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Be An Expert in Jobbatical’s Future of Teams Thought Leadership Series

The most integral part of running a successful company has always been about execution. But how do top organizations attract great people and motivate teams to create the best product or service possible? Is there a formula for building a team that executes like they were born to do their jobs? What will the workplace […]

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Jobbatical Raises Another $1M, Adds AirTree To Its Roster of Investors

We are excited to announce today that we have raised $1 million with AirTree Ventures, Australasia’s largest venture capital firm whose portfolio includes companies such as 90 Seconds, Canva, Paxata and Prospa. Other investors in Jobbatical’s seed round include Union Square Ventures, LocalGlobe and others. AirTree’s mission is to invest in disruptive businesses in any […]

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Revealing Jobbatical: talent sourcing secrets

At Jobbatical, we’re in the business of matching people to their dream jobs in inspiring locations. As anyone with recruitment or talent sourcing experience knows, that’s not always a simple task. Matches that look good on paper may not work out for a number of reasons. A successful hire often comes down to the degree […]

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Culture shock: “That’s not the company I joined!”

Culture Club: Does Your New Hire Belong? Culture shock isn’t just something talent experiences when they sign on to work in a foreign country. A recruit can be ruffled by the culture of a company based right in their own backyard. That’s because a fuzzy culture is like an algae-infested pond: it’s difficult to see what’s […]

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Where to Promote Your Jobs: Role-specific Job Boards

Head of Disruption Wanted While the above headline isn’t an actual job posting by the Virgin Group, it grabs your attention. Business magnate Richard Branson has the right idea (as usual), even if that’s not his intent: to find specific tech recruits, post on role-specific job boards. Preparing for the role You’re probably not recruiting actors […]

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Jobbatical Hosts Global Hiring 101

When it comes to HR and hiring we hear the same messages over and over again. Employers are facing the worst talent shortage since 2007, there will be more than 1 million developer job posting that can’t be filled in the United States alone, and Europe doesn’t look any better. But is the talent shortage […]

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HR Radar: Career Coaching Company, BetterUp, Raises $10M Series A

Career coaching app, BetterUp, raised a $10 million in Series A last week, bringing their total funding to $12.9 million. Investors in the employee leadership and happiness improvement app include Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Social Capital, Freestyle, Crosslink, SV Angel, and Vista Venture Partners. This deal is particularly interesting to us, not just because BetterUp is […]

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Why You Must Hire “A” Level Players

Conventional wisdom says startup founders should hire for scale, e.g., the top-notch sales manager who can bring in bonanza accounts once you’ve reached cruising altitude. The problem with this approach, says Ben Horowitz, author of The Hard Thing About Hard Things, is that the person you’ll need then is not the person you need now: “You […]

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Recruiting the Best Engineers in 30 Minutes

As part of an ongoing series of blog posts (last time we covered Jobbatical), we’re taking a closer look at different approaches to hiring the best talent. This time, we’re digging deeper into the recruiting secrets that have helped make Onefootball the world’s leading mobile football platform. It goes without saying that behind any great product is […]

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The Right Way to Attract the Wrong People

7 Secrets to Crafting a Killer Job Ad Qualifications are no guarantee of landing a good job, as this piece on STEM degree holders makes clear. So why knock yourself out crafting a detailed job ad, when even an ideal degree isn’t a measure of suitability for employment? Compost this old tried-and-false method. Instead, follow these […]

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