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Immigration Specialist

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Jobbatical offers visa sponsorship

Jobbatical will arrange the immigration paperwork required for the winning candidate and cover the associated costs.

immigration specialist


  • Assist and execute immigration and relocation processes.
  • Build and maintain relocation processes and guidelines.
  • Prepare immigration-related documentation.
  • Assist clients with immigration-related procedures.
  • Support clients after the relocation process.
  • Perform immigration-related research about other countries.
  • Support your colleagues with immigration-related information.
  • Take initiative on immigration and relocation-related projects.


  • You have 1-2 years of similar experience (ideally in the global mobility field).
  • You are an excellent communicator in person and over the internet.
  • You are fluent in Estonian and English.
  • You are independent and love taking initiative.

Compensation & Benefits

  • You’ll get a locally competitive salary + generous perks and benefits that include a monthly allowance for books and Uber rides.

Job description

In this role, you will help our clients and internal teams navigate the (often overwhelming) world of immigration and relocation. In short, you’ll be helping some very talented people move abroad for their careers.

The company

Life at Jobbatical

These are the values that guide us:
Start with why. We don’t do things for the sake of having something to do. Keeping the “why” of our actions in mind helps us stay focused on the things that matter.
Don’t wait to be asked. (Make it happen.) We’re not here to sit around and wait for orders. We have ideas and bring them to life.
Go beyond yourself. Comfort zones are great. We love waving at them as we leave them behind.
Choose difficult truths over comforting lies. Saying yes to everything is easy. But many of the most fruitful and necessary conversations are uncomfortable.
Be bold, stay humble. We’re not afraid to take risks and make mistakes to build what we believe in. And we know the world doesn’t owe us anything.

The Location

Tallinn, Estonia

Moving to Estonia

If you hold the passport of a visa-free country, you can start working in Estonia within 24 hours from accepting the job offer, if your new employer is classified as a startup.
If your new employer is not considered a startup, you can start after a maximum of 10 days from accepting the job offer.
If you hold the passport of a country that requires a visa to enter Estonia, you can move and start working within approximately 4 weeks.