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Content Writer/Copywriter

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Eurosender is not offering visa sponsorship

You must be an EU resident or have an EU work permit.

content writer
social media
Google Analytics
Webmaster Tools


  • Write content for people, with effective SEO.
  • Write content for the website, the company’s blog section, case studies and eBooks.
  • Conduct keyword research in the local language and think up topics with the potential to increase traffic.
  • Examine competitors' content strategy on the local market.
  • Decide about the relevance of topics on the local market.
  • Translate and adapt content in the local language.
  • Rewrite and repurpose old content in English depending on specific instructions.
  • Develop insightful and in-depth content about the logistics industry.
  • Develop content for lighter topics targeted to students and expats.
  • Identify opportunities to generate quality external links.


  • You have impeccable grammar and spelling, both in your native language and in English.
  • You understand how users search in that native language.
  • You have experience with writing blogs and social media content.
  • You are familiar with content-related practices for SEO, keyword research and placement.
  • You have experience with Google services, including Analytics and Webmaster Tools.
  • You understand best practices for formatting articles for the web.
  • You have an eagle eye when it comes to spotting mistakes and have strong attention to detail.
  • You are a versatile writer and provide texts both for C2C and for B2B segments.
  • You are able to take highly complex topics and write in an accessible manner.
  • You are an educated researcher, you support the facts you write about with references that can be validated.
  • You are an assiduous self-learner with a pro-active attitude.
  • You have the ability to work both in a team and also individually.
  • You are a native speaker of Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese or Dutch.
  • You are an EU resident or have an EU work permit.


  • Education in marketing, journalism or communication is a plus.
  • Experience in developing infographics and informative PDFs is a plus.

Compensation & Benefits

  • You will have a salary that will advance at the same pace as your professional development.
  • You will work in a very creative environment, where you can enhance your skills and implement great ideas. While we appreciate the flawless execution of projects, we also have a good understanding of the fact that making mistakes is part of improvement. We help you learn fast and grow both, personally and professionally.
  • Work in a fun environment, with positive energy, healthy snacks, and interesting conversations.
  • Every now and then we spend our time off together team building and with other activities.
  • Everything happens faster in a startup. Trust us, you will grow more here in one year, than in many years spent at a traditional company.
  • You will work side by side with colleagues from different corners of the world. What better place to develop your adaptability if not in an intercultural environment?

Job description

We have a team of international people from different backgrounds and with different experience. We're looking for someone who is eager to showcase their content creation skills.
As a content creator at Eurosender, you will be the main person responsible for writing content in your native language (Spanish/Italian/French/Portuguese/Dutch). You will be the “speaker” for the local market, as well as the content creator for copy in English.

The company

The Location

Ljubljana, Slovenia