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Senior App Developer

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Starship Technologies offers visa sponsorship

Starship Technologies will arrange the immigration paperwork required for the winning candidate and cover the associated costs.

app developer
customer experience


  • You have an excellent track record and experience from a variety of product domains.
  • You have a passion for creating customer-facing services.
  • You have experience in daily hands-on collaboration with a variety of product and service design professionals.
  • You think in terms of long-term vision, but also approach new experiences with a pragmatic outcome-oriented mindset.
  • You combine data-driven development practices with strong analytical skills.
  • You are highly skilled and efficient at building app experiences.
  • You have experience in hybrid (e.g. Titanium, PhoneGap) or native (iOS and Android), having experience with both is a plus.
  • You have experience building for internal/partner/customer integrations with extensive use of different APIs and microservices.


  • Solid knowledge of Javascript and web experiences.
  • Experience in delivery, navigation and/or e-commerce services.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Apply and let's discuss your salary and benefits.

Job description

Starship Technologies is developing the future of delivery – a network of robots ready to serve you anytime, anywhere.
At Starship, we are redefining how goods flow through the places in which we live. We see a future where a new generation of convenience services become available to everyone, made possible by our constellation of autonomous neighbourhood robots.
It is a bold, brave ambition, so we have brought together some incredible talent and we are making it happen. If you share our desire to impact the world in a positive way, then we want to hear from you.
We have entered commercial pilots with hundreds of robots driving along sidewalks across the United States and four countries in Europe. Soon there will be thousands (if not millions) of robots around the world.

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Helsinki, Finland