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  • You will expand and lead the team developing the platform for a global launch.
  • In the process, you will manage all aspects of the company on a daily basis.
  • We will support you in key areas, especially during the startup phase.


  • Passion for films is an absolute must!
  • You're fully fluent in English and are an excellent communicator.
  • You have experience leading a team of 10+ people and have awesome people management skills.
  • You have a good understanding of the IT world (its possibilities and limitations).
  • You possess good financial and legal competence in order to run a company.
  • You have experience launching to market a new concept in Europe or USA.
  • You have worked in a management role in a small or medium-size company.


  • Compensation TBD

Job description

We are: Tom Prior ( and Peeter Rebane (, and we're looking for a passionate co-founder for the exciting journey ahead. Long-term commitment, belief in our concept and a love for movies are crucial.
Tom conceived the idea for The Film App when shooting on Kingsman: The Secret Service and The Theory of Everything.
We have seed financing and have just finalized coding and design of the MVP.
We intend to create strong social impact with this company. The Film App will change the way people discover films forever. We will give back half of future profits to help new talent and support 
socially responsible filmmaking.
We are looking for a person who shares the vision of building a company with a social impact.
Look forward to hearing from you,
Tom & Peeter

The company

The Location

London, United Kingdom