Technical Account and Inside Sales Representative

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  • You will interact with our top customers on a day-to-day basis and assist in the development and management of customer onboarding.
  • Your job will also involve collaborating with the customers and the technical team to design new product features.

Required experience

  • You have developed and managed customer relationships.
  • You are able to upsell and upgrade customers.
  • You are able to work independently and collaboratively.
  • You are capable of supporting all functions the sales process: onboarding, price modeling, and customer development.
  • You have contributed to or built a customer support knowledge base.
  • You are familiar with PSQL or a similar database query language.


  • Let's talk about your salary and benefits!
  • Education: Our commitment to learning as a team and individual growth, also hackathons.
  • Fun times: Weekly and monthly outings, sports.
  • Great team: Our team is sharp, eccentric, loyal, and ambitious.
  • Friday demo: Every week you get to show off your contributions and get immediate feedback.
  • Immediate impact: You are part of a small but growing team and your impact is immediately felt. There is no shortage of interesting and challenging tasks.

Job description

Our solutions aim to excite our customers daily. Data is the most critical part of our product and we're constantly raising the bar on our user experience. We're now looking for an account and inside sales rep to join our business team and take our user experience to the next level.
What is the hardest real-world distributed system or networking problem you have ever diagnosed and perhaps solved? Explain it in your cover letter in as much detail as you can. We love reading about reverse engineering. Even if you're not a super-technical person, we'd love to hear about your nightmare situations with your home or office internet.

The company

The Location

Helsinki, Finland