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Bring Your Coding Talents to Tallinn

Do you like digitally advanced societies and medieval architecture? Charming seaside cities and lush greenery? Then you'll love Tallinn, Estonia's smart little capital. And if you ...

Front-End Developer April 2017 Estonia

Love Words & Tech? Be a Technical Writer in Tallinn!

Do you have a magical ability to make anyone understand the trickiest technical terms? Your particular set of skills is in demand! The MYJAR team, for instance, wants you as a tech...

Technical Writer April 2017 Estonia

Experienced Security Architect Sought at Danske Bank in Tall...

Do you have a solid background—and a genuine interest—in IT security? Join a team of people who share your passion, in a city that loves all things tech. Tallinn is waiting for you...

Senior Mainframe Security Architect May 2017 Estonia

Join Danske Bank's Cybersecurity Team in Tallinn

This Nordic banking powerhouse is building a fantastic cybersecurity team in the vibrant city of Tallinn. If you know IT security like the back of your hand, take a look at this gi...

IT Security Engineer (Crypto PKI) May 2017 Estonia

Manage a Core Banking Product at Tieto in Tallinn

Looking for a change of scenery and some exciting challenges to keep your product management skills razor sharp? Team Tieto has just the thing you seek!

Product Manager April 2017 Estonia

Experienced IT Security Engineer Wanted in Tallinn

If you live and breathe IT security, this modern Nordic bank can hook you up with your dream job. Join the team in Estonia's tech-crazy capital!

Senior IT Security Engineer May 2017 Estonia

Score This Awesome Sales Job at Scoro in Tallinn

Are you as fluent in sales as you are in English? Scoro is looking for a tech-loving sales consultant to join them in Estonia. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be...

Sales Consultant June 2017 Estonia

Smart & Experienced System Architects, Make Estonia Your Hom...

If system architecture is your bread and butter, there's a great challenge waiting in one of Europe's loveliest, most innovative cities. Team MYJAR is ready for you in Tallinn!

System Architect April 2017 Estonia

Mentor a Technical Team in Charming Tallinn

Want to write the next thrilling chapter of your life in the beautiful Northern European country of Estonia? All you have to do is show the MYJAR team you can lead and manage a tea...

Chapter Lead April 2017 Estonia

Be a Quality Engineer at MYJAR in Estonia

Quality engineers, this one's for you! MYJAR is growing and eager to provide world-class products and services to their users. To help make sure their software is top-notch and to ...

Quality Engineer April 2017 Estonia

Your Leadership Skills & Tech Savvy Are Wanted in Estonia

If you're the very epitome of reliability and an experienced tech lead to boot, let us point you in the direction of this awesome opportunity at MYJAR. Join them in Tallinn to show...

Head of Development April 2017 Estonia

Take Your Scala Skills to Evolution Gaming in Tallinn

Estonia's capital city is known for its love of tech and innovation. If you share that love and have a soft spot for Scala in particular, you've found your dream job!

Scala Developer May 2017 Estonia

Join a Great Team & Test Ambitious FinTech Solutions in Esto...

Are you ready for the next big step in your career? Inbank is innovating the fintech space in Tallinn, and their team is looking for a passionate QA Engineer that happens to be fun...

QA Engineer June 2017 Estonia

Take Your Ruby Skills to the Next Level at a Hot Estonian Fi...

If Ruby is your bread and butter and creating top-shelf financial software is a challenge you know you'll love, here's your dream job. Join Inbank's ambitious team in the innovativ...

Ruby Developer May 2017 Estonia

Work With Data in Estonia's Delightful Capital

Business requirements. Data modeling. Information management. Are these the phrases that make you feel at home? Then you'll love working at Swedbank in the tech-savvy and beautiful...

Information Modeler April 2017 Estonia

Bring Your Security Architecture Vision to Tallinn

When it comes to getting strategic about security architecture, you're the person to turn to. You have a wealth of experience and a winning attitude that gets things done, and you ...

IT Security Architect (Mainframe) May 2017 Estonia

Scrum Masters, Share Your Wisdom With Evolution Gaming in Es...

Your wealth of scrum knowledge is needed in Tallinn—Estonia's seaside capital that prides itself on its love for all things tech. So seize the opportunity and join a great team in ...

Scrum Master May 2017 Estonia

Java Juggernauts, Head to Estonia!

If you can't get enough of delivering quality solutions and want to use your Java skills to make the world a bit better, keep reading. Swedbank has an interesting offer for one suc...

Java Developer April 2017 Estonia

IT Security Pro Sought for Danske Bank in Estonia

All about Linux, Windows and/or Mainframe? Excited about IT security and itching for new challenges? Join the ranks of a cool Danish bank in Estonia!

Lead IT Security Engineer May 2017 Estonia

Team Jobbatical Needs a Skilled Sysadmin

Drop whatever you're doing, read this, and put your excited hat on—Jobbatical is hiring! There's a sysadmin-shaped hole in our team, and you might be the one to fill it.

System Administrator May 2017 Estonia

Be a Developer in a Driven Team in Estonia

Estonia is the place to be if you're looking for challenging career moves in the tech space. MYJAR has plenty of those available—like this gig for a back-end develope, for example!

Back-End Developer April 2017 Estonia

Highly Experienced Tech Lead Wanted in Estonia

Do you have what it takes to steer a strong development team towards a common vision? Do you have a wealth of experience as a senior developer, as well as a firm handle on modern p...

Technology Lead April 2017 Estonia

Be MYJAR's Driven Database Admin in Estonia

Performance, integrity, security—if it's got anything to do with databases, you've got it covered. Bring your skills and experience to the MYJAR team and see what life in Estonia h...

Database Administrator April 2017 Estonia

Quality Engineers, a Challenge Awaits in Beautiful Estonia

You're not just a quality engineer. You're a quality engineer of the highest quality. And you're hungry for a challenge somewhere new. Fancy a stint at MYJAR in Estonia to further ...

Senior Quality Engineer April 2017 Estonia

Handle Human Resources for Starship Robots

Handling human resources for a company of robots? Sounds like a sci-fi plot, but no—this is not a robot uprising. The only things rising up are your odds of landing your dream HR j...

HR Specialist May 2017 Estonia

Take on a Sales & Marketing Challenge at Opus

Do you have a mind for international marketing and a flair for B2B sales? Does your effervescent personality make you stand out as a natural when it comes to closing deals? The Opu...

Sales & Marketing Manager May 2017 Estonia

Information Security Experts, Estonia Awaits

IT security is no small matter, especially at a bank. Danske Bank's cybersecurity team in Estonia knows it, and that's why they're on the lookout for bright minds to take their eff...

IT Security Engineer (Linux, Windows, Mainframe) May 2017 Estonia

Be Danske Bank's Security Architect in Estonia

If you like getting stuff done, here's a good one for your to-do list: apply for this security architect gig in Estonia's vibrant capital. Put your skills to good use as part of a ...

Senior Security Architect May 2017 Estonia

Be an IT Security Engineer at a Cool Nordic Bank

Ready for your next great adventure in IT security? Bring your analytical mind to Danske Bank in Estonia and help them put together the best cybersecurity team this world has ever ...

Senior IT Security Engineer (zOS) May 2017 Estonia

Be a Continuous Delivery Engineer in Riga or Tallinn

Do you know all there is to know about continuous delivery? Then it's time to learn all there is to know about this cool career opportunity at Evolution Gaming!

Continuous Delivery Engineer May 2017 Latvia

Push the Boundaries of Energy Storage Solutions in Berlin

Are you looking to work on the Next Big Thing? Skeleton Technologies is THE company to join if you want to make a splash in the world of energy storage. Be an electric vehicle appl...

Senior Electric Vehicle Application Engineer May 2017 Germany

Be Part of the Hybrid Electric Drivetrain Boom in Berlin

Do you love a good challenge? Do you get excited about developing energy storage solutions? You're not alone—the Skeleton Technologies team gets where you're coming from, and they ...

Senior Heavy-Duty HEV Application Engineer May 2017 Germany

Ready to Take Your RoR Knowledge to Historic Moravia?

The beautiful Czech city of Brno is waiting for you—all you have to do to land this great gig at Wisemedia is to be a driven and creative Rails developer.

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Czechia

Motivated IT Maven Wanted in Estonia

Do you have what it takes to take the lead on a company's IT strategy? If so, taking on this gig in the quaint Estonian university town of Tartu might be a wise move for you!

CIO April 2017 Estonia

Adventure in Georgia for Ambitious RoR Developer

Founded in the 5th century and nestled on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia's endlessly fascinating capital has enough going for it to satisfy even the most jaded traveler...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Georgia

Rails Hotshots, You're Wanted in Poland!

If complex RoR applications are your thing, perhaps it's time for a career move to invigorate the old gray cells? This one in historic Wrocław looks like it might be the perfect fi...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Poland

Take Your RoR Know-How to Estonia

If you know your way around Ruby on Rails and are on the hunt for an inspiring outlet for your skills, you've found it. The Wisemedia team needs your drive and ambition in the rive...

Ruby on Rails Developer April 2017 Estonia

Expired jobbaticals

Caring Customer Support Ace Wanted in Tallinn

Ready to join an adventure helping more than 30,000 happy customers in 100+ countries? The mission is to deliver happiness everywhere you can. Work from the coolest office in Talli...

Customer Support Officer July 2016 Estonia

Be a Part of Our Customer Success Story in Tallinn

We want someone who will be a part of the Jobbatical story. It would be more than wonderful of you to share it with our customers, to spread the success–beyond Tallinn and into the...

Customer Success Manager April 2016 Estonia

Sell the Technology of the Future in the Medieval Heart of T...

This passionate team is working on the electric revolution. If you have the spark too, join COMODULE in Tallinn as their resident sales and business development dynamo!

Business Developer August 2016 Estonia

Looking For Fellow Developers in Tallinn

Extremia is looking to add some Ruby on Rails firepower to their team — join them in Tallinn, and discover the many charms of the lovely Estonian capital!

Ruby on Rails Developer February 2016 Estonia

Customer Solutions Expert Wanted in Tallinn

We at Pipedrive make sales software for small teams with big ambitions. Our product is used by more than 30,000 happy customers in 100+ countries and we’re growing fast. There are ...

Customer Solutions Expert June 2016 Estonia

Test Software to Your Heart's Content in Tallinn

Do you have a sixth sense about what systems need to be tested, and how to analyze results? If so, here are some people in Tallinn you should probably meet.

Senior Test Engineer November 2016 Estonia

Join a Flexible and Agile Engineering Team in Tallinn!

Do you speak JavaScript, Java and Node.js? This multi-disciplinary team in Tallinn is looking for a well-rounded full-stack developer with solid experience to join their Agile envi...

Full-Stack Developer February 2017 Estonia

Co-found a Startup in Charming Tallinn

This five-star startup in the gorgeous city of Tallinn is the place to be if you're an ambitious sales ace with the co-founder gene. Check-in starts now.

Co-founder March 2016 Estonia

Front-End Fun in Tallinn

Let yourself be inspired and awed by the beautiful North — join the TripRepublic team in Tallinn for a fantastic opportunity to boost your skills and experience life in a small cou...

Front-End Developer November 2015 Estonia

Master Communicator Wanted in Tallinn

Join a team of FinTech innovators in one of Europe's most tech-savvy cities — build Pocopay's communications strategy from the ground up in beautiful Tallinn!

Communications Manager January 2016 Estonia

Lead an Awesome QA Team in Tallinn

You like your jobbaticals like you like your software: of the highest possible quality. That's very fortunate, because this QA gig in Tallinn is a great one.

QA Team Lead July 2016 Estonia

Chinese/English Linguists, Tallinn Wants Your Skills

You're a talented linguist equally proficient in Mandarin Chinese and English. You want to use your skills to educate the world, and you love the idea of living in the infinitely c...

Linguist May 2016 Estonia

Fanatical Coders Wanted in Tallinn

Ready for a challenge? Write and ship code with Shipitwise in Tallinn to help deliver a product that does door-to-door deliveries! Just remember, you must be a coding and technolog...

Software Engineer March 2017 Estonia

Develop a BI Application in Charming Tallinn

Are you looking for exciting challenges? Awesome coworkers? Sea air and a medieval atmosphere? All of the above? It sounds like Tallinn might be the place for you.

Application Developer June 2016 Estonia

Data-Driven Social Advertising Guru Wanted in Tallinn

Do you love reading up on new ways to reach audiences on social? Dying to try out a new strategy or two? Meet this team in Tallinn to discuss your talents!

Performance Marketing Manager November 2016 Estonia

Satisfy Your Hunger for Marketing Challenges in Tallinn

Are you hungry for some marketing action? Ship yourself over to the lovely city of Tallinn, where the Shipitwise team has some exciting challenges lined up for you!

Marketing Manager January 2017 Estonia

Be Our Content Marketing Maven in Tallinn

You may have heard of Jobbatical—if not, we'd like to know how you're reading this—and maybe you've even thought you'd like to work with us. That could very easily happen—we're loo...

Inbound Content Marketer February 2017 Estonia

Bring your full-stack skills to Jobbatical HQ in Tallinn!

Take a Jobbatical... at Jobbatical! A meta-Jobbatical, if you will. Join our fun little family of passionate individuals on our mission to shake up the global job market! We are ba...

Full-Stack Developer August 2015 Estonia

Help Develop Next Generation Photovoltaics in Tallinn!

Join a great team on a serious mission — become crystalsol's next brilliant development engineer in the beautiful and innovative city of Tallinn!

Development Engineer (Semiconductor Powder) November 2015 Estonia

Create a PR Sensation in Estonia With Your Strategic Brillia...

This team in Tallinn is working on a project that will change the face of the city. Now they're looking for a brilliant, seasoned PR strategist to tell people about it. If you're a...

Head of PR & Communications Strategy February 2017 Estonia

Heads Up, Web Developers — You Are Wanted in Tallinn!

If you're brimming with motivation and unsure where to harness it, your search is at an end — join the Velvet team in the lovely Baltic capital of Tallinn, where you'll face exciti...

Web Developer December 2015 Estonia

Software Engineer in Tallinn

Join the Testlio team in Tallinn, and experience life in an innovative little country with a rich and inspiring history.

Software Engineer June 2015 Estonia

Fantastic AdWords Skills Wanted in Tallinn

Want to work at an online marketing agency in the heart of Tallinn? With this young team, you'll get to grow your Google AdWords skills, among others. If you're interested in learn...

AdWords Specialist January 2017 Estonia

Develop UI for Mac Anti-Malware in Tallinn

If you've seen your fair share of action with Mac OS X or iOS UI software development in the last three years, give this gig a shot—Malwarebytes is on the hunt for a talented devel...

Senior Mac OS X UI Developer February 2017 Estonia

Take Your Communications Skills to Tallinn & Help e-Residenc...

Communications-savvy social butterflies, it's your time to shine—fly to Tallinn for an opportunity to spread the word about Estonia's groundbreaking e-Residency program!

Head of Communications & Community Engagement March 2017 Estonia

Develop Mac Anti-Malware Software in Tallinn

Want to crush malware on the Mac by developing a powerful product to combat its effects? The tech hub of Tallinn is home to myriad startups and poses promising challenges. Make it ...

Senior Mac OS X Middleware Developer January 2017 Estonia

Be a Software Tester in Delightful Tallinn

Testing, testing, one, two, three—this team in Tallinn would really appreciate it if you could break stuff for them. So what do you say? Want to be a software tester in Estonia?

Software Testing Specialist July 2016 Estonia

iOS Developer in Tallinn

Join the fantastic Mobile Digital team in Tallinn, and become a part of Estonia's tech fairytale.

iOS Developer June 2015 Estonia

Designer in Tallinn

Join the awesome Testlio team as a Designer in Tallinn, where the stunning scenery will provide you with ample inspiration.

Designer May 2015 Estonia

Android Developer in Tallinn

Join Mobile Digital in the beautiful and innovative city of Tallinn, and apply your Android Development skills on a fantastic team.

Android Developer June 2015 Estonia

Build the Best Taxi Booking iOS App in Tallinn

Can you build iOS apps like nobody's business? Join this motivated team, and experience life in the inspiring city of Tallinn, one of Europe's most innovative capitals.

iOS Developer June 2016 Estonia

Bring Your Design Passion to Beautiful Tallinn!

What could be more invigorating than a cool sea breeze? What's more inspiring than a friendly, collaborative team working for a common cause in the most creative atmosphere you can...

UI/UX Designer December 2015 Estonia

Customer Success Manager in Tallinn

Put your skills and passion to good use as a member of the Testlio team in Tallinn, where a unique fusion of modern and ancient creates an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere.

Customer Success Manager June 2015 Estonia

Mobile Developer in Tallinn

Join the Testlio team in Tallinn, one of Europe's most beautiful capitals, where quaint meets sophisticated in a unique and irresistible fusion.

Mobile App Developer June 2015 Estonia

Design Virtuoso at Tallinn-Based Creative Agency

Join the team at Velvet in Tallinn, and let your creative flag fly in one of Europe's most beautiful, innovative, and inspiring capitals.

Art Director June 2015 Estonia

Freelance Talent Wanted at Brilliant Creative Agency in Tall...

Looking for a challenge, but not ready for long-term commitment? Make magic happen as a freelancer for the awesome Tallinn-based Velvet team!

Freelancer December 2015 Estonia

Bring Your UX-Ray Vision to Jobbatical HQ

When it comes to UX, you know the best tools and technologies for shaping the ideal experience. It's time to bring that toolbox to Tallinn – the heart of the Estonian startup scene...

Senior UX Designer August 2016 Estonia

Will You Be Our Office Ghost in Tallinn?

There are some people in this world who get stuff done so well that others feel as if it happened by magic. And in a way, it is. If you have an uncanny ability to know what others ...

Office Manager April 2016 Estonia

Be a Magento Developer in Estonia

The Extremia team is looking for some Magento firepower — join their ranks in Tallinn, and experience life in a beautiful little seaside capital with tons of character!

Magento Developer February 2016 Estonia

Speak Portuguese? Be a Sales Master in Estonia!

If you know you'd enjoy talking everyday to customers in beautiful Portuguese, there is an award-winning space in Tallinn prepared just for you. Just be ready to talk. A lot.

Inside Sales Consultant May 2016 Estonia

Full-Stack Developers, Your Attention Please!

Ah, Estonia—home of the time-honored tradition of the jobbatical! It may not be tropical, but it's paradise for anyone looking for an adventure. Join our very own team of world-cha...

Full-Stack Developer November 2017 Estonia

Front-End Revolutionary Wanted in Tallinn

Join one of Europe’s hottest startups, and help a fantastic team make all sorts of wonderful mischief in the world of currency & international money transfer.

Front-End Developer July 2015 Estonia

Raise Funds For a Cleaner Earth

Our planet is kind of a big deal—it's the only one we have. Help mankind clean up its act by joining the Let's Do It team in Tallinn.

Head of Fundraising June 2016 Estonia

Join Jobbatical's Customer Success Team in Tallinn

You're so supportive that people don't know what hit them once you've unleashed the full firepower of your arsenal of helpfulness. That right there is the recipe for customer succe...

Customer Success Manager April 2017 Estonia

Computer Vision Engineer Wanted in Tallinn

If you believe that humans can soon have authentic face-to-face conversations in virtual reality, you're already on the same page with Wolfprint 3D. Do you have what it takes to be...

Computer Vision Engineer March 2017 Estonia

Experienced CAM Engineer Wanted in Estonia

If creative design solutions is your area of expertise, there's a space in Tallinn for your CAM experience! Work with Autodesk to make consumers' lives easier when it comes to wood...

CAM Engineer February 2017 Estonia

Use C++ to Develop a 3D Avatar Solution in Tech-Obsessed Tal...

If you know the ins and outs of C++ and feel like a change of scenery is in order, here's an opportunity that should put a spring in your step. Head to Estonia to work on industry-...

C++ Developer April 2017 Estonia

Join a Team of Brilliant Java Developers in Estonia

At TransferWise, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Find fulfilling work developing a revolutionary product, and have a blast in the tech haven of Tallinn!

Java Developer October 2016 Estonia

Front-End Fun at Estonian Farming Startup

This hardworking team based in Tallinn and Tartu is working on a meaningful product to help farmers around the world. If you love building clean interfaces, you should talk to them...

Front-End Developer October 2016 Estonia

Love Testing Everything? Come to Tallinn!

So you're great at testing software? Why not put your testing skills to the... well, to the test? The arvato team in Estonia wants to see what you've got.

Software Testing Specialist July 2016 Estonia

Be Jobbatical's Resident Design Fanatic in Tallinn

They say you just can't stop designing awesome products. You sketch out-of-this-world concepts in your sleep. No one is safe when you're around—your creativity infects everyone you...

Product Designer April 2016 Estonia

Work Your Word Magic in Tallinn!

Are you a skilled wordsmith with an eye for the Oxford comma and strong opinions on whether or not it's OK to occasionally split an infinitive? Are you eager to experience the star...

Copywriter November 2015 Estonia

Heads up: Talented Polyglot Wanted in Tallinn

You're crazy about languages. So crazy, in fact, that you speak (at least) three of them fluently. And it doesn't stop there—you know everything there is to know about them. Join t...

Linguist May 2016 Estonia

Great With Words & Digital Marketing? Make Tallinn Your Dest...

Looking for new ways to use that creative mind of yours? In love with digital marketing and curious about life in Estonia? This job at Scoro should suit all your needs!

Digital Marketing Specialist April 2017 Estonia

Be Scoro's Marketing Maven in Estonia

Know all there is to know about marketing? Out to score your dream job? You've come to the right place! Team Scoro in the vibrant city of Tallinn is looking for someone to keep a w...

Head of Marketing April 2017 Estonia

Awesome Java Architect Wanted in Estonia

If you're all about big-picture thinking and software architecture, there's a place for you on the Helmes team in Tallinn. Put your skills to work and discover a great little seasi...

Java Architect December 2016 Estonia

Put Your QA Expertise to the Test in Estonia

We're willing to bet you'll love being Relax Gaming's Head of QA in Tallinn. Why? You'll join a great team in a tiny Baltic country that will charm you with its innovative spirit. ...

Head of QA February 2017 Estonia

Apply Your .NET Strength in Estonia

Want to use your .NET skills in the country with the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world? Unlike that little geographical fact, this .NET developer gig i...

.NET Developer October 2016 Estonia

Speak German and Java? This Way, Please!

You—a German-speaking, Java-loving bright idea generator—are wanted in Tallinn. This tiny Baltic capital has plenty of room in its warm heart for you and your adventurous spirit.

Java Developer June 2016 Estonia

Take on a Front-End Challenge in Charming Estonia

Would you say bridging the gap between design and technical implementation is your cup of tea? Well, friend—tea is served! Be a front-end developer at arvato in Tallinn!

Front-End Developer July 2016 Estonia

Amp up Jobbatical's Marketing Efforts in Tallinn

Evergreen content. Crazy growth. Thought leadership. Time travel. Space battles. Well—we don't actually do the last two. But we're really keen on the other stuff on that list. If y...

Content Growth Marketer March 2017 Estonia

SQL-Savvy Support Engineer Sought in Tallinn

For an opportunity to be a part of the next success story out of Estonia's sizzling startup scene, lend a helping hand to the Pipedrive team!

Support Engineer May 2016 Estonia

Trilingual in Portuguese, Spanish and English? You're Wanted...

Your linguistic abilities in Portuguese, Spanish and English are the talk of the town. You know these three languages all through and through. Now it's time to pass on your wisdom.

Linguist May 2016 Estonia

Provide the Best Danish IT Support in Beautiful Tallinn

If you speak Danish and have what it takes to provide stellar customer support, you might like to join the Tieto team. You'll do meaningful work with a collaborative team in a grea...

IT Customer Support Specialist March 2017 Estonia

Harness Your Ruby and Node.js Skills in Estonia

Join a driven team poised to shake up the world of identity verification! Be a developer in the beautiful city of Tallinn, where small town charm meets unstoppable innovation.

Full-Stack Developer March 2016 Estonia

Bring Your Sales Smarts to Jobbatical's HQ

All of us here in Tallinn are ready to have our socks knocked off by your winning personality and supernatural ability to convert leads into clients. Oh, and speaking of socks... B...

Account Associate March 2017 Estonia

A Bit of Front-End Fun in Tallinn

Join the mission to break work down to bite-size pieces—let GoWorkaBit make you the happiest front-end developer on the planet!

Front-End Developer April 2016 Estonia

Exercise Your Front-End Expertise in Estonia

Avionix is on a mission to become the European leader in delivering custom digital solutions to small and medium enterprises. If your ambition matches theirs, join the team in Tall...

Senior Front-End Developer April 2017 Estonia

Lead Jobbatical's Tech Team in Tallinn!

Do you want to have a significant impact on a thriving startup and the future of a next-generation product in the talent acquisition industry? Be Jobbatical's director of engineeri...

Director of Engineering April 2017 Estonia

Finance Whiz Wanted for Revolutionary Fintech Startup

Your morning cup of coffee is Java – literally and figuratively. You build tools with it to make complicated finance a breeze! Well, if that fits your description, you're wanted in...

Finance Engineer July 2016 Estonia

Analyze Award-Winning Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you have an inquisitive mind and a way with the written word, take on this fun challenge in one of Europe's prettiest, smartest, most innovative capitals — put your skills to go...

Writer/Journalist October 2015 Estonia

Growth Hacker Needed to Disrupt Startup Investing!

Tallinn is one of the world's coolest, most innovative and tech-driven cities. It doesn't hurt that it's also one of the prettiest! Experience this irresistible mix of ancient and ...

Growth Hacker December 2015 Estonia

Transfer Your Full-Stack Wisdom to TransferWise

The TransferWise team is well on its way to turning the world of finance upside-down. If you want your work to have actual, important, serious real-world impact (and be a lot of fu...

Full-Stack Developer June 2016 Estonia

Growth Hacker Needed to Join The Revolution

If you are looking for a genuinely exciting challenge, and a chance to make a real difference in the world of currency & international money transfer, join the team at TransferWise...

Growth Hacker July 2015 Estonia

Know Computer Vision & Perception? Join the High-Flying Star...

Talk about opportunities—here's one with a capital 'O'... and a capital 'PPORTUNITY,' for that matter. This is truly a job worthy of all caps. STARSHIP IS HIRING! Take off into the...

Senior Software Engineer April 2017 Estonia

Fluent in Norwegian and Skilled at IT Support?

You could be the missing link between Tieto and the best customer support out there. Take on the challenge in Tallinn and help a great team delight their Norwegian customers!

IT Customer Support Specialist March 2017 Estonia

Finnish-Speaking IT Customer Support Wanted in Estonia

You—a Finnish-speaking customer support ace—are wanted at Tieto in Tallinn. This tiny Baltic capital with a big heart awaits you with open arms!

IT Customer Support Specialist March 2017 Estonia

Use Your Sales Skills to Connect People With Great Wi-Fi

The country of Estonia is known across the globe for its love affair with all things digital. Team RebelRoam is no exception—they're bringing Wi-Fi to the travel industry. If you j...

Business Development Manager March 2017 Estonia

Community Manager in Tallinn

Join Testlio for a three-month stint as Community Manager in the beautiful Estonian capital, and challenge yourself in a city with a fascinating history and a bright future.

Community Manager June 2015 Estonia

Sales Firepower Wanted in Estonia

Turn that sales spark into a flame — join the Tallinn-based Ignite team to broaden your horizons and work alongside people who love what they do.

Sales Agent March 2016 Estonia

Brilliant Sysadmin Sought in Tallinn

Heads up, shrewd sysadmins—this opportunity will take you to a small city that packs a big punch. Join TransferWise in the beautiful and spirited capital of Estonia!

System Administrator July 2016 Estonia

Do Big Research at Bigbank in Estonia

If research is your thing, you might want to look deeper into this opportunity. Put your inquisitive mind to work as a user researcher on the Bigbank team in Tallinn!

User Researcher November 2016 Estonia

Be an iOS Developer at a Banking Powerhouse in Estonia

Ready to take the world of banking by storm with your iOS skills? Here's a great opportunity to do just that—join team Swedbank in Tallinn!

Senior iOS Developer April 2017 Estonia

Be Jobbatical's Superb CTO in Our Tallinn HQ

We've got a legitimately awesome tech team. They're always very polite and never really seem to mind when the rest of us ask questions about "this computer stuff." Now we're on the...

CTO May 2017 Estonia

Java Hotshots — Join The Financial Revolution in Tallinn!

Want to write code that helps millions of people across the world save money? Want to do it as part of a fantastic team in a fun size city with more than its fair share of charm? W...

Java Developer June 2016 Estonia

Do PR for Jobbatical in Tallinn

So you love startups, open borders, exciting challenges and—perhaps most importantly—PR & communications. Sounds like it might be time for you to join the Jobbatical team. We're re...

PR Manager May 2017 Estonia

Unleash Your Design Genius in Tallinn

You think—or rather, you know for a fact—that good design is a big deal. The Scoro team agrees with you, and that's why they'd like you to join them in Estonia's inspiring capital....

UI/UX Designer July 2016 Estonia

Motivated Marketing Mastermind Wanted in Tallinn

Experienced with startup marketing, driven by data, and inspired by challenges that put your creative mind to the test, you could be Scoro's next resident marketing maven. The team...

Marketing Manager October 2016 Estonia

e-Residency Is Ready for a Brilliant Marketer

Estonia's e-Residency is already making waves across the world. With your help, it can make even more of a splash. If you've got an excess of motivation and impressive marketing sk...

Marketing Manager October 2016 Estonia

Product Managers, Build a Borderless World With e-Residency!

Join the team behind the e-Residency program in Estonia—the most advanced digital society on the planet—to help create a world without borders. A high-tech fairy tale awaits you in...

Product Manager October 2016 Estonia

Full-Stack Firepower Wanted at TransferWise

TransferWise is set on revolutionising the world of finance. Join their team of innovators and visionaries in the inspiring city of Tallinn, and make your mark.

Full-Stack Developer October 2015 Estonia

Use Your Networking Skills to Build a Borderless Society wit...

Estonia's e-Residency program is revolutionizing the way we think about citizenship. If you love the idea of a digital identity that transcends borders, join the team in Tallinn to...

Head of Global Growth March 2017 Estonia

Be a graphic designer in Estonia!

Put your design skills to work for the greater good in the gorgeous seaside city of Tallinn, and give your life a new focus!

Graphic Designer August 2015 Estonia

Intrepid Design Lead Wanted at Estonian Creative Agency

Are you more inspired by world-changing innovations or a cosy medieval fairy tale atmosphere? Why not both? Join the Velvet team in Tallinn — a city that has the looks as well as t...

Design Lead December 2015 Estonia

Test Automation Engineer in Tallinn

Challenge yourself on the Testlio team, and experience the Northern European way of life in the beautiful seaside capital of Estonia.

Test Automation Engineer June 2015 Estonia

Recruit Remarkable Talent for an Estonian Startup

You have a sixth sense about people. You know where to find the best of the best, and how to spot them. Bring your talent for detecting talent to Tallinn, where the thriving tech s...

Recruitment Manager June 2016 Estonia

Use Your Front-End Skills to Build the Digital Earth

Estonia is at the forefront of some of the most forward-thinking tech innovations in the world. If you believe in making a real difference on earth, this planetary startup in Talli...

Front-End Developer August 2016 Estonia

ICT-Savvy Project Manager Wanted in Estonia

Estonia is a small country that packs a big punch. Join the Enterprise Estonia team in Tallinn to become part of this tiny Baltic nation's success story — your next adventure is wa...

Project Manager January 2016 Estonia

Senior Marketers, You're Wanted at Jobbatical

Extreme marketing acumen (you've seen it all and done it all), creative ideas (so far outside the box that the box is a distant memory), and a hunger for some serious startup fun—t...

Head of Marketing October 2016 Estonia

Growth Hacker Needed at Messenger Startup in Estonia

The goal is nothing less than replacing emails, and enabling seamless communication. If you think you're the right person to drive the user growth of this ambitious startup, the ap...

Head of Growth September 2016 Estonia

Your .NET Know-How Is Wanted in Estonia

If you know all there is to know about object-oriented programming, look this way. Yes, here, at this .NET developer gig in Estonia. Join the Axinom team just in time to enjoy wint...

Lead .NET Developer January 2017 Estonia

Be Jobbatical's Head of Sales in Estonia

Want to be the person who directly steers the growth of a company through a succesful sales strategy? We're eagerly waiting for your expertise and enthusiasm from our easygoing off...

Head of Sales March 2017 Estonia

Nordic Ruby Challenge

Heads up, Ruby on Rails lovers! Your next adventure is waiting for you in the impossibly beautiful, relentlessly innovative, and irresistibly charming country of Estonia!

Ruby on Rails Developer November 2015 Estonia

Full-Stack Developers Wanted for Farming Software in Estonia

Agriculture is in need of more efficient solutions, and this Estonian startup is working hard to provide farmers with what they really need. Be a part of their journey by helping t...

Full-Stack Developer October 2016 Estonia

Full-Stack Developers, You're Wanted at Jobbatical HQ

Look this way, talented developers of the full-stack variety! We at Jobbatical are about to attempt to win you over with our quirky startup ways. Exciting challenges, nerdy colleag...

Full-Stack Developer April 2017 Estonia

Turn Heads With Your Product Management Skills in Estonia

When it comes to you shying away from a challenge—well, there's ZeroChance of that happening. And that's what makes you the perfect addition to the ZeroTurnaround team. Join their ...

Product Manager November 2016 Estonia

Product Manager Extraordinaire Wanted at TransferWise

Join a world-changing team that's nothing short of absolutely amazing — become TransferWise's brilliant new product manager and experience life in one of Europe's coolest little ca...

Product Manager July 2016 Estonia

Build the Back End of a Brilliant App in Estonia

Bring your back-end experience to an ambitious team in Estonia's startup-minded capital, and be part of the next big Baltic success story!

Back-End Developer July 2016 Estonia

Tech-Savvy Product Owner Sought in Estonia

Being a product owner takes plenty of vision, spirit, and an ability to balance lofty aspirations with reality checks. If you keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the grou...

Product Owner June 2016 Estonia

Dear Santa, Bring us a Senior Business Developer With a Knac...

Yes, it's that magical time of year — all the Biz Dev geniuses are flying north for the winter! Do you want to change how people work in the future? Are you eager to get a taste of...

Chief Commercial Officer January 2016 Estonia

Welcome to the Nordic capital of e-innovation, creativity an...

We are looking for a top notch Art Director with an impressive portfolio, experience and skills and adventurous mind.

Art Director April 2015 Estonia

Jobbatical Is Looking for a Masterful Visual Designer

Are you a really good visual designer with the ability to lead and inspire? We're asking for a friend. Just kidding—we'd like you to join us at Jobbatical!

Visual Designer August 2016 Estonia

We're Looking for a Data Scientist at Jobbatical!

Does data speak to you on a deeply personal level? Help us gather the most interesting insights to make Jobbatical the best platform for hiring in a borderless world!

Data Scientist November 2016 Estonia

Design Delightful UX at an Awesome Estonian Startup

You're a bit of a UX genie: You find out people's wishes and make them come true. That's precisely the kind of magic touch the Pipedrive team is looking for!

UX Designer July 2016 Estonia

Go Build an Exquisite iOS App in Estonia

You wake up one morning and your app is prominently featured on the App Store. There are raving reviews about its ease of use, and user-friendly interface. If this is your dream, g...

iOS Developer November 2016 Estonia

Use Your Recruiting Skills to Change The World With Jobbatic...

If a talented talent manager could manage talents, how many talents could a talent manager manage? Join the Jobbatical team, and let's find out together!

Talent Manager January 2016 Estonia

Wanted: Someone Who Can Write Good

In accordance with the prophecy, a mysterious stranger will arrive from a distant land to join the Jobbatical team on their mission to reshape the future of work. Rumour has it you...

Copywriter February 2016 Estonia

Swedish Speaker Sought for IT Support Role in Estonia

Do you have a positive attitude and a knack for providing excellent customer support? Do you want to move to Estonia's charming capital city to continue your career somewhere new? ...

IT Customer Support Specialist March 2017 Estonia

Blockchain Hacker Wanted. Do You Have What it Takes?

Come join us to work on the cutting edge of cyber security and become one of the most valued professionals in the industry.

Blockchain Specialist January 2016 Estonia

For Product Engineers Only: Join the TransferWise Revolution

TransferWise is making quite a splash in the payments space. If you want a piece of that action, become their full-stack product engineer in the lively and startup-spirited city of...

Product Engineer October 2016 Estonia

Java Fiends, Assemble!

Three, two, one—ignition! Your Java adventure is waiting for you in the faraway land of Estonia, where you'll learn the quaint customs of this potato-loving, sauna-crazy, tech-savv...

Java Developer June 2016 Estonia

Java Developers — Time to Bring The Heat

Bring your Java firepower to one of Europe's coolest cities — join the team at Icefire, and get ready to face your next challenge in a lively little capital with heaps of charm!

Java Developer February 2016 Estonia

Go-Getting Go Developers, Look This Way!

Are you already a busy Gopher or looking for an opportunity to really focus on developing your Go skills? Either way, DreamApply has got you covered!

Go Developer July 2016 Estonia

Launch a Product from Scratch in Brand New Cities

If you love a tough challenge, you've come to the right place. You'll be at the forefront of product launches in different cities around the world – are you crazy enough to take on...

Expansion Manager July 2016 Estonia

Design a Seamless User Flow for a Digital Bank in Estonia

Have you spent the last few years of your life designing user interfaces? Ready for more? Join Bigbank to keep an eye on their overall customer experience. Create wireframes and pr...

UX Designer January 2017 Estonia

Fearless Sales Viking Sought in Estonia

The world of sales is your battlefield and a quick wit is your sword. You're IT-savvy and ready to take on exotic new markets—like Scandinavia. What you need now is a trusty crew. ...

Sales Lead January 2017 Estonia

Estonian Adventure for Talented Analyst

It's decision time: do you want to move to Estonia and be a decision engine analyst at a forward-looking digital bank? Well, there should really only be one possible answer to that...

Decision Engine Analyst January 2017 Estonia

Startup hires a web developer with alien-grade HTML & CSS sk...

Looking for an experienced web developer with alien-grade HTML and CSS skills to work in our brand-new office in Tallinn.

Web Developer January 2015 Estonia

Let's Clean Up the World Together!

There is a big day coming in 2018. People in 150 countries will come together to clean up this beautiful earth we live in. Will you be the one to lead the campaign from now until t...

Head of Marketing and Communications August 2016 Estonia

Jobbatical 3-Month Sales Challenge

We invite you to join Jobbatical sales and marketing team in our quest to pave the way to the future of the job market. Your task is to sell new inspiring jobbatical gigs for three...

Sales Agent January 2015 Estonia

Welcome to the Nordic capital of e-innovation, creativity an...

Our award-winning creative team is looking for a web designer with relevant experience and admirable portfolio.

Web Designer May 2015 Estonia

Fashion Lovin' Sales and Marketing Gig

Join an award-winning fashion innovator, marketer and a dad of 4 in his quest to bring ethnic patterns from across the globe into casual day-to-day fashion.

Sales and Marketing Pro in Fashion March 2015 Estonia

Go-To Market Strategy for ex-Skypers New Product

A bunch of ex-Skype engineers have created a great new product and we invite you to help us to create a go-to-market strategy.

Marketing Strategist February 2015 Estonia

Node.js developer, you are welcome!

Looking for a Node.js developer for a startup that is changing the way documents are eSigned across the globe.

Node.js Developer November 2014 Estonia

Join The Healthcare Revolution

Create medically relevant content to which an ordinary person can relate and commit — join a team of dedicated and passionate individuals on their mission to make a real difference...

Content Specialist January 2016 Estonia

C and C++ developer wanted!

Looking for a C and C++ developer for a startup that is changing the way documents are eSigned across the globe.

C++ Developer November 2014 Estonia

Help them find us!

Looking for a SEO specialist for a startup that is changing the way documents are eSigned across the globe.

SEO Specialist December 2014 Estonia

Growth hacker where are you?

Talent management service platform is seeking for a growth hacker, experienced at B2B products.

Growth Hacker November 2014 Estonia

Java developer, you are welcome!

Looking for a Java developer for a startup that is changing the way documents are eSigned across the globe.

Java Developer December 2014 Estonia

Help Lingvist Bring The Smartest Language Learning Tool to T...

If you are looking for an opportunity to build and manage an amazing community, join the Lingvist team in either London or Tallinn!

Community Manager December 2015 United Kingdom

Help Create The Best Language Learning App Ever!

We’re currently looking for a talented, all-round designer to join our growing team in either London or Tallinn.

Experience/Visual Designer December 2015 United Kingdom

Become an Online Specialist at Click & Grow

With Click & Grow anyone can be a gardener. Join our team, improve our online presence and spread our message!

Online Specialist April 2015 Estonia

Bring Your Android Passion to TransferWise

TransferWise is awesome at disrupting the payments industry. You are awesome at Android development. That's a perfect match waiting to happen!

Android Developer July 2016 United Kingdom

European B2B Sales Challenge

You know sales like the back of your hand. You're creative, confident, and hardworking. You can't wait to share your knowledge with an international team and gain a wealth of start...

Sales Agent March 2016

Embark on an Electrical Engineering Challenge in Estonia

You know your way around designing hardware, and what's more, you inspire others to come up with the best engineering solutions. Join this Estonian startup and lead an enthusiastic...

Head of R&D April 2016 Estonia

Build the World's First Blockchain-Powered Startup Marketpla...

Full-stack developers, it's time to flex your skills and contribute to a global business at the forefront of a groundbreaking frontier. Meet Funderbeam, the blockchain-based market...

Full-Stack Developer November 2016 Estonia

Sail Around the World With Your Sales Skills

Your sales passion is needed the world over! Though you'll be based in Estonia, this job involves lots of traveling to satisfy your wanderlust. Looks like today is your day.

Head of Sales May 2016 Estonia

Be a Globetrotting Marketing Guru in Estonia

Do you love traveling on the job? Brand new technology? This one has got it all. Grow a great marketing team as you grow a robot garden. And see the whole wide world.

Head of Marketing May 2016 Estonia

In Search of a Superstar Digital Marketing Manager!

We’re looking for a superstar Digital Marketing Manager to take our performance marketing to the next level.

Digital Marketing Manager November 2014 United States

Heads Up, Japanese & English Experts — The World Needs You!

Help make the world more open by creating a better, simpler way of learning languages! Join the Lingvist team in London or Tokyo, and put your prodigious language skills to work fo...

Linguist November 2015 United Kingdom

A Historic Printing House Seeking for a Sales Pro

Probably the oldest printing company in the Baltic Sea region is looking for a sales pro to open doors in new markets

Sales Agent November 2014

Getaway Gig for a Manager

You have good experience in project management, you love art and you think outside the box. You are looking for an inspiring getaway challenge, working side by side with a globetro...

Manager March 2015 Estonia

Shine Your Skillful Sales Brilliance in London

Stepping into someone else's shoes is one of your many skills, and you know how to put it to good use. You constantly sympathize with others, understand their needs and convert the...

Sales Executive November 2016 United Kingdom

Shake Up London With Your Stupendous Content

Are you ready to make some noise? If you think you can pull off some creative marketing stunts in the epicenter of Europe, London is looking for your smarts to blow us all away!

Content Marketing Specialist November 2016 United Kingdom

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