Site Reliability Engineer

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  • You are fluent in at least one of the following languages: BASH, Python, or JavaScript.
  • You have hands-on experience in managing some of the following server components: Kafka, Mongo DB, Postgres SQL, Redis/Hazelcast, or AWS Lambda.
  • You have an interest in deploying continuous integration, log collection, and analysis (ELK stack), or monitoring and optimizing our deployment cluster’s performance.
  • You follow the DRY principles and attempt to automate everything.
  • You are able to perform root cause analysis when outages occur or performance degrades.


  • Let's talk about your salary and benefits!
  • Immediate impact: You are part of a small but growing team and your impact is immediately felt. There is no shortage of interesting and challenging tasks.
  • Friday demo: Every week you get to show off your contributions and get immediate feedback.
  • Great team: Our team is sharp, eccentric, loyal, and ambitious.
  • Fun times: Weekly and monthly outings, sports.
  • Education: Our commitment to learning as a team and individual growth, also hackathons.

Job description

Our engineers write great code, test it, care about performance, and pragmatically tackle the technical debt, all while improving the maintainability of our code base. Our solutions aim to excite our customers daily. Data is the most critical part of our product and we're constantly raising the bar on the user experience we provide.
But Rome wasn't built in a day. All our projects started small and gradually began to increase in complexity. We're constantly shipping code and we believe that done is better than perfect.
Does that sound like a team after your own heart? We want to hear from you!
You have strong fundamentals in algorithms, data structures, statistics, and networking. You love prototyping new tools and features that may help our customers make better data-driven decisions. You're comfortable working with Python, C, C++, Java and JavaScript, among other languages, and are excited about using new languages and tools as needed. If that's you, introduce yourself and let's build great things together!
What is the hardest real-world distributed system or networking problem that you have ever diagnosed and perhaps solved? Explain it in your cover letter in as much detail as you can. We love reading about reverse engineering.

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