Senior Java Engineer

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  • Solving complex technical puzzles on a daily basis through hands-on coding within automation, scalability and speed related projects
  • Figuring out the best product decisions based on feedback we get from our customers
  • Thinking about how we can get the most relevant feedback, how we can develop our product in a way that it will boost future development and how we can maximise and track the impact of our product in the lives of our customers


  • Strong experience with JVM and with Spring Boot & Grails frameworks preferably
  • Previous exposure to Microservices architecture environments
  • Good with MySQL and other database management systems
  • Experience (back-end focus preferably) with scalability and security topics within high performance and low latency environments (and just in case you are actually a front-end guru, we'd also like to meet as we might find some very interesting challenges for you)
  • Exposure to Test Driven Development (TDD), A/B testing and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approaches
  • Familiarity with ront-end stuff and AngularJS (although not your focus)
  • Docker and/or Kafka knowledge, experience with automated testing and testing scenarios all within Agile organisations (even better if startup environments) will be a big plus
  • A FinTech background, sleeping with a copy of "Clean Code” under your pillow and strong sense of humour will also be very much appreciated


  • Very competitive salary package
  • Personal development budget
  • A great stock options plan
  • All-expenses-paid company holiday once per year
  • Flexible working hours, a sexy laptop, free team lunches and a very cool office

Job description

As a Java engineer at TransferWise, you will work towards making our product the best that it can be. Here, more than in any other place, you'll have the chance to take on the challenge of being a real product engineer and not just a coder. And you will do this within a flat organisational structure, meaning you'll be someone who is unconcerned with titles and hierarchies. Actually, what really excites you is solving problems and delivering innovative technology that makes a real difference in people's lives. So you'll enjoy being the one who goes the extra mile for your dream even if this might involve a bumpy ride to the end of the world and back sometimes.
We are currently growing at breathtaking speed and our strong engineering team is the heart of this growth. So to join this great team, we expect from you solid architectural decisions, rock hard integrity and clean code.

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