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Looking for a Computer Vision Expert

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in Bengaluru, India

We want to place a 3D virtual object on a physical floor (in AR) with fair degree of accuracy without a marker on an iPad Air 2. Sounds complicated? Well, that's because it is ;) Read more about Whodat™

Computer Vision


  • C++
  • C#
  • Mathematics
  • OpenCV
  • Computer Vision

Job description

Basically, the framework needs to know the floor orientation and distance w.r.t. the mobile device. The scale of the model should be shown with accuracy as well - somewhere over 70% should be okay for now. This should work with only an RGB camera. It can be assumed that the user is standing and holding the mobile device at a certain average height. The gyroscope information can be used of course.
The first version of the solution needs to work on the latest iPad (Air 2).
As a specialist and developer at Whodat you will join a small but highly competent team with long experience of Realtime 3d graphics rendering. You will work with design, implementation and test of state-of-the-art algorithms within image and 3D analysis. We believe you should have including the following:
Master of Science degree in one of the following: Computer Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics (or equivalent)
A PhD degree or Licentiate degree within one of the above. Computer Vision is preferred.
At least 3 years of relevant working experience.
Programming experience in C, C++, .NET
Experience of real-time systems and software would be preferred.
Knowledge on optimizing algorithms on mobile devices like Android/ iOS would be preferred.

The company

About Whodat™ in Bengaluru, India

Whodat is a product visualization company. They use technology like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Gesture hardware to create immersive experiences to solve sales and marketing problems in the Retail, Real Estate and FMCG sectors. They use Augmented reality technology to showcase furniture products in the home before the customer buys it (includes a complete design tool to add multiple products, Realistic virtual furniture rendering system).
We work for the best in the industry. This is the last product we worked on