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Senior Data Scientist (Safety Models)

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Starship Technologies will arrange the immigration paperwork required for the winning candidate and cover the associated costs.

senior data scientist
data scientist
safety models


  • You have solid experience in building useful predictive models, based on complex and wide ranging data.
  • You have previous experience in writing production level code.
  • You are at home with both the business and technical aspects of data science.
  • You have solid knowledge and experience with different tools and languages used in the field.
  • You are comfortable working with huge datasets.
  • You are able to think in the long term, but are also focused on practical results.
  • You have good spoken and written English.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Apply and let's discuss your salary and benefits.

Job description

At Starship, we are redefining how goods flow through the places in which we live. We see a future where a new generation of convenience services become available to everyone – made possible by our constellation of autonomous neighbourhood robots.
We have entered commercial pilots with hundreds of robots driving along sidewalks across the United States and four countries in Europe. Soon there will be thousands (if not millions) of robots around the world.
Safety of autonomous vehicles is a new and exciting research field – you will be expected to contribute to the theoretical understanding of this area of research, as well as making practical contributions to the way we assess the safety of our robot operations.

The company

The Location

Tallinn, Estonia

Moving to Estonia

If you hold the passport of a visa-free country, you can start working in Estonia within 24 hours from accepting the job offer, if your new employer is classified as a startup.
If your new employer is not considered a startup, you can start after a maximum of 10 days from accepting the job offer.
If you hold the passport of a country that requires a visa to enter Estonia, you can move and start working within approximately 4 weeks.