What is a Jobbatical?

Jobbatical. It's a word made up of "job" and "sabbatical". It means a professional career break where people use their skills and knowhow to work on an exciting project in a new team in a new environment.

Are you an employer?
Vacations can be inspirational but rarely provide practical new skills and experiences for your career. Jobbaticals - on the other hand - let you switch environments but keep doing what you do best for a project that really excites you. They are a combination between recharging your batteries, expanding your world view, and sharing new ideas without dipping into your life savings. How Can a Jobbatical Enrich Your Career? You will have a broader horizon. A possibility to see the world and experience hands-on working in a new team in a different culture. You will return with new skills, new insights, refreshed, invigorated, and fully ready to get back into your daily job or take on new challenges.