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From Argentina to Helsinki, Finland

How Platonics found a unicorn developer to propel their business forward

“we are completely sure that we made the right decision and actually I think we were incredibly lucky to find this guy because he is way better than what we initially expected.”

Julio Tiusanen

Co-Founder, Platonics

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From South Africa to Tallinn, Estonia

How Shipitwise found a developer all-star to bridge an engineering gap and make their company hum

“If your team’s mission is to grow and your task is to find A players in Estonia, you’re in trouble. Jobbatical took a load off my chest. I don’t know exactly how they do it but they have lots of good candidates.”

Ragmar Saksing

Co-Founder & CTO, Shipitwise

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From New Orleans, USA to Medellin, Colombia

How Socialatom Ventures found US talent with specialized knowledge to work as a portfolio manager in Latin America

“Jobbatical allows you to bring talent, global quality talent, to Latin America”

Andres Barreto

General Partner at Socialatom Ventures

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From Minnesota, USA to Tallinn, Estonia

How team Funderbeam found a Minnesotan growth marketer to join them in Estonia

“The transition has been super smooth, natural and rapid. Almost unnoticed.”

Urmas Peiker

Co-founder at Funderbeam

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From Las Vegas, USA and Augsburg, Germany to Penang, Malaysia

Twice as nice: How Piktochart found two brilliant jobbaticlers to join them in Malaysia

“It’s been an amazing opportunity for us to just meet people who are looking to travel.”

Ai Ching

Founder and CEO at Piktochart

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From Mallorca, Spain to Bali, Indonesia

Building a remote team: Nowboat’s wonderful voyage

“I like you guys because of the vision you have and I share. And hopefully in the future, this will be the norm.”


e-Commerce Manager at Nowboat

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From Santiago, Chile to Bali, Indonesia

How Switch.cm found their sales and BizDev dynamo

“It’s an incredibly scalable solution since no other HR tech solution fits the start-up scene.”

Jeff Pan

CEO at Switch.cm

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From Valenciennes, France to Costa Rica

How Outward Bound Costa Rica is building a truly global team

“Jobbatical was a lot of help.”

Deborah Wolley

Director of Marketing at Outward Bound Costa Rica

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