Senior Content Writer

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Mindvalley offers visa sponsorship

Mindvalley will arrange the immigration paperwork required for the winning candidate and cover the associated costs.


  • Writing various types of articles on a wide range of topics for our blog
  • Writing for other distribution platforms like Medium
  • Providing feedback to other contributors and editing other writers’ content
  • Empowering and coaching junior content writers to enhance their output and efficiency
  • Optimizing content for search engines and lead generation
  • Contributing to long-form content projects
  • Contributing to creative copy for blogs and web pages for brand campaigns
  • Conducting analytical projects to improve blog strategies/tactics
  • Growing blog subscribers, converting visitors into leads, and expanding our blog's overall reach


  • You know how to present ideas in a simple, straightforward manner so it appeals to readers across different age groups.
  • You understand a company's core brand values and emotions and can convey this effectively through your writing.
  • You can write with originality, personality, and style to engage your readers.
  • You live and breathe writing and are always hungry to learn more.
  • You are able to deliver high-quality work in a fast-moving environment.
  • You're able to work well with others and respond to and act on feedback in a timely manner.
  • You have 2+ years of active writing/blogging experience (ideally online writing).
  • Ideally, you have marketing and ad copywriting experience.
  • You have an impeccable grasp of the English language (IELTS and TOEFL scores preferred).
  • Can write copy independently (with little or no guidance) using templates and examples
  • You're highly experienced in ghostwriting, proofreading, and editing.
  • You have experience writing various types of content, such as articles, infographics, video scripts, interviews, and/or social media posts.
  • You can write thought-provoking copy for brand campaigns.
  • You have in-depth knowledge of SEO: Keyword Research, Google Keyword Planner, Back linking, Ah-Ref's.
  • You can independently perform market research and are, ideally, trained in the use of Buzzsumo and Google Trends.
  • You understand buyer personas and can tailor your writing accordingly.
  • You understand how online communities work and what motivates them.
  • You understand the science and psychology behind writing effective headlines.
  • You have solid knowledge of content marketing principles (psychological triggers).
  • You have detailed knowledge of top blogging platforms (Wordpress or Hubspot): plugins, formatting, optimization, user interface, and design.
  • You have intermediate knowledge of Google Analytics (an understanding of performance metrics for blog posts, and the ability to track performance through UTM's and use data to see trends and improve the overall quality of writing).
  • You know how to conduct interviews and gather information from first- or third-party sources.
  • You're involved in active social listening and writing content around it.
  • Ideally, you have previously worked in an editorial role and have experience in content campaigns, content curation, and production.


  • In addition to your salary, you'll also get whatever hardware and software you need to ensure that you can play, create, learn, and grow more every day.
  • This position requires you to be physically located in Kuala Lumpur and is not open to full-time remote working. We will sponsor your visa and work permit.
  • You'll enjoy flexible working hours that fit into your life like you want them to.
  • We have our own 150-seater auditorium that hosts the best tech meetups and personal growth events in our city, giving you tons of growth and connection opportunities.
  • We'll give you a Macbook, which you can take home and use on the weekends and after working hours.
  • We take regular trips to a paradise island.
  • Our company is a 10-time winner of the World's Most Democratic Workplace Award.
  • You'll work in an office that was voted one of the top ten Coolest Offices in the World in an Inc Magazine audience poll.
  • We have learn days, an unlimited book budget, conference/training budget—all designed for constant learning.

Job description

At Mindvalley, we design learning experiences and publish teachings by the best authors in transformational education for over three million students worldwide.
We are looking for a passionate, proactive, and talented individual to craft written content for our community of millions. As our senior content writer, you will sustain and develop the company's voice across all written content.
When applying, don't forget your resume and a video cover letter. Record yourself speaking in a 3-minute video and upload it to YouTube. Highlight your passions, skills, and motivations for applying. Tell us how your skills and expertise would contribute to this stellar team. Send us links to things you have created so we can see proof of your talents.

The company

The Location

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Moving to Malaysia

If you hold the passport of a visa-free country, you can start working in Malaysia within approximately 4 weeks after submitting your application. If you need a visa to enter Malaysia, the visa processing time will be added to that.