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What our clients say

“The advantage for us with Jobbatical is getting access to that large, wide talent pool of people all over the world – people who have the skills we’re looking for and may want to come and live and work in Ireland.”

Sarah Courtney

HR Manager


“We decided to hire the Argentinian developer. He was by far the best we found (plus with background in 3D printing) so we had to hire him.”

Julio Tiusanen

Founder and CEO


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“Jobbatical delivered on customer engagement, customer feedback, and the maximum in terms of visibility and applications.”

Saurabh Singh


Brainpan Innovations

“Building a global startup from a nascent tech hub like Medellín requires more than passion and local brains. Jobbatical helped us find talent from other tech hubs around the world, and bring them to continue shape the future of Ubidots - and even our city.”

Agustin Pelaez



“Jobbatical brought us new team members from Brazil and Ukraine. In addition to their technical skills we are looking forward for to the multicultural team experience.”

Giacomo Putignano

Founder and CEO


“We have already hired two people, and we’ve made an offer to a third. It’s been an amazing opportunity for us to just meet people who are looking to relocate. They know up front that we are based in Penang, so there’s no initial phase where you have to convince someone to live in Malaysia.”

Ai Ching Koh

Founder and CEO


“I like you guys because of the vision you have and I share. And hopefully in the future, this will be the norm.”


eCommerce Manager


“Happy to share that we were able to get 3 successful hires through your site. We thank your team for doing a great job!”

Kristine Marie Cenidoza


CompareAsia Group

“My overall experience was very good. Especially on the customer experience side: my requests were always addressed immediately and with a lot of friendliness.”

Manon Steiner

HR Manager


“The transition has been super smooth, natural and rapid. Almost unnoticed.”

Urmas Peiker

Founder and CEO


“Jobbatical was a lot of help.”

Deborah Wolley

Director of Marketing

Outward Bound Costa Rica

“If your team’s mission is to grow and your task is to find A players in Estonia, you’re in trouble. Jobbatical took a load off my chest. I don’t know exactly how they do it—they have lots of good candidates. At Shipitwise we are happy to hire, and it’s a pleasure working with you!”

Ragmar Saksing

Founder & CTO


“We had two campaigns and most likely six will be hired. Never imagined that kind of high-level people to apply. We have people from top companies, including Google, IBM, Walt Disney; from top universities, including Fletchers, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Berkeley. From top gov positions, including Estonian Government Office and French Government Office.”

Kaspar Korjus

former Managing Director


“I think what Jobbatical did best is the self-selection of candidates that were practically looking to move to another country. The hurdle of relocation was pretty big and candidates we found through Jobbatical already had self-selected to relocate to another country. Jobbatical allows you to bring talent, global quality talent, to Latin America to be able to help you in the positions that were normally not available in terms of sales, marketing, operations. That way you can now free yourself from even having to hire those roles in the US unless you really want to or really have to.”

Andres Barreto

General Partner

Socialatom Ventures

“It’s always a struggle when it comes to finding the right talent for your company. You’re always looking in every corner and in every tool to make that process easier. It’s pretty common to look for talent in other countries. We have done that before, so when we saw Jobbatical, it made perfect sense. Jobbatical made it easier to connect with people from all around the world. We were able to assemble a team faster than expected and gain some additional traffic to our website. We would recommend Jobbatical to startups. A lot of people are interested in applying from all over the world, so the time to find a good candidate gets reduced.”

Alfonso Banuelos

Digital Marketing Specialist


“In Mindvalley we hire for the fit and contribution to our culture, along with skills and it doesn't really matter where the person is coming from. Today we have people from 45 nationalities and Jobbatical has been really helpful connecting us to talented candidates from all over the world. We are grateful for the smart and diverse team members Jobbatical has brought to us!”

Marta Kondryn

Head of People


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“It has been an extremely easy and enjoyable experience. The system works very well and the candidates are almost uniformly excellent.”



“Jobbatical has been one of the better companies we have worked with for tech recruitment. The platform is easy to use, there is a large pool of candidates, many of which are very strong! In addition, the team and support is great!”

Sebastian Sherif

Director of Growth


“Jobbatical is very easy to use and people are extremely helpful. Everything runs very smoothly. We received a surprisingly great deal of good-fit PHP Developer candidates to choose from.”

Laura Pukk

People Operations Manager

Cash On Go

“Jobbatical helped us to crack a very difficult market — China. We were trying out many different channels and freelance platforms before but without success. Jobbatical gave us the market know-how we needed to be able to hire freelancers from China.”

Silvia Tali

Business Area Manager


“Working with Jobbatical has been very good. Things have simply worked. Setting up the campaign was the easiest I have seen, it looked great on the web, there were plenty of good candidates from all around the world and it was easy to communicated with the candidates.”

Tarvo Topolev



“Jobbatical has been a perfect fit for our company. Our team is always on the move, and it’s an incredibly scalable solution since no other HR tech solution fits the startup scene.”

Jeff Pan


“We hired senior staff via Jobbatical. It worked quite well, and the quality of the candidates was above average. In other words: Jobbatical comes in handy when the local job market has not enough to offer.”

Sven Ernst

Managing Partner


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“I think international hiring does a lot for thought diversity. For any global company, that is extremely critical. Our Jobbatical hires bring a different perspective on things.”

Rop Pappas

Recruitment Manager


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“We are an international organisation that operates in multiple markets. We just want the best people and are not afraid to look globally to make sure we reach them. We like their global reach, reasonable pricing and the fact that they assist with the intricacies of the visa application process, thus taking that considerable administrative load off our HR team.”

Morten Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer

Global Gaming

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“Jobbatical is really focused on the international candidates which we were looking for. Mario, our hire, contributed greatly to the team by adding some seniority and experience, in both behaviour and skill set”

Stasa Tovornik

Assistant Recruiter


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“We currently have 2 jobbatical candidates in process; the second one will come by in two weeks, and if everything goes well, we will then have hired one or the other!”


“The key value in Jobbatical for us is the look and feel. No one else can make working in Nigeria as good as you guys.”

Travel Start

“Jobbatical provides good candidates who are qualified and have better skills than anyone else he has found in Estonia. Jobbatical is a lifesaver because he doesn't think otherwise it would be possible to hire foreigners and convince them to come to Estonia.”


“Again the quality of the applications is superb!”


“HOur hire's visa has just been issued today at long last! I would be glad to speak to anyone to recommend Jobbatical because we’re very glad with how it all worked out.”


“It was a pleasure for us to get into cooperation with your website. What makes Jobbatical stands out, especially for company like ours which is international is that it has access to database with people who are willing to relocate so enable recruiters avoid wasting of time by figuring out whether the candidate wants to relocate or not.”


“I wanted to let you know we are very happy with Jobbatical so far. There is a high number of candidates, some of which are of good quality and go to the next step.”


“Clearly, Jobbatical is a client centric company and makes genuine effort to go the extra mile to help the client meet their goals. I applaud you and the team for the dedication and effort. you have made me an advocate of your company.”

Asia Finance

“Love the candidates that have applied through Jobbatical. We have hired 2 (1 from Mexico and 1 from Brazil). We are also talking to one from Romania and Germany. I find that they are motivated. I recommend Jobbatical to my friends who ask me how I hire tech talent.”


“Interviews are going very well. Thanks for your help, we like a lot the platform and how easy is to manage all the good candidates we receive for the position.”


“We have actually now offered a position to Candace. A great outcome!It’s actually the second time we have offered this level of position to a Jobbatical candidate.”


“We have made an offer to Eunene and she will be joining the team as soon as we can get her visa sorted out. We have been really impressed with Jobbatical – it has a far higher rate of success for us than most other job boards, in terms of candidate calibre. We definitely intend to engage with you again once we have a bit more budget and a few more roles to fill.”


“Happy with the quality of candidates coming from Jobbatical. Would like to renew on a monthly subscription basis in 2019!”

ViewQwest Pte Ltd

“The campaign has gone well! We have made an offer and are hoping for a positive reply from the candidate during this week.”

Eesti Energia

“I love how easy the dashboard is, the customer experience has been great and I am happy with the candidates who applied through Jobbatical. I will continue using Jobbatical once I get more clarity from our product design sprint.”

“It was an excellent month for us on Jobbatical, we received contacts of very interesting people, and we’re scheduling interviews with them and looking forward to next month!”


“We are happy with the candidates that have applied so far and some are in our recruitment process right now so keeping my fingers crossed.”


“I would 100% recommend Jobbatical to every other company on the planet. It's insanity that so many companies think hiring has to be local. Some of the best people I've brought to my company came to us through Jobbatical.”

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder and CEO


“It was the first time Finestmedia participated international talent searching competition and we cannot praise CareerHunt enough! Professionalism of the execution and quality of the applicants from the beginning to the end was nothing more than superb! We went to look for an experienced system analyst and we found him! He moved to Estonia and started working with us just couple of days ago. Thank you CareerHunt 2018 and see you on the next one!”

Mare Aasma


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“Jobbatical´s role in finding as well as relocating the right person and professional for us within the CareerHunt project has been vital. Thank you, Jobbatical, for connecting and bringing to us THE Front-End React Developer we were looking for!”

Katri Delimoge

Global Gaming

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“Thanks for your support! Overall we’re happy with the platform and will try in the future for different positions.”

Dmitri Logvinenko


“Jobbatical helped us tap into a market which we had been unable to in the past. The level of the applicants were awesome! Probably half of them had at least 5 years experience, and most of them at least 3 years experience.”

Janne Lango


“Veriff had a great time finding a top-notch Data Scienist through CareerHunt 2018. Working together with Jobbatical was a breeze and helped us find talents who we didn't have access before! It was not only good that we found a great tech professional from Brazil, but CareerHunt was an important activity to get Estonia to the world map. Veriff is excited to join in again!”


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