Mentor a Technical Team in Charming Tallinn May 2017 - May 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia

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Want to write the next thrilling chapter of your life in the beautiful Northern European country of Estonia? All you have to do is show the MYJAR team you can lead and manage a team of engineers to deliver world-class products.

MYJAR is a new kind of financial services company, designed for today’s customers. We help people manage their finances by providing responsible short-term loans to reliable borrowers.
Our business began in 2008 and since our inception, we have provided loans with a value of GBP 350m in the UK. Following authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority, MYJAR is growing very quickly and needs a talented team of specialists to achieve our ambitious goals.
If you are interested in building your career with a dynamic innovative team and strong international investors, this is the right place for you. At MYJAR we work a little differently from other financial service companies. We are committed to providing small amounts of credit responsibly to reliable customers. We treat our customers with respect and appreciate that we exist because of them. We are currently a business of 150 people and operate from offices in the City of London and run a technology, development and customer service center in the vibrant city of Tallinn.

Are you the Chapter Lead we're looking for?

People within our IT engineering function are organized into squads—autonomous, cross-functional teams composed of around six to eight individuals with full responsibility for a particular business subdomain or set of related features, formed to fulfill a particular mission or set of objectives. We're now looking for technical managers to lead chapters within this function.

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How we'd like you to help us:

  • You'll be a line manager, responsible for leading, developing and managing a team of engineers.
  • Working closely with the squads, product owners, product managers, product analysts, scrum masters, and other stakeholders, you'll help ensure the teams are performing well and delivering world-class products.
  • Leading by example, you'll ensure chapter members adhere to the standards of professional and ethical behavior expected of them.
  • You will provide structure, direction, and purpose to your chapter.
  • You will facilitate effective communication and engagement within your team and with others, and engage with other line managers across the organization.
  • You will manage, evaluate and report on the performance of your chapter and its members.
  • You will work with your line manager and the HR team to attract, recruit and hire talent, provide training and support to new hires, help retain staff, assist in capacity and succession planning, and manage the handover and exit of leavers.
  • You will manage attendance, conduct, discipline, and complaints.
  • You will promote equality, diversity, and inclusion.
  • You will be a servant leader, responsible for developing people, ensuring that the members of your chapter are growing as engineers, doing valuable work, and generally finding enjoyment in what they do.
  • If it's needed, we'll trust you to provide advice and support on features being developed in other squads.
  • Keeping an eye on what your peers are doing day-to-day, you'll maintain visibility into a number of squads, to identify short or long-term skillset needs and facilitate movement of chapter members between squads.
  • You will advocate, propose and advance our use of appropriate new technologies, frameworks, libraries and tools, and help develop and evangelize great engineering practices across the organization.
  • You will grow the technical expertise of your chapter, getting together regularly to exchange ideas, get help on challenges, discuss new technologies, and agree on progressive standards and practices to which you will all adhere.
  • You will participate in and contribute to discussions around software and systems architecture.

What we'd like to see in the candidate:

  • You are experienced in leading, coaching and mentoring technical people or whole teams and delivering working software together with them.
  • You are knowledgeable and passionate about software engineering and are technically proficient in the relevant competency area.
  • You love developing and growing people.
  • You have solid experience of working in an agile development environment.

Compensation and perks

  • You will receive a competitive salary and benefits package.
  • We do everything in our power to promote a healthy lifestyle: You'll benefit from sporting and medical benefits, counselling when you need it, a masseur in the office, healthy snacks in the kitchen, and regular health check-ups.
  • We're proud of the fun, friendly, and comfortable work environment we've created. We celebrate work anniversaries and birthdays, have a recreation room, and arrange many great team events.
  • Your perks will also include Estonian language courses, extra vacation days for special life events, and parking discounts.
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