...

Web Developer March 2016 Thailand

Data And Fitness Freak Wanted in Austria

Does your dream Jobbatical involve lots of exciting challenges, amazing teammates, plenty of fun activities, and perhaps living in close proximity to a certain legendary mountain r...

Data Warehouse Developer February 2016 Austria

Time to Put Your Skills to The Test. Be a Software Architect...

Do you enjoy working in a stimulating international environment? Do you want to be a software architect in one of Southeast Asia's most exciting cities? Join the AD System Asia tea...

Software Architect March 2016 Thailand

Use Your QA Skills to Aid Farmers in Rural Kenya

The remote regions of Kenya are full of farmers who are working hard to grow their crops–and they could use some of your help. If you've ever wanted to live in a gorgeous country t...

QA Engineer July 2016 Kenya

Be a Reliability Engineer at Cloudflare in Singapore

There's room for some talent on the Cloudflare team in tropical Singapore. Read on and see if you have what it takes to be their brilliant new systems reliability engineer!

Systems Reliability Engineer January 2017 Singapore

Sharpen Your C# Skills in South Africa

If you know C# and have been looking for an opportunity to work for a global IT innovator, you've come to the right place. Mint has offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Texas—ch...

C# Developer August 2016 South Africa

Harness Your Java Skills in Vibrant Berlin!

Join an exciting and dynamic team in an equally exciting and dynamic city — put your Java know-how to good use as part of the datapine team in Berlin!

Senior Java Developer November 2015 Germany

Passionate Full-Stack Developer Wanted in Budapest

Thinking about taking your full-stack skills somewhere to stretch your wings? This burgeoning startup in Budapest needs someone like you to lead a team of engineers and talk JS and...

Full-Stack Developer October 2016 Hungary

Seasoned Solution Architect Sought at Leading Fashion Platfo...

This role is for someone with some serious experience under their belt. If you've seen your share of complex development projects over the years, we recommend you take a look at wh...

Software Solution Architect February 2017 Germany

Harness Your Django Know-How in India

Are you looking for a new, inspiring outlet for your Python/Django expertise? That's convenient, because the Kings Learning team is looking for someone like you. Become part of the...

Django Developer February 2016 India

Data Geeks: Hamburg Wants You!

Experience life in a fantastic city with a whole lot to offer — treat your data-driven self to a challenge in gorgeous Hamburg!

Data Analyst November 2015 Germany

Make Online Marketing Magic Happen in Germany!

Passion is key to our online marketing endeavours – that's why we're seeking an analytical mind with a love for all things digital. If that sounds like you, come meet us in Berlin!

Marketing Manager January 2016 Germany

Passionate Data Geek Wanted in Prague

If you're a data scientist looking for an invigorating challenge at a dynamic startup, we suggest you... Czech out this one.

Data Scientist January 2016 Czech Republic

Back-End Challenge at Cool Tech Startup in Hong Kong

Looking for an outlet for your skills in an inspiring, dynamic environment? The Easyship team in Hong Kong has got you covered. Join the crew and set sail on an incredible voyage t...

Back-End Developer January 2016 Hong Kong

Join a Driven Engineering Team in The Philippines

Did you know that the Philippines consists of 7,107 islands? That's quite literally more islands than we could shake a stick at, even if we switched hands halfway through. Treat yo...

Software Engineer February 2016 Philippines

Indonesian Adventure For Data Engineers

If you want to join a team determined to break boundaries and push limits as much as possible, bring your data engineering skills to HyperGrowth in Jakarta!

Data Engineer November 2015 Indonesia

Harness Your Front-End Expertise in Thrilling Barcelona

One of the coolest cities on the planet + a passionate and fun team = one awesome opportunity. As Typeform's talented new front-end developer in Barcelona, you'll get to tackle ple...

Senior Front-End Developer February 2017 Spain

Speak German and Java? This Way, Please!

You—a German-speaking, Java-loving bright idea generator—are wanted in Tallinn. This tiny Baltic capital has plenty of room in its warm heart for you and your adventurous spirit.

Java Developer June 2016 Estonia

SQL-Savvy Support Engineer Sought in Tallinn

For an opportunity to be a part of the next success story out of Estonia's sizzling startup scene, lend a helping hand to the Pipedrive team!

Support Engineer May 2016 Estonia

Be the Bright Analytics Star in the Budapest Sky

So you're crazy about data? It's your time to shine. Join this international, fun and driven Hungarian startup and make your analytical mind go a long way–all the way around the wo...

Data Analyst June 2016 Hungary

Be a Software Developer in Scotland!

Hone your skills in an awe-inspiringly beautiful land of glacial glens and picturesque lochs — join ResDiary's development team in Glasgow, and discover the spectacular beauty of S...

Developer October 2015 United Kingdom

Full-Stack Skills Sought at One of The World's Fastest Growi...

Are you passionate about technology and creative in your approach to problem-solving? Do you want to join an exceptional team that will inspire you to do your best work? Bring your...

Full-Stack Developer December 2015 Australia

Use Your JavaScript Skills to Change the Property Industry

Do you want to be a part of the transformation of the property space in the digital age? Become a remote member of this dev team—and possibly join them in Sydney after a while—to t...

Front-End Developer April 2017

Experience The Startup Life in Copenhagen!

We are moving our business to mobile. Are you ready to join us in one of Europe's coolest cities to build an awesome app?

Software Developer November 2015 Denmark

Database Magician Sought in Shanghai

Discover the mind-blowing diversity and exceptional cultural heritage of enchanting Shanghai — join the SmartBuyGlasses team as a database analyst in this spectacular city!

Database Analyst January 2016 China

Software Internship in Beautiful Seoul

Are you looking for a challenge in an inspiring environment? You've found it. Join the Korbit team in the dynamic city of Seoul, and unleash your full potential on the world!

Intern September 2015 South Korea

Intern With a Cool Korean Startup

Experience life in the vibrant city of Seoul and hone your skills as part of a fun team — intern with Korbit in South Korea's sparkling capital, and let your adventure begin!

Product Manager September 2015 South Korea

Are you our next QA guru?

For an opportunity to show off your skills and talent in an amazing city, join Oradian's team of passionate innovators in Zagreb.

Senior QA Analyst July 2015 Croatia

Proficient PHP Developer Wanted in Taipei

Got some serious back-end skills? Whether you want to tackle this challenge in Taipei or work remotely, you'll be sure to love working with the energetic Bloomon team.

Back-End Developer December 2016 Taiwan

Quantitative Analytics in the Tropics

Join a brilliant team of developers in a buzzing Malaysian tech hub—Binary is waiting for you in Cyberjaya!

Quantitative Developer April 2016 Malaysia

Your .NET Knowledge Is Wanted in Malaysia

This team is crazy about knowledge in all its forms. If you believe in the value of continuous learning—and have a wealth of .NET knowledge yourself—you might be the perfect fit fo...

.NET Developer December 2016 Malaysia

Be a back-end game changer in Bulgaria!

Join Chobolabs in Sofia for an amazing challenge and the opportunity to discover Bulgaria — a land of majestic mountains, gorgeous Black Sea beaches, and countless other wonders.

Back-End Developer August 2015 Bulgaria

Harness Your Java Expertise in Lisbon

Are you looking for a way to challenge and invigorate yourself? Join the Sensefinity team, and find all the inspiration you're going to need in the wonderfully vibrant city of Lisb...

Java Developer November 2015 Portugal

Bring Your Developing Prowess to Romania

With over 1000 years of history, the multicultural city of Timisoara is best for those who are constantly curious and have a deep love of learning. Incidentally, such a person woul...

Web Software Developer March 2016 Romania

C# .NET challenge in Singapore

Prepare for your next great adventure! Join the Wavecell team for a chance to challenge yourself, and discover the myriad delights of dazzling, tropical Singapore.

C# .NET Mobile Messaging Developer July 2015 Singapore

Be a Mobile Developer in Singapore and Help Fight Cyberfraud

If you want to live in a world without cyberfraud, you can help make it happen by joining the CashShield team in Singapore as a mobile developer. It's a big challenge—do you have w...

Mobile Developer January 2017 Singapore

Full-Stack Ride of a Lifetime in Singapore

You think so far outside the box, you forgot the box ever existed. Java and C++ are your best buddies, and a challenging role in tropical Singapore sounds like your idea of a great...

Full-Stack Developer May 2016 Singapore

Talented Technologist Sought in Sizzling Singapore

The Clickdrive team wants you to be their Java programmer extraordinaire. If you have what it takes, don't wait around—the sooner you apply, the sooner you'll find yourself coding ...

Java Developer May 2016 Singapore

Calling All Software Engineers — Singapore Is Ready For You

Fun fact: although Singapore is known as the Lion City, actual wild lions are unlikely ever to have lived on the island. Equally fun fact: you could be a software engineer at Wavec...

Software Engineer For Next Generation Platform February 2016 Singapore

A Full-Stack Adventure Awaits You in Finland

Ready for new challenges? Eager to help society operate more efficiently through clever automation? Then you should be a full-stack developer in the Nordics!

Full-Stack Developer December 2016 Finland

Looking For a Real Challenge? Be Wavecell's VP of Engineerin...

Come with us if you want to live... an exciting life! Take on the role of Wavecell's VP of engineering in stunning Singapore, and discover the many faces of this fascinating and di...

VP of Engineering February 2016 Singapore

Reliability and DevOps Dynamo Wanted in Finland

Looking for a city with brains and a personality? Helsinki is a great choice. Especially if you happen to be on the hunt for a job as a Site Reliability/DevOps engineer. Join calls...

Site Reliability Engineer March 2017 Finland

Finnish Adventure for Passionate Developer

187,888 lakes, 179,584 islands, one sauna for every two citizens—there is no end to the list of amazing things one might encounter in Finland. Join the Study Advisory team as a lea...

Web Developer August 2016 Finland

Social Internet Is Coming of Age - Java Lovers, Heads Up!

We’re now looking for a talented and passionate full-time senior Java developer who can help our partner reach new heights in the extraordinary city of Berlin!

Senior Java Developer October 2015 Germany

Back-end trailblazer sought in Berlin

Get ready to make an impact and be part of something inspiring! Join The Gentleman Studio in vibrant Berlin for an incredible opportunity to unleash your full potential.

Back-End Developer September 2015 Germany

Head of IT/ CTO

If you're pining for Berlin and hankering for a challenge that will perk up the old gray cells, become datapine's CTO—excitement and fun guaranteed!

CTO May 2016 Germany

Head of IT / CTO

Looking for business in Berlin? Lead an international IT team with your incredible intelligence, and put your dynamic startup DNA to productive use!

CTO March 2016 Germany

BI & Analytics Champs — Show Off Your Skills in Berlin!

If you know the fields of BI and analytics like the back of your hand and are looking for your next great challenge, look no further! The ZenMate team in Berlin wants you to join t...

Head of BI and Analytics September 2015 Germany

Develop Game Servers in Hamburg!

This one goes out to all Java experts with a love for gaming — get ready for your next great quest, and join the team at Goodgame Studios in the charming city of Hamburg!

Server Developer February 2016 Germany

Java skills wanted in Berlin

Want to join a seriously awesome team in a seriously awesome city? Bring your formidable Java skills to The ADEX in Berlin, and show the world what you're made of!

Java Developer August 2015 Germany

Lead a Dev Team in Tropical Thailand

You feel right at home anywhere in the technical stack, and your code is the talk of the town. You're ready for a whole new adventure somewhere warm, preferably with beaches. How a...

Lead Developer May 2016 Thailand

Put Your Java Expertise to Good Use in India

If you're looking for an opportunity to exercise your unbridled passion for coding, you can clear your schedule, because this is it — join the RepUp team in India!

Java Developer January 2016 India

Bring Your Full-Stack Fury to Mumbai!

Nerf gun battles (and Jenga for the more pacifistically inclined), a passionate team, and challenging work — this gig in colorful Mumbai comes with all of that, as well as freedom ...

Full-Stack Developer February 2016 India

Ruby Whiz Wanted in India

Do you lose sleep at night thinking about the next cool thing you can do with Ruby? Bring those thoughts to Bangalore–you will be much welcomed!

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2016 India

Harness The Power of Data to Change The World

Join a team that believes in making the world completely mobile and digital — become a member of the data science team at Innoplexus, and experience life in a country unlike any ot...

Data Analyst February 2016 India

Proficient in PHP? Take Yourself to Slovenia!

Enrich the city of Ljubljana with your gorgeous PHP skills – and enjoy all the riches the Slovenian capital of culture has to offer in return. Just don't get too detracted by its b...

PHP Developer June 2016 Slovenia

Are You Prezi's Brilliant Product Marketing Manager?

Life's too short not to spend some of it in Budapest. Let the magnificence of the blue Danube fill you with inspiration as you take on this challenging and exciting role at Prezi i...

Product Marketing Manager March 2016 Hungary

Exercise Your Front-End Expertise in Estonia

Avionix is on a mission to become the European leader in delivering custom digital solutions to small and medium enterprises. If your ambition matches theirs, join the team in Tall...

Senior Front-End Developer April 2017 Estonia

Estonian Adventure for Talented Analyst

It's decision time: do you want to move to Estonia and be a decision engine analyst at a forward-looking digital bank? Well, there should really only be one possible answer to that...

Decision Engine Analyst January 2017 Estonia

Awesome Java Architect Wanted in Estonia

If you're all about big-picture thinking and software architecture, there's a place for you on the Helmes team in Tallinn. Put your skills to work and discover a great little seasi...

Java Architect December 2016 Estonia

Develop a BI Application in Charming Tallinn

Are you looking for exciting challenges? Awesome coworkers? Sea air and a medieval atmosphere? All of the above? It sounds like Tallinn might be the place for you.

Application Developer June 2016 Estonia

We're Looking for a Data Scientist at Jobbatical!

Does data speak to you on a deeply personal level? Help us gather the most interesting insights to make Jobbatical the best platform for hiring in a borderless world!

Data Scientist November 2016 Estonia

Challenge yourself and soak up the sun in Vietnam!

Are you a software engineer looking to rediscover your sense of wonder and adventure? Join the brilliant MySQUAR team, and get ready to be inspired by the beauty and vibrancy of V...

Software Engineer August 2015 Vietnam

Want to be a Developer in Barcelona?

We'll admit that's a silly question—of course you want to be a developer in Barcelona. Especially if it means you get to build the world's best gaming experience.

System Engineer April 2016 Spain

Calling All Data Scientists — Barcelona Wants You!

Discover the extraordinary beauty and spirit of Barcelona — join the ShoeSize.Me team for the adventure of a lifetime!

Data Scientist March 2016 Spain

Pilot a Passionate Team of Programmers in Spain

Do new technologies fill you with excitement? Join some of Barcelona's brightest at this music monitoring startup, and mentor a team of pilots testing out the most innovative appro...

Head of Pilots October 2016 Spain

Looking For The Ultimate Data Manager in Barcelona!

This is a fantastic opportunity for a student in Barcelona looking for the learning experience of a lifetime — take on a part-time data management internship at ShoeSize.Me!

Data Manager March 2016 Spain

Calling all data engineers — Vienna awaits!

Start your next big adventure in one of Europe's most romantic cities — join the Hitbox team in iconic Vienna, and waltz your way into the exciting world of interactive entertainme...

Data Engineer August 2015 Austria

Move Mountains With Your Coding Genius in Montreal

Have you ever lived in a UNESCO City of Design? Here's your chance for that unique experience! Code your way all the way up to Canada and kick off a new chapter in your career.

Senior Cloud ERP Programmer (C#/.NET) April 2016 Canada

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Developer Wanted in Calgary

Take on your next great challenge a stone's throw away from the majestic Canadian Rockies — be a developer in cosmopolitan Calgary!

Developer October 2015 Canada

Help Us Start Something While We Are Still At Techstars!

We are an early stage startup looking to move quickly. We need nimble creative people who can do frontend and backend and hack together whatever is required.

Software Engineer September 2015 Canada

Join a Driven Business Intelligence Team in Amsterdam!

A fun, dedicated team is waiting for your skill and experience in one of the coolest cities that has ever existed — join TravelBird in Amsterdam and let your joy of living soar to ...

Developer November 2015 Netherlands

Wonderful Full-Stack Developer Wanted in Riga

Show off your full-stack flair in Riga, a burgeoning tech hub in the Baltics! If you're inspired by the idea of owning the face of a product, speak up and get in touch with this te...

Full-Stack Developer February 2017 Latvia

Are you our brilliant business analyst?

Here is your chance to gain experience in an international finance institution and develop new skills! Join the Creamfinance team in Poland's vibrant capital, and immerse yourself ...

Business Analyst September 2015 Poland

Join the Code Warriors in Poland

We're looking for developers who are passionate about writing great software and solving hard problems, and enjoy learning about new technologies and contributing to products used ...

Java Developer March 2016 Poland

Polish your business analysis skills in beautiful Poland!

Join the successful Creamfinance team in beautiful Warsaw for an opportunity to gain invaluable experience at a growing international company — take on this exciting internship, an...

Business Analyst September 2015 Poland

Build a Next Gen Communication Platform in The Philippines

Welcome to the Philippines — an adventure seeker's dream destination. Recharge your batteries and hone your skills in a country so beautiful it's guaranteed to make you fall head o...

Software Engineer For Next Generation Platform February 2016 Philippines

Looking to work at a fast growing E-Commerce company?

Ready to take up an exciting internship role for six whirlwind months in the stunning Philippines? Join the Lazada team for the ride of a lifetime!

Intern September 2015 Philippines

iOS Passion Wanted in Kuala Lumpur/Manila

Looking for new adventures, lots of sunshine, and unforgettable experiences? Whisk yourself away to the tropics, and join the team on their journey!

iOS Developer February 2016 Philippines

Brilliant Data Engineer Wanted in Hong Kong

If life in the fast lane is what inspires you to greatness, take on this data engineering role at CompareAsiaGroup in Hong Kong!

Data Engineer January 2016 Hong Kong

Brilliant Business Analyst Wanted in Hong Kong

Join the unstoppable CompareAsiaGroup team in the fascinating city of Hong Kong, and get ready for a whirlwind journey!

Business Analyst January 2016 Hong Kong

Bring Your Full-Stack Fury to Hong Kong!

Easyship is hiring strong, qualified, highly motivated and eager-to-learn full-stack developers to be the owners of their own projects inside the company. Become part of the team i...

Full-Stack Developer January 2016 Hong Kong

Come to Malta to Develop an Awesome Gaming Site

The Casumo team is looking for the programming nerd of their dreams. If that's you, join in on the fun in wonderful Malta!

System Engineer April 2016 Malta

Parade Your Passion for C++ in Prague

Fluent in C++? Prague awaits! Just take the plunge and experience this energetic city. Walk across the Charles Bridge, see the famous astronomical clock, or hang out by the river i...

C++ Developer May 2016 Czech Republic

Workforce Management Challenge in The Czech Republic

Treat yourself to an adventure in the beautiful Czech region of Moravia — join the Skypicker team in Brno, and find your muse!

Workforce Management Specialist November 2015 Czech Republic

Be a Web Developer in Prague

For the startup experience of a lifetime, join datasapiens in beautiful Prague as a web developer, and let yourself be inspired by a great team in an equally great city!

Web Developer July 2016 Czech Republic

Skilled Developer Sought in Kenya

Here's a challenge that's bound to inspire you—join the One Acre Fund team as a developer in rural Kenya, and help make farmers more prosperous.

Software Developer July 2016 Kenya

Go on a Java Quest to Western Romania

Join us in Timisoara, the tech hub of Western Romania! This quest will require a lot of teamwork, individual responsibility and of course, cool events. Sign up here to start.

Java Developer March 2016 Romania

It's Business (Analysis) Time—Malta is Waiting

Want to join the best board game club and the worst a cappella group in Malta? As Casumo's brilliant new business analyst, you'll be more than welcome to do that and much more.

Business Analyst April 2016 Malta

Put your JavaScript experience to good use in the Philippine...

Join the Ayannah team in the Philippines, and face your next big challenge in a country that offers everything from isolated white sand beaches to extreme outdoor adventures.

JavaScript Engineer July 2015 Philippines

QA Adventure in Captivating Catalonia

Q&A is simple enough. Q: "Would you like to live and work in one of the most vibrant cities on the planet?" A: "Yes." When it comes to QA, however, it's better to leave that to pro...

Server QA Engineer August 2016 Spain

Are you ready for your Java adventure?

Join a fantastic team in vibrant Metropolitan Manila for a chance to challenge yourself and broaden your horizons in the amazing Philippines.

Java Developer July 2015 Philippines

Back-End Developers, Heads up!

Put your back-end skills to the test in a city unlike any other — join ShoeSize.Me in brilliant Barcelona, where every day is a new adventure!

Back-End Developer March 2016 Spain

Join a Cutting-Edge Python Challenge in Paris

You believe in work that makes a deep impact, and you can code like a champ to make that happen. Take your Python prowess to Paris, the beautiful heart of Europe – and protect the ...

DevOps Engineer July 2016 France

Full-Stack/Back-End Brilliance Wanted in Stockholm

Join a startup working in the space of enterprise mobility and looking to grow their team in the beautiful city of Stockholm — be a developer at OpenRatio!

Full-Stack Developer January 2016 Sweden

Flaunt Your Full-Stack Flair in Vietnam

Your JavaScript, AngularJS, and Node.js skills are going to take you far—as far as Vietnam, to be exact!

Full-Stack Developer January 2017 Vietnam

Take on a rewarding product management role in the tropics!

Are you looking for a getaway that's the perfect combination of a tropical adventure and an intellectual challenge? Look no further! Bring your A-game to the Salarium team in the b...

Product Manager August 2015 Philippines

Your QA Expertise is Needed in Ukraine

If you've got a knack for leadership and quality assurance is your bread and butter, join the team at TechMagic and live your QA dream in Lviv!

QA Team Lead August 2016 Ukraine

Be an Infrastructure Einstein in Lisbon! is looking for a DevOps/systems engineer to help reach new levels of back-end excellence. Join them in Lisbon for the opportunity to face an exciting challenge in a be...

DevOps Engineer May 2016 Portugal

Evolve Your Wicked IT Skills in Kuala Lumpur!

Are you hungry for adventure as well as actually hungry? This gig will take care of both of those problems! Join a talented team of foodies in Kuala Lumpur and treat yourself to an...

Full-Stack Developer November 2015 Malaysia

Be Part of The Future of Biotech in Lisbon

Use your Software Skills to make the world a better place. Create life changing biotech solutions in Lovely Lisbon. Reward yourself with some sunshine. You're a real life software ...

Software Developer February 2016 Portugal

Full-Stack Developer in Toronto

Bring your Full-Stack skill to Turnstyle in the diverse and irresistibly eclectic city of Toronto, and build something awesome on a great team.

Full-Stack Developer June 2015 Canada

Phillippine PHP Challenge

Bring your PHP expertise to the Salarium team, and discover an endlessly fascinating country — sprawling megacities, pristine beaches, jaw-dropping landscapes, and an inexhaustible...

PHP Developer August 2015 Philippines

Join an ambitious Philippine startup as a Java Developer

If you are a talented Java developer in search of new challenges, join the Ayannah team in the Philippines, and quench your thirst for adventure!

Java Developer July 2015 Philippines

Push The Boundaries of Mobile Development in Bangkok

Are you the missing piece of our puzzle? Bring your mobile development talent to brilliant Bangkok, and join our tight knit team of passionate people, pushing boundaries and shapin...

Windows Phone Developer February 2016 Thailand

Pack Up Your Rad Ruby on Rails Skills for Phuket

Here's a chance to be flown out to Phuket for at least 2-3 months! All you need is your full-stack Ruby on Rails expertise and you're good to go.

Full Stack Rails Developer November 2016 Thailand

Pioneer the World of 3D-Printing in Berlin

From a trendy district in Berlin we bring you Stilnest, a stylish startup that brings designers and 3D-printing together to bring beautiful jewelry to people all around the world. ...

Full-Stack Developer March 2016 Germany

Are you the JavaScript developer of our dreams?

Develop your craft and discover the countless delights of the Philippines as part of the motivated and hardworking Ayannah team in Metropolitan Manila.

JavaScript Engineer July 2015 Philippines

Full-Stack Hero Needed in Amsterdam

Realise your full potential on the Roamler team in Amsterdam, and be endlessly inspired by the city's history, art, and convivial atmosphere.

Full-Stack Developer June 2015 Netherlands

Extraordinary Analytics Experts, Bring Your Bright Minds to ...

Are you looking for a stellar advertising team to join? We happen to know of one. You'll fit in perfectly if you're a whiz with analytics and have plenty of passion you'd love to s...

Senior Analytics Specialist November 2016 Malaysia

Bring Your Burning Passion for Ruby to Germany

Do you dream of working with Ruby and its possibilities, all day every day? Join this international team in Bonn, Germany – the birthplace of Beethoven!

Junior Back-End Developer October 2016 Germany

Write the Best Code of Your Life in Bangalore

Are you ready to rock the iOS ecosystem all the way from India? If you want to join this startup, the answer to that should be a resounding, absolute yes.

iOS Developer June 2016 India

Build Your Own Android Masterpiece in Bangalore

An opportunity has arisen for those of you who like to dream big. The proposition: move to India, build an Android masterpiece. It's going going to be legen–wait for it–dary!

Android Developer June 2016 India

Database Admin Sought in Hong Kong

Is data your thing? Do you want to join a fantastic team poised to take the world of personal finance by storm? Join CompareAsiaGroup in Hong Kong, and discover a fascinating city ...

Database Administrator January 2016 Hong Kong

Build Emotionally Intelligent Solutions in Budapest

Build cutting-edge, scalable, cloud-based B2B solutions in an environment of like-minded professionals in Budapest. You’ll be working on some seriously advanced data visualization,...

Senior Front-End Developer February 2017 Hungary

Visionary Full-Stack Developers Wanted in Budapest

Is it a job you're looking for, or a revolution? If it's the latter, there's a place for you in Budapest, the latest of TransferWise offices scattered around the globe. Build the f...

Full-Stack Developer October 2016 Hungary

Lead a Team of Data Analysts in Budapest

Data is your thing. You love it – all those numbers, all that analyzing... that's where you shine. Moreover, you are perfectly equipped to lead and inspire a team devoted entirely ...

Head of Data Analytics June 2016 Hungary

Challenge accepted? Become our new Backend Expert in Hamburg...

We build an app used daily by thousands of people, and we take great pride in our work. This means excellent development practices, careful code architecture, and an organization b...

Back-End Developer July 2015 Germany

Take on a Business Intelligence Challenge in Berlin

It's time for you to help the bonify team make a splash in the FinTech industry. All you have to do is take their business intelligence systems to the next level. Challenge accepte...

Senior Business Intelligence Manager March 2017 Germany

Bring Your Special C# Skills to Cape Town

Cape Town – two inspiring words that convey images of Table Mountain and the beautiful blue South Atlantic coast. Want to write code in C# by the sea? This is your chance.

Specialist Developer August 2016 South Africa

Web & App Developer Wanted in Singapore

We are not looking for a developer with a passion for art — we're looking for an artist who happens to be an amazing coder.

Developer March 2016 Singapore

Senior Software Engineer Wanted

Senior Software Engineer wanted for a startup that is changing the way documents are eSigned across the globe.

Software Engineer January 2015

Microsoft AX Developer Wanted in Awesome Prague

Start the next chapter of your life in Prague, one of the best cities in the world for culture and cost! Join this small, spirited team as their next AX developer.

AX Developer October 2016 Czech Republic

Join a Singaporean Startup as a DevOps Engineer

Are you a DevOps daredevil looking for your next big challenge? Looks like it might be waiting for you in spectacular Singapore!

DevOps Engineer March 2016 Singapore

Ad Serving Superstar Wanted in Singapore

Discover the amazing sights, sounds, and flavours of sultry Singapore and challenge yourself on the fantastic Bidstalk team.

Senior Software Engineer July 2015 Singapore

Java Team Lead Wanted in Singapore

Join Bidstalk's team of brilliant innovators and discover Southeast Asia's rising star — bold, striking Singapore.

Java Team Lead (Portal) July 2015 Singapore

Music And Metadata Fan Wanted in Barcelona

Help the BMAT team combine music and technology to create innovative and valuable services — join the team in Barcelona, and be inspired by a great group of people in an extraordin...

Back-End Developer January 2016 Spain

Node.js developer, you are welcome!

Looking for a Node.js developer for a startup that is changing the way documents are eSigned across the globe.

Node.js Developer November 2014 Estonia

For Product Engineers Only: Join the TransferWise Revolution

TransferWise is making quite a splash in the payments space. If you want a piece of that action, become their full-stack product engineer in the lively and startup-spirited city of...

Product Engineer October 2016 Estonia

Make a Meaningful Impact in Zappy Zambia

This is not an opportunity to be missed if you're a fan of spectacular nature. Bring your tech knowledge to Zambia in return for everything from safaris to waterfalls–a pretty fair...

Business Technology Intern May 2016 Zambia

Bedazzle Us With Your Back-End Expertise

Curious to experience the thriving tech scene in Hong Kong for yourself? Come with us, and work on everything from design to testing as part of a dedicated team!

Back-End Developer January 2016 Hong Kong

Finance Whiz Wanted for Revolutionary Fintech Startup

Your morning cup of coffee is Java – literally and figuratively. You build tools with it to make complicated finance a breeze! Well, if that fits your description, you're wanted in...

Finance Engineer July 2016 Estonia

SysOps Adventure in Spain

The CAPSiDE team is looking for skilled and talented SysOps/systems reliability engineers to join them in Madrid or Barcelona — take your pick! Both cities are guaranteed to give y...

SysOps/Systems Reliability Engineer October 2015 Spain

Amazing Learning Experience in India for Back-End Developers

If you take on this back-end gig in India, you won't just learn and grow as a developer—you'll also have a fantastic opportunity to experience life in a country brimming with histo...

Back-End Developer June 2016 India

Build a Fast and Intuitive Web Platform in Poland

Looking for an interesting project in the epicenter of an innovative and dynamic industry? Look no further than this gig for a passionate developer in the gorgeous city of Kraków!

Full-Stack Web Developer December 2016 Poland

Devoted to DevOps? Kenya Awaits!

For an opportunity to challenge yourself and feed your adventurous soul at the same time, join One Acre Fund in rural Kenya as a DevOps engineer.

DevOps Engineer July 2016 Kenya

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