Senior Full-Stack Developer

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  • You will be utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and working closely with your team in defining how software is delivered at MYOB.


  • You should have a strong understanding of software design principles and clean code.
  • You are an experienced full-stack developer.
  • You don't have to have experience with all these languages, but we use Java, Scala, React, JavaScript, node.js.
  • You're an advocate of test-driven development and creating clean and maintainable code.
  • You like to deploy regularly and focus on continuous delivery and automated deployments.
  • You work collaboratively with your colleagues and want your team to be successful.
  • You enjoy mentoring and coaching.
  • You love to learn, read, and try new things in technology, and the future excites you.
  • Lastly, you want to work in a positive environment, grow, and love your work!


  • Let's discuss your salary and benefits!

Job description

As a business and within our teams, we focus on making things easier, finding new ways of doing things, kicking goals and being driven by results. Our passion shines through in the love that we have for our craft.
We have created working spaces that encourage open and collaborative ways of working, with pair programming being the norm. Why? Because we believe we are better together. You will be part of a collaborative cross-functional agile team, surrounded by product managers, designers, business analysts, agile coaches, quality analysts, and devops engineers. Your team members are often seen at conferences and meetups, sharing their expert knowledge and experiences. Our mission is to ensure that our developers can craft software that they can deploy and take ownership of.
If you want to work and collaborate in an environment where opinions are valued and your ideas can make a difference, join MYOB. No two days will be the same at MYOB, so if you're looking for a role you can really sink your teeth into, this is it.
Apply now! We're eager to get to know you. In the meantime, learn more about us from our careers site and videos:

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