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chief technology officer
East Africa


  • Wake up. Dream about an upcoming weekend safari trip as you eat a fresh mango riding a SafeBoda on your way to work.
  • Lead our team of engineers in taking our customer and driver apps to the next level.
  • Collaborate with the Head of Product to implement an Innovation Accounting to ensure we’re learning from our development efforts and performing only the highest-value tasks.
  • Implement needed architecture in order to prepare SafeBoda to scale and provide rock-solid reliability for our existing service.
  • Take a team lunch break; today’s daily local chef-prepared meal is matooke (pounded, boiled bananas) with peanut soup.
  • Work in a fast-paced (and sometimes chaotic) environment with radical accountability.
  • Mentor your team of developers, pioneers of consumer-product engineering in Uganda.


  • 4+ years' experience in software development in an agile environment
  • B.S. in computer science or a related field
  • A strong grasp of object-oriented programming concepts
  • Significant experience working with external APIs
  • Confidence and experience in redesigning code bases to make them more modular and reliable
  • You might also have the following:
  • Experience in building Android applications with complex user interface designs
  • A passion for building consumer tech products
  • Knowledge of messaging services, NoSQL data structures, and backend architecture
  • Experience optimizing and using mobile geolocation data
  • Strong Java and PHP skills
  • Experience implementing continuous integration systems using git
  • Familiarity with CodeIgniter and AngularJS frameworks
  • Experience leading and mentoring developers

Compensation & Benefits

  • Let's discuss your salary and other conditions! We're most interested in finding the right person for the role and can be flexible about salary and equity.

Job description

We have a near-MVP mobile app, but our local tech team of six developers is in need of a
strong technical mentor. They're awesome to work with, humble, and hungry to learn.
We’re searching for a Chief Technology Officer to partner with our Head of Product to build a great consumer app, as well as a driver app and backend systems.
You’re a strong full-stack engineer with strong experience developing beautiful and intuitive mobile user interfaces and the backend to power them. You have a passion for making simple, delightful products that solve everyday problems for consumers. You love technology, but also design, business, and understanding the customer. You have confidence that you can solve any problem (technical or not) that is handed to you. Most importantly, you find meaning in developing others. You love seeing those you mentor reach their goals.
Are you ready for an international startup adventure? Eager to dedicate significant time to helping it succeed? If you have the hustle needed to make things happen in a challenging context, send your application our way, and join our social-focused, for-profit company in laying the foundations of the tech industry in Uganda!
We’d like the right candidate to start as soon as possible. If you're interested, we’d love to chat with you to answer your questions and discuss any concerns.

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