Senior Software Engineer

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Required experience

  • Experience with data-driven development
  • Experience with real-time algorithms with tight constraints
  • Experience with object detection/tracking, sensor fusion or signal processing
  • Experience with a variety of sensors including cameras, radars, ultrasonics and point clouds
  • Experience with C++ or something similar


  • We're offering you a well-paid full-time contract with a 4-month trial period.
  • We will sponsor your visa.

Job description

We have entered commercial pilots with hundreds of robots driving along the sidewalks across the United States and four countries in Europe. Soon there will be thousands and millions of our robots around the world.
Autonomous driving is difficult—our unstructured vibrant world is one of high complexity where anything can happen. We don’t shy away from a challenge and neither should you. If you’re inspired by solving difficult problems that make a difference—we should talk.

The company

The Location

Tallinn, Estonia