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Be a Front-End Developer in the Heart of Berlin

Want to develop a genuinely innovative product? If building responsive web applications is your strong suit, take a look at this opportunity at a groundbreaking mHealth company in ...

Front-End Web Developer June 2017 Germany

Push the Boundaries of Energy Storage Solutions in Berlin

Are you looking to work on the Next Big Thing? Skeleton Technologies is THE company to join if you want to make a splash in the world of energy storage. Be an electric vehicle appl...

Senior Electric Vehicle Application Engineer May 2017 Germany

Be Part of the Hybrid Electric Drivetrain Boom in Berlin

Do you love a good challenge? Do you get excited about developing energy storage solutions? You're not alone—the Skeleton Technologies team gets where you're coming from, and they ...

Senior Heavy-Duty HEV Application Engineer May 2017 Germany

Craft Beautiful Interactions at Mimi in Berlin

Do you hear that? That's the sound of your dream job waiting for you in Berlin. Join the Mimi team as a visual interaction designer and create engaging interactions for an ambitiou...

Visual Interaction Designer June 2017 Germany

Head to Berlin & Work Your Android Magic at Glispa

Join a high-performing international team in one of the coolest cities ever built—be Glispa's brilliant new Android developer in Berlin! Exciting challenges, mouthwatering perks, a...

Senior Android Developer May 2017 Germany

Write Meticulous Technical Documentation in Magnificent Berl...

If you join Glispa in Berlin, the world's your oyster—there's no end to what you can achieve with the support of a team like this. Be a technical writer in Europe's capital of cool...

Technical Writer May 2017 Germany

Engineer mHealth Products in the Heart of Berlin!

One of the most exciting players in the mHealth space is looking for a QA engineer. Do you take pride in your detail-oriented approach to software testing? Are you always looking t...

QA Engineer May 2017 Germany

Take on This Cool IT Admin Job & Make Berlin Your Home

Are you passionate about improving IT systems? Do you know how to deal with taking ownership? Are you ready to start your journey of continuous development? Do you want to join the...

IT Administrator July 2017 Germany

Seriously Tech-Savvy German-Speaking Sales Pro Wanted in Ber...

Skeleton Technologies is changing the energy storage industry. To spread the word in the German-speaking world, the team in Berlin is looking for a sales dynamo who knows their way...

Regional Sales Manager May 2017 Germany

Savvy With Sales & Based in Germany?

Team Jobbatical (that's us!) has an interesting challenge for you. We're looking for sales talent to represent us in Berlin. So if you know the scene, speak the lingo, and have the...

Account Executive June 2017 Germany

Help Glispa Take the U.S. Market by Storm

Here's a team that celebrates diversity and knows how to make the most of it. Join Glispa in Berlin for a chance to put your awesome BizDev skills to work in a truly electrifying e...

Senior Business Development Manager May 2017 Germany

Design a Groundbreaking mHealth Product in Berlin

If you want to live and work in a city that will excite you every single day, seize this opportunity in Berlin! You'll be designing a product that's solving a real problem for real...

Product Designer June 2017 Germany

Expired jobbaticals

Creative Communications Expert Wanted For Innovative Liberal...

If you are a communications pro with a keen interest in educational innovation, this gig in Berlin is for you!

Communications Specialist November 2015 Germany

Help a DIY Textile Company Start Up In Berlin!

Take on a challenging role in one of the world's startup capitals — the Spoonflower team in Berlin is ready to welcome you into their midst!

Front-End Developer January 2016 Germany

Enlighten the Next Generation of Developers in Berlin

Would you like to impart your wisdom in the field to the future shining stars of web development? Enjoy the freedom to teach in snazzy Berlin and pass on your passion to your devot...

Full-Stack Engineer June 2016 Germany

TechEd Startup in Berlin Seeking Their Daring Tech Lead

You've gathered so much development experience over the years that it would be a shame for you not to share your wisdom. An opportunity to innovate technology education awaits you ...

CTO & Head Coach May 2016 Germany

Design to Help People Hear from the Heart of Berlin

The small but passionate design team at Mimi is working to help change people's lives. If you want to have a direct impact with your product, hear the call and seize this chance in...

Design Researcher April 2016 Germany

Harness Your Front-End Talent in Berlin

Always wanted to plant your front-end skills in the fertile ground of Berlin's flourishing startup scene? Your opportunity is here: Spoonflower is looking for a talented and passio...

Front-End Developer January 2017 Germany

Your Sales Adventure Is Waiting in Berlin!

Here's your chance to live and work in one of the world's most fascinating cities — discover the staggering diversity and inspiring atmosphere of Berlin!

Sales Executive November 2015 Germany

Be a QA Mastermind in Berlin!

If quality assurance is your thing, you can rest assured that Berlin is a city of extremely high quality! Join the datapine team here for an exciting challenge that is guaranteed t...

Quality Assurance Engineer November 2015 Germany

Help a DIY Textile Company Get Started in Berlin

You don't have to be a DIY fanatic to thrive in this role, but it won't hurt! Join the Spoonflower team in Berlin as a maintenance specialist, and experience life in one of Europe'...

Maintenance Specialist January 2016 Germany

Berlin Wants Your Brilliant Back-End Brain

Interested in working to make the internet more secure? Want to work in a fast-growing tech hub of Europe? Look no further, because this Berlin-based team has it all!

Back-End Engineer January 2017 Germany

Berlin Wants Your Product Management Expertise

With its vibrant culture and startup scene, there is no doubt Berlin is one of the coolest and most inspiring cities in the world. To experience the thrill of living and working in...

Product Manager November 2015 Germany

Bring Your Social Media Savvy to a Cool Startup in Berlin!

Are you a social (media) butterfly on the lookout for a worthy challenge? Do you also happen to be fluent in German? ROI Hunter has just the thing for you — join them in Berlin and...

PR & Social Media Specialist October 2015 Germany

Sales-Savvy Bookworm Wanted in Berlin

You have an existing network in the publishing world and a boundless love for books. You dream of building something big and living in a city that will inspire you every day. Turn ...

Literary Agent March 2016 Germany

Berlin Is Waiting for You, Brainy Back-End Developers

If you've got a good few years of RoR experience under your belt and are ready to face new invigorating challenges, you're in luck—here's a fantastic opportunity at an ambitious st...

Back-End Developer October 2016 Germany

Design Visionary Wanted in Berlin

Realise your full potential as a Designer on the Number26 team in Berlin, and gain invaluable experience in this exceptionally creative city.

Designer June 2015 Germany

Polish Your BizDev Skills in Berlin

If you love the startup scene and are looking for a BizDev challenge that will provide you with a wealth of invaluable experience, take on this internship in Berlin — a beautifully...

Business Developer February 2016 Germany

Office Manager Wanted for a Modern Berlin Space

Can you make sure the office runs smoothly in a modern space right in the heart of Berlin? Join this international team of passionate people who are working to provide the best cus...

Office Manager December 2016 Germany

Enthusiastic Odoo Developer Wanted in Berlin

Are you passionate about developing interactive tools for users? Help BaseCase make a substantial change in the healthcare industry from a friendly office in Berlin!

Software Engineer April 2016 Germany

Write Beautiful Code for an E-Learning Startup in Berlin

You're a fan of the Agile workflow, and speak fluent Node.js. You also like to be intellectually challenged and believe in making life easier for hardworking teachers and students....

Full-Stack Developer January 2017 Germany

Berlin Needs Your Native Dutch Skills

Spreek je Nederlands? Join us in our international office smack in the center of Berlin and be the face of our Dutch customer care team!

Customer Support Officer April 2016 Germany

Make an Impact at a Fantastic Startup in Berlin

Do you want to be part of something fun with amazing potential? Are you ready to show off your skills in one of Europe's coolest cities? Join ROI Hunter's unstoppable Biz Dev team ...

Client Partner — DACH October 2015 Germany

Coding Enthusiast Wanted in Berlin

Here at Pfeffermind, we believe in having fun. While we love and specialize in tech, we also like to blast through board games in our Berlin office–so if you're a game enthusiast, ...

Front-End Developer March 2016 Germany

Java Genius Needed in Berlin

Put your Java skills to good use as the new CTO at Number26 in Berlin, and experience life in a vibrant city bursting with creativity and joie de vivre.

CTO June 2015 Germany

Contribute to Site Reliability at Zalando in Berlin

Have you been looking for an opportunity to have an impact on something big? Show Zalando's engineering team that they can rely on you to keep an eye on the availability, reliabili...

Site Reliability Engineer February 2017 Germany

Courageous Back-End Engineer Wanted at Zalando in Berlin

As a back-end developer at Zalando, your opportunities for individual impact will be endless. Join them in the infinitely cool city of Berlin to build a platform that connects all ...

Back-End Developer February 2017 Germany

Intro to The Berlin Startup World For Sales Enthusiast

Looking for a hands-on startup experience? Eager to get to know one of Europe's most exciting cities? Take on this fun internship at gallereplay, and immerse yourself in the incomp...

Sales Intern November 2015 Germany

Adventure Time — Be an Android Superstar in Berlin!

Heads up, Android aficionados! This superstar team in vibrant Berlin is looking for you! If you have what it takes, hop on the ride and discover a world where a new adventure waits...

Android Developer September 2015 Germany

Bring Your JavaScript Expertise to Berlin

Are you a bit of a front-end miracle worker with a love for the startup way of life? That's good, because Berlin is all about that startup spirit. The MediDate team is waiting for ...

Front-End Developer July 2016 Germany

Use Your PHP Skills in the Heart of the Berlin Startup Scene

Europe's capital of cool wants to see the magic you can work with PHP. Join the beautifully diverse Babbel team in Berlin, and let the adventure begin!

PHP Developer July 2016 Germany

Pioneer the World of 3D-Printing in Berlin

From a trendy district in Berlin we bring you Stilnest, a stylish startup that brings designers and 3D-printing together to bring beautiful jewelry to people all around the world. ...

Full-Stack Developer March 2016 Germany

Back-End Adventure in Vibrant Berlin

Are you looking for an opportunity to hone your skills in a completely unique environment? Your search could be at an end — take on this back-end gig in Berlin, and let yourself be...

Back-End Developer February 2016 Germany

Join One of Berlin's Most Awesome Startups!

Harness your experience and skill on the ZenMate team as their brilliant new Windows/Windows Phone developer, and experience life in a city that will blow you away with its effortl...

Software Engineer September 2015 Germany

Embark on a BizDev Adventure in Buzzing Berlin

Fortune favors the brave, so take the plunge and join the Salestools team in Berlin, where your next life-changing challenge is waiting for you!

Business Development Representative May 2016 Germany

Your Scala Skills Are Wanted on the Berlin Startup Scene

Are you hardwired to produce clean code and come up with elegant solutions to challenging problems? Do you want to keep learning and broadening your skill set? The team at Wire in ...

Scala/Android Developer April 2017 Germany

Touch Lives With Your Android Skills in Berlin

Here's a team with vision, poised to shape the future of reproductive health. If your passion matches theirs—and if you dream in Java—join the Clue team in vibrant Berlin!

Android Developer July 2016 Germany

Harness Your Java Skills in Vibrant Berlin!

Join an exciting and dynamic team in an equally exciting and dynamic city — put your Java know-how to good use as part of the datapine team in Berlin!

Senior Java Developer November 2015 Germany

Track Down Top Talent in Berlin

Got a talent for finding the best talent? Love the idea of helping a company and its people thrive? Take Clue's employer brand to the next level in Berlin!

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager March 2017 Germany

Be ZenMate's Marketing Maven in Berlin

Berlin's reputation as Europe's capital of cool is thoroughly deserved. Make this vibrant city your home and live the best possible version of your life as ZenMate's head of market...

Head of Marketing March 2017 Germany

Bring Your Sales Superpowers to Berlin

For an opportunity to hone your sales skills at a startup that's taking Europe by storm and growing like crazy, join the Movinga team in Berlin!

Head of Sales December 2015 Germany

Switch on Your Sales Charm in Berlin

Your career in sales is about to take off at breakneck speed—the Salestools team in Berlin will help you see to that. So buckle up and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

Sales Representative May 2016 Germany

JavaScript Excellence Wanted in Berlin

If you have solid JavaScript skills and the kind of drive that moves mountains, the datapine team in Berlin wants to hear from you!

JavaScript Engineer November 2015 Germany

Be a Back-End Superstar in Berlin!

Berlin is all about diversity, creativity, and innovation — if those are values that appeal to you, join the Tweek team in Germany's indescribably cool capital.

Back-End Developer November 2015 Germany

Java Internship in Berlin

As one of the world's most creative and innovative cities, Berlin is a dream come true for anyone looking for their muse — find yours as you take on datapine's Java internship in G...

Intern November 2015 Germany

Berlin Wants Your Sales Smarts and German Skills

If you speak Deutsch and love a good sales challenge, look no further—you've found a great one. Join the datapine team and feed your ambition in Berlin!

Sales Manager June 2016 Germany

JavaScript Wunderkind Wanted in Berlin

For an opportunity to unlock your full potential in a working environment that's as fun as it is challenging, take on datapine's JavaScript internship in Berlin!

JavaScript Intern November 2015 Germany

Revolutionize B2B Sales as an Intern in Berlin

Learn the ins and outs of B2B sales with an international startup based in one of the most international cities in the world! Berlin boasts a lifestyle full of activities and adven...

Sales Development Intern May 2016 Germany

Finance Genius With an Entrepreneurial Soul Wanted in Berlin

Help AMPION empower entrepreneurs to build impactful startups and foster technological innovation. Join the team in Berlin as CFO for an opportunity to see your work make a real di...

CFO December 2015 Germany

Demonstrate Your Sales Strength in Germany

Should you move to Berlin? Talk about no-brainers! One of Europe's top destinations for inspiration-seekers, this city is guaranteed to fill your mind with fresh ideas. So yes. You...

Sales Representative May 2016 Germany

Berlin Wants Your Scandinavian Sales Savvy

Speak Swedish, Danish or Norwegian? This startup in Berlin needs someone to chat with their clients in Scandinavia and show them some shrewd sales sense!

Sales Manager April 2016 Germany

Be Our Business Angel in Berlin

Do you love a well-organised office and enjoy taking care of a team? Join us in the heart of Berlin and be our go-to person for keeping things nice and neat!

Assistant January 2016 Germany

Show off your iOS skills in Berlin

If you like the idea of putting your skills to good use in one of Europe's most inspiring and captivating capitals, bring your iOS know-how to The Gentleman Studio in Berlin, and l...

iOS Developer September 2015 Germany

Lead an outstanding software team in Berlin!

Are you a software engineer with an innovative mind and a thirst for new experiences? Join the unstoppable unu team in Berlin, and put your skills to the test!

Head of Software Engineering August 2015 Germany

Harness your finance know-how in Berlin

Are you a bit of a finance genius with a strong desire to make a real difference? Join the unu team on their quest for elegant solutions to challenging problems, and unlock your fu...

Financial Controller August 2015 Germany

Be our brilliant SysAdmin in Berlin!

Put your SysAdmin superpowers to good use in one of the most energetic and creative cities in the world! Join The ADEX in Berlin for a chance to challenge yourself in an inspiring ...

System Administrator August 2015 Germany

Be a front-end pioneer in Berlin!

Are you a design-savvy coder itching to make a difference? Bring your drive and dedication to The Gentleman Studio, and experience the unique energy of Berlin!

Front-End Developer September 2015 Germany

Amazing opportunity in Berlin for a dauntless project leader...

When it comes to creative and inspiring cities, there are few places that can compete with Berlin. Join The Gentleman Studio in this vibrant metropolis for a unique opportunity to ...

Project Manager September 2015 Germany

Berlin Wants Your Marketing Passion

Much like you, Berlin has inexhaustible energy and an indomitable spirit—you should fit in beautifully. Take on a marketing internship at Inkitt in this great city, and delete the ...

Marketing Intern March 2016 Germany

Front-end wizard wanted in Berlin

For a chance to harness your front-end skills and reawaken your senses, join The ADEX, and discover the dazzling diversity and unique energy of Berlin!

Front-End Developer August 2015 Germany

Android experts — Berlin wants you!

Are you looking for a way to bring some excitement into your life and make the world a more beautiful place in the process? Joining The Gentleman Studio in Berlin may well be just ...

Android Developer September 2015 Germany

Be a CTO in The Exciting City of Berlin

Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Do you have more vision than an eagle with an extra pair of eyes? Join the CASA team in Berlin, and put your extensive experience to good use as t...

CTO January 2016 Germany

Kickstart Your Career With an Awesome FinTech Internship in ...

We are an innovative FinTech startup based in Berlin, looking to change the way real estate is working as an asset class for the ordinary investor. Run by experienced founders with...

Business Developer February 2016 Germany

Creative DevOps DareDevil Sought in Berlin

When it comes to startup spirit and sheer awesomeness, not many cities can compete with Berlin. Join the Distribusion team as a DevOps specialist to challenge yourself and experien...

DevOps Specialist August 2016 Germany

Harness your design talent in Berlin

Do you love design? Are you passionate about UX and eager to make a difference? Bring your drive and talent to The Gentleman Studio in the endlessly fascinating city of Berlin, and...

UX Designer September 2015 Germany

Full-Stack Superstar Needed in Berlin to Change E-Commerce

The chatShopper team in Berlin is looking for an experienced full-stack developer. If you are passionate, able to pick things up quickly, and eager to learn new skills, join the te...

Full-Stack Developer January 2016 Germany

Take on a Sales Challenge in Berlin

For an opportunity to combine your passion for travel with your knack for sales, join the team at travel audience in the infinitely inspiring city of Berlin!

Sales Manager January 2016 Germany

Mission-Driven Performance Marketer Wanted in Berlin

Do you want to shape the future of publishing? This company is revolutionizing the way books are read and sold. Join the team in Berlin and spread the word about Inkitt throughout ...

Performance Marketing Manager February 2017 Germany

Android Developer Sought in Berlin

Harness your Android Development expertise in the fantastic city of Berlin — join the dynamic and motivated Number26 team on its mission to make a real change in the banking indust...

Android Developer June 2015 Germany

UI/UX Designer Needed in Berlin

Unleash your full potential in a city that will inspire you and nurture your creativity — join the Number26 team in Berlin for a chance to challenge and rediscover yourself in a fa...

UI/UX Designer June 2015 Germany

BI & Analytics Champs — Show Off Your Skills in Berlin!

If you know the fields of BI and analytics like the back of your hand and are looking for your next great challenge, look no further! The ZenMate team in Berlin wants you to join t...

Head of BI and Analytics September 2015 Germany

Flaunt Your Awesome Recruiting Skills in Berlin

Developing unique technologies takes unique people. If you are one—and if you know how to find others—you should go to Berlin and be Distribusion's head of recruiting!

Head of Recruiting October 2016 Germany

Let Your Creative Flag Fly in Berlin

Join forces with an amazing team in one of the most creative and inspiring cities on the planet — become ZenMate's product design guru in Berlin, and let the good times roll!

Lead Product Designer September 2015 Germany

Cofound The Future of Language Learning in Berlin!

Help rethink the future of language education at the heart of the sharing economy — join abroadwith in Berlin as their CTO, and be inspired by life in one of Europe's coolest citie...

CTO/Cofounder December 2015 Germany

Join a team of forward-thinkers in vibrant Berlin!

How would you like to take on your next big sales challenge in one of the world's coolest cities? Join The ADEX in Berlin, and experience a whole new way of life!

Senior Sales Manager August 2015 Germany

Brilliant Mobile App Developer Sought in Berlin

Bring your Mobile App Development skills to the Productive Mobile team in the iconic city of Berlin, and be inspired by the myriad delights the German capital has to offer.

Mobile App Developer June 2015 Germany

Join a team of passionate innovators in Berlin!

Here's your chance to apply your software engineering skills in a truly inspiring atmosphere! Join The ADEX in the wonderfully vibrant city of Berlin, and reap the benefits of work...

Software Engineer August 2015 Germany

Java skills wanted in Berlin

Want to join a seriously awesome team in a seriously awesome city? Bring your formidable Java skills to The ADEX in Berlin, and show the world what you're made of!

Java Developer August 2015 Germany

IT adventure in Berlin

Join a passionate team on a mission to create a mobility solution that fully connects people to their city — become unu's resident IT guru in vibrant Berlin for a chance to play a ...

Vice President of IT August 2015 Germany

Front-end genius sought in Berlin

If you are a front-end wunderkind with an eye for good design, bring your talented self to the unu team in Berlin, and harness your skills in one of Europe's most creative and emin...

Front-End Developer August 2015 Germany

Bring Your Front-End Flair to an Exciting Startup in Berlin

When it comes to startup spirit, Berlin's got oodles of it. This particular startup is reshaping the world of travel, and they're looking for a front-end ace to join them on their ...

Front-End Developer October 2016 Germany

Java Skills Needed in Berlin

Bring your passion and skill to the Number26 team, and face your next life-changing adventure on Berlin's iconic Unter den Linden boulevard.

Java Developer June 2015 Germany

Be a Community Manager at a Hot Berlin Startup

You have a big heart and love people in general. Seeing others succeed makes you genuinely happy and proud. Help Inkitt's community of brilliant authors grow and prosper—join the f...

Community Manager March 2016 Germany

QA Engineer And Scrum Master Wanted in Berlin

Face your next great adventure as part of the Productive Mobile team in Berlin, and experience life in one of Europe's most exciting cities.

QA Engineer June 2015 Germany

iOS Brilliance Needed in Berlin

Bring your talent and motivation to the Number26 team in Berlin, and let the wonderful atmosphere in this culturally and historically fascinating city blow you away.

iOS Developer June 2015 Germany

Java Expert Wanted in Berlin

Join Number26 in Berlin, and let the irresistible charm of this exhilarating multicultural metropolis inspire you to greatness.

Senior Java Developer June 2015 Germany

WordPress Wizard Needed in Berlin

Help a fantastic team with vision make an impact on the world of banking: join Number26 as their new WordPress Developer in the mesmerisingly vibrant city of Berlin.

WordPress Developer June 2015 Germany

Back-end trailblazer sought in Berlin

Get ready to make an impact and be part of something inspiring! Join The Gentleman Studio in vibrant Berlin for an incredible opportunity to unleash your full potential.

Back-End Developer September 2015 Germany

Bring Your Graphic Design Passion to Berlin

If you love doing things differently, join a team of industry-changers in inspiring Berlin. You'll live the best possible version of your life at URBANARA.

Graphic Design Manager March 2016 Germany

The Gatekeeper Between the Tech World & the Job World

If you're on the hunt for an internship that will provide you with immense opportunities for initiative and creation, you've found it! Take on this QA challenge in Berlin, and reap...

Quality Assurance Intern November 2015 Germany

Head of IT / CTO

Looking for business in Berlin? Lead an international IT team with your incredible intelligence, and put your dynamic startup DNA to productive use!

CTO March 2016 Germany

Join a Tech Startup in Berlin

Ready to Roq? Join this awesome team in the heart of one of Europe's startup capitals, and discover a city filled with amazing people and world-changing ideas!

Client Services Manager February 2016 Germany

German-Speaking Sales Talent Wanted in Berlin

The travel industry is tremendous in the German-speaking regions of Europe, and this startup is about to cause a seismic shift in the area. This is your chance to be a part of it a...

Business Developer May 2016 Germany

Harness Your Back-End Brilliance in Germany

Berlin is pretty much guaranteed to inspire and energize you. Take on this back-end challenge at MediDate and you'll see what we mean!

Back-End Developer July 2016 Germany

Hack the future of connected mobility in Berlin

This one is for all hardware engineering superstars out there — join a seriously cool startup team in one of the world's most fascinating cities, and put your skills to the test in...

Head of Hardware Engineering August 2015 Germany

Make Online Marketing Magic Happen in Germany!

Passion is key to our online marketing endeavours – that's why we're seeking an analytical mind with a love for all things digital. If that sounds like you, come meet us in Berlin!

Marketing Manager January 2016 Germany

Find an Outlet for Your Front-End Passion in Berlin

Ready to take on something big? Zalando is building a platform that will unite the fashion ecosystem and change the face of tech and fashion in Europe. If you have some serious fro...

Front-End Developer February 2017 Germany

Social Internet Is Coming of Age - Java Lovers, Heads Up!

We’re now looking for a talented and passionate full-time senior Java developer who can help our partner reach new heights in the extraordinary city of Berlin!

Senior Java Developer October 2015 Germany

Your UI/UX Expertise Is Wanted in Berlin

Looking for a new outlet for your creativity? Brimming with bright ideas for the smoothest possible user experience? Unleash the full firepower of your design brilliance at Homebel...

UI/UX Designer May 2017 Germany

Join Zalando's Stellar Tech Team as a Research Engineer

Research engineers work on a broad set of real-world practical problems of massive scale that will have a direct and significant business impact. If you have a good idea, you will ...

Research Engineer February 2017 Germany

Social Internet Is Coming of Age — Front-End Warriors Wanted...

We are looking for two passionate and dedicated full-time senior front-end developers to build, structure, grow and scale our partner's social platform.

Front-End Developer October 2015 Germany

Calling All Hardcore Dataheads

Take on a role that will offer fresh challenges and valuable insights every day! You'll be embarking on your next great adventure in the creative and vibrant city of Berlin, where ...

Data Scientist February 2016 Germany

Perform Wonders on the World Wide Web

Are you a German speaker who can gobble up Facebook ads like nobody's business? There's a welcoming space here in Berlin for one such as yourself.

Performance Marketing Manager March 2016 Germany

Are You Our PHP Wunderkind?

If you love startup life, there's no place like Berlin. Why not bring your PHP skills to the Legal One team?

PHP Developer April 2016 Germany

Like B2B Sales? You'll Love This!

If you like a bit of excitement in your life, Berlin is the place to be. The uniquely vibrant atmosphere in this city is guaranteed to upgrade your creativity.

Sales Manager June 2016 Germany

Lead & Inspire a Product Design Team in Berlin

You have the power to change lives with your design skills. Don't pass up this opportunity to join team Clue in one of the coolest cities on the planet!

Lead Product Designer March 2017 Germany

Let Your Sales Star Shine in Berlin

You might want to brace yourself, because your career is about to take off. Don't let this opportunity whiz by—be a sales champ in Germany's vibrant capital!

Account Executive May 2016 Germany

B2B Sales Challenge in Booming Berlin

Business is booming in this modern capital of Germany, and this is your ticket to being a part of it all! You will be at the heart of the B2B sales scene in Europe, building relati...

Sales Manager April 2016 Germany

BizDev Pros: Join the Winning Team in Berlin

You're quite the alchemist—you know exactly how to turn leads into gold. The Salestools team would like to see some of that magic in action!

Business Development Representative May 2016 Germany

Head of IT/ CTO

If you're pining for Berlin and hankering for a challenge that will perk up the old gray cells, become datapine's CTO—excitement and fun guaranteed!

CTO May 2016 Germany

JavaScript Excellence Wanted in Berlin

Join an exciting and dynamic team in an equally exciting and dynamic city—put your Java know-how to good use as part of the datapine team in Berlin!

JavaScript Developer April 2016 Germany

Tackle a Fun Java Challenge in Berlin

Crowdpark's team is growing, and if you play your cards right, you could be their brilliant new Java developer in Germany. Challenge accepted?

Java Developer July 2016 Germany

Motivated Mobile Dev for a German Sports Startup

Go big or go home – five words often spoken on a sports field. If you love sports and like to dream big, you'll find a like-minded team waiting for your arrival in Berlin.

Mobile Developer January 2016 Germany

Be a Game Developer in Electrifying Berlin

The game is afoot—or it will be, once you've developed it. Here's your opportunity to make your mark and push your skills to the limit in buzzing Berlin.

Game Developer July 2016 Germany

Native German Speaker With Finance Skills

Ready to demonstrate your fluency in the world of finance? An opportunity is open in Berlin!

Finance Manager January 2016 Germany

Lead a Great Team in Berlin With Your RoR Skills

The Distribusion team loves to innovate. Their latest mind-blowing discovery? You! Pack your Ruby on Rails skills and become part of the team in Germany's inspiring capital.

Ruby on Rails Developer October 2016 Germany

Work on The Forefront of German Mobile App Development

Take on the opportunity to shape one of the most successful mobile apps in Germany – millions of consumers will be using the features you develop, and you get to live and work in t...

Front-End Developer December 2015 Germany

Support Onefootball as a Research & Analyst Trainee!

Looking for the learning experience of a lifetime? Want to feel the thrill of living in one of Europe's most vibrant capitals? Take on an exciting traineeship at Onefootball in Ber...

Business Analyst February 2016 Germany

Help build a leading global urban mobility venture!

Join a driven team in one of Europe's most inspiring cities — harness your sales talent and know-how as part of the unu family in Berlin!

VP of Sales August 2015 Germany

Help build a new brand from scratch!

Are you an extremely imaginative and driven marketing mastermind looking for a challenge in the most inspiring environment imaginable? Join the unu team in Berlin, and let your cre...

Brand Campaign Manager August 2015 Germany

Are you the next big thing in online marketing?

Here's one for the marketing geniuses out there — join The Gentleman Studio in Berlin, and experience life in a truly remarkable city!

Online Marketer September 2015 Germany

Bring your design talent to Berlin!

For an amazing opportunity to be inspired by one of the most creative and electrifying European cities, join the unu team as brand design director in Germany's iconic capital!

Brand Design Director August 2015 Germany

Gaming Animator Gig in an Award-Winning Startup

The Winner of € 30.000 startup competition hy! Berlin is seeking for a game animator

Game Animator November 2014 Germany

Talented And Driven Java Developer Wanted in Berlin

Join the dynamic, motivated team at Number26, and hone your Java development skills in Germany's bustling, effervescent, uniquely inspiring capital.

Java Developer June 2015 Germany

Savvy Sales Whiz Wanted in Berlin

Do you love talking about travel? Here's a fantastic chance to explore our fabulously hip city while meeting our partners across Europe and the US!

Sales Manager January 2016 Germany

Be a Digital Marketing Engineer in Europe's Coolest City

Welcome to Berlin — Europe's trendsetting party capital and absolute paradise for anyone looking to be hit with crazy amounts of inspiration. Bring your talented self over to the Z...

Digital Marketing Engineer September 2015 Germany

Grow a Global Community of Book Lovers

Join Inkitt to connect great books with readers around the world, make a splash in the publishing industry, and be inspired by the spirit of Berlin!

Growth Hacker March 2016 Germany

Flex Your BizDev Muscles in Europe's Capital of Cool

Do you want to build the world's biggest data-driven publishing house? Do you want to do it in Berlin? Inkitt is looking for someone to help them publish tomorrow's bestsellers tod...

Intern March 2016 Germany

Take on a Business Intelligence Challenge in Berlin

It's time for you to help the bonify team make a splash in the FinTech industry. All you have to do is take their business intelligence systems to the next level. Challenge accepte...

Senior Business Intelligence Manager March 2017 Germany

Zalando Is Looking for a Seriously Savvy Reliability Enginee...

Zalando wants you to help optimize the availability, reliability, and efficiency of their services. Do you have the makings of this fantastic team's senior site reliability enginee...

Senior Site Reliability Engineer February 2017 Germany

Seasoned Solution Architect Sought at Leading Fashion Platfo...

This role is for someone with some serious experience under their belt. If you've seen your share of complex development projects over the years, we recommend you take a look at wh...

Software Solution Architect February 2017 Germany

Hub:raum International Program Management Gig

Join hub:raum team and learn all about high-class network of startups and important ecosystem players

Program Manager Support January 2015 Germany

Want to Work at The Best Mobile Football App in The World?

In order to build up the Onefootball newsroom, we’re searching for an intern for our social media & editing department for three months, starting as soon as possible.

Intern December 2015 Deutschland

Turn Complexity Into Simplicity at SwitchUp

We believe finding the right people to work with is the most important challenge to solve in any organization. Hence, instead of claiming that we are a great startup, we’d like to ...

CTO December 2015 Germany

Cofound a World-Changing Startup

Are you looking for a challenge with meaning? Do you believe 'mission' has a much nicer ring to it than 'job'? Here's your chance to be part of something with serious potential to ...

CTO February 2016 Germany

In Search of Music Loving Community Manager

You love music, people and marketing - here is your perfect gig!

Community Manager February 2015 United Kingdom

Your Ticket to The Exciting African Startup Scene

Help us develop our startup community across Africa and build strong relationships with our entrepreneurs and partners — be a community manager in the creative and energetic city o...

Community Manager February 2016 South Africa

German Copywriting Magic Needed in Stockholm

Unleash your prodigious copywriting powers on the Fyndiq team in Stockholm, and join the noble quest to bring the Fyndian way of life to continental Europe.

Copywriter June 2015 Sweden

Build a Team of Extraordinary Engineers in Hungary

This just in: a really exciting opportunity is up for grabs in Budapest, for charismatic leaders who know their engineering business. Be sure not to miss out!

VP of Engineering June 2016 Hungary

Embark on a QA Quest in Historic Kochi

How would you like to help a driven team realize a bold vision in a thriving, fascinating city by the Arabian Sea? If that sounds inviting, join the ranks at DCMN in Kochi as a QA ...

Senior QA Engineer February 2017 India

Looking For a Fun & Challenging Environment?

For an excellent opportunity to harness your drive and enthusiasm, join the Quandoo team in Hong Kong as a partner manager, and unlock your potential in a truly great city!

Partner Manager January 2016 Hong Kong

Ready for a Front-End Challenge in Vienna?

If you want to use your front-end skills to change the future of the job market, you should take a closer look at this opportunity in Austria. And be quick, because you know what t...

Front-End Developer January 2017 Austria

Project Management Dynamo Wanted in Shanghai

Are you ready to write the next gripping chapter of your life story? Bring your project management expertise to Shanghai, and discover the energy of this electrifying city as part ...

Project Manager January 2016 China

Sell the Technology of the Future in the Medieval Heart of T...

This passionate team is working on the electric revolution. If you have the spark too, join COMODULE in Tallinn as their resident sales and business development dynamo!

Business Developer August 2016 Estonia

Join a Team of World-Changers in Africa!

Help the amazing AMPION team foster entrepreneurship and innovation in African countries — put your skills to work for a worthwhile cause, and be part of something with global impa...

Grant Writer December 2015 Kenya

Are You a Sales-Lion?

The fastest growing technology leading restaurant reservation platform is looking for a Sales-Lion to join the team in South Africa.

Sales Consultant April 2015 South Africa

Keep calm & join great Quandoo sales team!

Want to work with an international team and experience life in Africa? You love people, thriving results and have an entrepreneurial mindset? We invite you to join our team!

Sales Trainee (m/f) - Johannesburg March 2015 South Africa

Harness Your BizDev Acumen in Hong Kong

Tackle this exciting challenge and immerse yourself in the extraordinary atmosphere of magnificent Hong Kong — your eye-opening BizDev adventure awaits!

Business Developer October 2015 Hong Kong

Be a Partner Manager in Hong Kong!

For an excellent opportunity to harness your drive and enthusiasm, join the Quandoo team in Hong Kong as a partner manager, and unlock your potential in a truly great city!

Partner Manager November 2015 Hong Kong

Looking For a Fun & Challenging Environment?

Join the Quandoo team in Hong Kong for a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself and be inspired by an endlessly fascinating and exciting city brimming with energy!

Partnerships Manager October 2015 Hong Kong

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