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  • Create a Mandarin Chinese module for English speakers
  • Edit/translate existing language content from English to Chinese (or from Chinese to English)
  • Communicate with early users to advise them and get immediate feedback
  • Prepare new language exercises and activities in Lingvist software
  • Help find relevant educational resources (print publications, listening material, etc.)


  • Native Mandarin Chinese (and native proficiency in English, preferably bilingual profile)
  • Degree in linguistics
  • Desire to perform a wide variety of tasks
  • Strong computer literacy (proven experience)
  • Enthusiasm for enhancing language-learning methodologies
  • Exceptional candidates will have any or some of the following qualities:
  • Native speaker of both Chinese and English
  • Advanced proficiency in the following languages is highly desirable (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese etc)
  • Previous teaching experience is an advantage
  • Degree in second language acquisition methodology and/or technology-enhanced language learning
  • Experience in developing language learning and/or teaching materials
  • Experience in running and evaluating user studies, including recruiting users
  • Experience in online language education
  • Experience in corpus linguistics
  • Experience working in a technical environment with engineering and product teams

Compensation & Benefits

  • We offer you a salary commensurate with your skill and experience level.

Job description

We’re looking for a brilliant Chinese/English linguist to join our team as soon as possible. Our dream teammate is someone with the ability to balance between “good enough now” and “perfect, but too late”. Someone who knows what teamwork is all about. Someone who gets things done with minimal supervision. Does that sound like you?
We want to see your positive can-do attitude, your pragmatic approach to things, and your fierce intelligence. We want to be amazed by your creativity, adaptability, honesty and passion for personal improvement and self-development.

The company

Life at Lingvist

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to learn a new language or to work for Lingvist, but you do have to love what you do. We are proud and excited to be experts in our respective fields, whether it’s programming, marketing, design, or linguistics. So although we haven’t all discovered the Higgs boson (our co-founder did that) or built Skype (another co-founder), we are united by a common goal to make difficult things really, really simple for our end users.
Lingvist is a fast-growing, flat, and meritocratic company that has already gained international attention as an alumnus of TechStars London, as well as won the confidence of investors by raising an impressive seed round. We are in a position to scale up, build a strong team, and guide the language-learning industry into the future.
We’re looking for passion for self-learning and self-improvement (whatever your field), honesty, ambitious goals, a sense of humor, and team spirit.

The Location

Tallinn, Estonia

Moving to Estonia

If you hold the passport of a visa-free country, you can start working in Estonia within 24 hours from accepting the job offer, if your new employer is classified as a startup.
If your new employer is not considered a startup, you can start after a maximum of 10 days from accepting the job offer.
If you hold the passport of a country that requires a visa to enter Estonia, you can move and start working within approximately 4 weeks.