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IT Specialist

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IT specialist


  • Be responsible for adhering to industry standard security practices and suggesting better ways to be more secure.
  • Help maintain and improve our systems monitoring and alerting infrastructure by building dashboards in Splunk to give us better insight into our operations and constantly search for improvements on how we are alerted about problems on our platform.
  • Take part in deployments of our products to live, production servers.
  • Use Vagrant to create development environments for our engineering teams and participate in regular meetings with those teams to discuss and plan the problems we need to resolve and the improvements we can make.
  • This is an exciting time for us as we are building a platform on AWS and you’ll get a chance to participate in that by helping design and build cloud infrastructure using VPCs, EC2 and RDS.
  • You’ll help us explore how serverless technologies and containerized infrastructure can help us bring products to market faster.


  • You have a bachelor’s or advanced degree in an IT-related field.
  • You have experience in a Linux server environment.
  • You should be familiar with: best practices and operations in an always-up, always-available service; devops culture and tools; the interaction between web servers, the applications they host and the clients they serve (LAMP stack is an advantage).
  • You are able to install and configure applications on web servers.
  • You are familiar with concepts in web application security.
  • You can perform administrative tasks on a Linux operating system with a working knowledge of network and OS security (we use RHEL and CentOS).
  • You are familiar with SQL and database administration (Mysql is an advantage).
  • You are familiar with coding/scripting concepts in one or more of the following: Bash, PHP, Python or another language of your choosing with an understanding of version control systems like Git.
  • You are familiar with automation/configuration management tools (Vagrant, Ansible and Terraform are an advantage).
  • You are familiar with building and administering cloud infrastructure in Amazon Web Services (AWS qualification is an advantage).
  • You are fluent in English.


  • Qualification in Linux administration and/or Amazon Web Services is an advantage.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Apply and let's discuss your salary and benefits.

Job description

We like to use configuration management and IAC tools like Puppet, Ansible and Terraform for that. At Vendo we operate a PCI compliant platform and we take security seriously.
What is it like to work at Vendo? At Vendo, you'll be expected to meet challenging objectives but you won't be micromanaged. As part of an autonomous team you will be responsible for choosing how you spend your time. Vendo gives its teams a lot of freedom. We choose how to solve each problem ourselves so you'll get a chance to bring your ideas to the table and directly impact our products.
As part of the systems team, you get to have a big impact in how our platform is built and how it operates as it grows. At Vendo, we don't watch the clock. Our official working day is from 10am - 7pm, but if you have to take the morning off one day, that's fine. Just make up for it later. If you need to work late a couple of evenings on an important project, take a half day when it's done. Nobody will mind. Taking a trip abroad? You can work a couple of days from your hotel. Eventually, if you want, you can work from home.
Communication is important in Vendo. We are a small group, with many of us working from home, or from wherever we happen to be. This spans several time zones and it requires a bit of extra work from all of us to keep in good communication. We use Jira, Basecamp, Slack, Skype, Google+ and good, old-fashioned phone calls.

The company

Life at Vendo Services

We are not satisfied with the status quo. We are explorers, constantly looking for a better way. We don’t settle, we ask why, we experiment, and we act. That’s how we grow.
Passion is our foundation. It comes first. It is the catalyst. It motivates us to work hard, using our imagination and knowledge to achieve our goals. We are proud of the amazing things we create together.
We like what we do. We enjoy ourselves and the people we work with. We like skateboarding, space camp, beer, gaming, yoga, hockey, BBQs, diving, fantasy football, parties on the terrace, Barcelona and stuff.
We see change as a constant. We embrace it. We are smart, nimble and relentless. We pursue compelling opportunities to eliminate inefficiencies to create value.
We see what could be and we build it.