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Hospitality Manager

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in Bay Islands Department, Honduras

You did read that right! Private Caribbean island—quite possibly the most beautiful combination of words in the English language, and quite possibly your new home for at least a year. The gig's yours if hospitality and operations are second nature to you. Read more about Roatania

hospitality management
private island
Fort Morgan Cay
Central America
Latin America


  • Manage the day-to-day maintenance team and capital improvements of the property
  • Be a warm, welcoming and professional host for our guests and help them enjoy their private island experience to the fullest
  • Setup partnerships with local and international event managers and tourism professionals
  • Develop and grow the on-site hospitality program through Roatania’s marketing environment, OTA’s, the local community, and other sales points
  • Direct additional staff and resources as necessary to support guest visits


  • You have international experience in the hospitality industry.
  • You are looking for the chance to proactively draft and shape a new hospitality product on the island with us.
  • You know how to manage supplies and accounting for on-site hospitality operations.
  • You have a basic understanding of utility infrastructure (such as solar power, battery storage, boat motors) and the ability to pick up more knowledge on the go.
  • Since the island is in Honduras, it would be ideal if you spoke Spanish.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Fixed monthly salary
  • Boat fuel expenses paid
  • Vehicle fuel expenses paid
  • Accommodation provided on-site
  • Vehicle provided on Roatan
  • 1 month of vacation per year

Job description

We're looking for a hospitality manager for a private island in the Western Caribbean. As someone with international hospitality experience and an adventurous streak, you'd be the one managing all property operations. As a part of our team, you'd be helping us grow the product into a professional hospitality/resort operation.
Our island is located directly on the second largest barrier reef in the world, with endless beautiful snorkeling and diving sites directly off the island. We also have an original 300-year-old pirate fort (back from when 600 pirates used to hide on the island, hence the odd situation that we do find old bottles and canon balls sometimes), as well as three different white sand beaches, a lovely mangrove canal, and a 700m runway (in case you have a pilot license)—all right here on the island.
Once you've decided to take the plunge—and we recommend you do—we'd like you to stay with us in paradise for at least one year.

The company

About Roatania in Honduras

Roatania is a real estate startup, founded by 4 partners with backgrounds in architecture
and planning, project management and legal relations. Roatania works on development
and management projects in LATAM and the Caribbean. We have been developing a private Caribbean island, including an 8-bedroom vacation home, and set it up for rent on Airbnb, Tripadvisor, and our own online reservation system.