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Hiring success story: Funderbeam

Funderbeam is the world’s first primary and secondary market for early-stage investments secured by the blockchain and with free data intelligence on more than 180,000 startups and investors. Their mission is to make it easy to invest and trade in startups online so that great teams and investors everywhere can create a world where good ideas always win.

How team Funderbeam found a Minnesotan growth marketer to join them in Estonia

To help other great teams around the world, you need to make sure your own team is as great as it gets. And that’s where Jobbatical comes in.

With a marketing team consisting of one person, Funderbeam realized that their efforts were not having the results they were looking for. Social media marketing was not delivering what they wanted, and PPC advertising was being outsourced. Since there was a lot more work to be done than one person could handle, they began a search for an experienced growth hacker to turn Funderbeam into a household name.

Urmas, co-founder at Funderbeam, shared his thoughts on using Jobbatical to find the right person for the job—Björn from Minnesota.

How easy is it to hire growth hacking/marketing professionals in Estonia?

“We needed and wanted a native English speaker with international experience and readiness to join an early stage company. Bringing in variety was another key aspect.”

How has hiring on Jobbatical helped your company?

“The team is working really well along with the other hires that have been recently made.”

How have things changed for the team since Björn joined? Have you learned any new and interesting things about his home country and culture?

“The transition has been super smooth, natural and rapid. Almost unnoticed.”

The role that Björn took on at Funderbeam, originally designed to be a growth hacking position, has now transitioned to an overall marketing role. To learn more about Björn’s side of the story—including his adventures with exotic Estonian door handles—read our interview with him.

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