Opening an international office is an exciting time for a growing business.

It's also a very busy time.

From company structure to personnel and pay packages, compensation and benefits to contracts-a million things need your attention. Between these mile-long to-do lists, one thing that often gets overlooked is immigration compliance.

Some call it the monster under the bed. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

But how do you decide between all the options out there?

If you're shopping around for an immigration partner, here's a quick comparison between Jobbatical and Newland Chase.


Originally founded as a hiring platform, Jobbatical started offering relocation and settle-in services to clients in 2017.

As a hiring company moving talent across borders, Jobbatical saw first-hand the kind of minefield immigration can be. With a deep understanding of the immigration process and close association with the Estonian Ministry of the Interior and other officials, Jobbatical is a great help to clients relocating talent from abroad.

Jobbatical's mission is to make relocation and immigration seamless.

Newland Chase

A UK & global immigration specialist, Newland Chase serves businesses and individuals. Their teams around the world offer strategic immigration services, making it possible for corporations to navigate the world of regulations.

Headquartered in London, UK, Newland Chase is recognized as an expert in all things immigration and has won multiple awards. Committed to delivering superior service, they promise reach and agility.

Newland Chase employs over 1,700 immigration and visa professionals, attorneys and migration consultants. Their global coverage is supported by an established network of partners.


Both operate in the dynamic, fast-paced and complex environment of immigration. Both companies assist global mobility professionals to assess and manage risk, providing clients the best solutions based on their business needs. Each company makes sure that clients’ data and interests are protected.


Newland Chase


Since each relocation requirement is unique, services offered by almost all companies are customizable.


Newland Chase

Which one is right for you?

Both Jobbatical and Newland Chase have deep knowledge of immigration requirements and are equipped to keep clients abreast of changes and developments. Both use leading technology solutions, are relied on to minimize any exposure to financial penalties and are fully compliant and secure.

So how do the two differ? The difference lies in size, range of services, speed of operation and reach.


Newland Chase

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