Meet the team who brings you Jobbatical

Today is a perfect time for ideas to spread across borders. Skills are becoming global and the time is perfect for collaborative teams, where different nationalities enrich the culture. We believe that when you encourage smart people with different backgrounds to interact, great things happen. We believe the generation of today cares about working on something meaningful above acquiring and accumulating ‘stuff’. Great talent is just a flight away. There are exceptional people ready to help your team make a difference. You just have to inspire them.

Karoli Hindriks Founder & CEO LinkedIn

Allan Mäeots Co-founder LinkedIn

Ronald Hindriks Co-founder & Chief Product Officer LinkedIn

Daniel Wang Head of Sales LinkedIn

Laura Vana Account Executive LinkedIn

Triin Kallas Account Executive LinkedIn

Saskia Pellenen Sales Development Representative LinkedIn

David Griffith Customer Success Manager LinkedIn

Alina Basina Head of Talent LinkedIn

Helise Johanson HR and Relocation Specialist LinkedIn

Roberto Orru Talent Acquisition Specialist

Kadri Timuska Talent Acquisition Specialist LinkedIn

Lauren Proctor Head of Marketing LinkedIn

Dea Martinjonis Content Growth Marketer LinkedIn

Maria Magdaleena Lamp Words, Mostly LinkedIn

Kirill Slavetski UX designer LinkedIn

Andrus Künnarpä Visual Designer

Zohair Jamal Product Manager LinkedIn

Alex Matiiasevych Product Manager LinkedIn

Rauno Viskus Tech Team Lead / Data Scientist LinkedIn

Bruno Cordeiro Data Scientist LinkedIn

Alan Ibrus Software Developer LinkedIn

Ahmed Saab Software Developer LinkedIn

Paramanantham Harrison Software Developer LinkedIn

Jorge Ramírez Serrato Software Developer LinkedIn

Juan Delgadillo Software Engineer LinkedIn

Muhammed Torkey System Admin LinkedIn

Marianne Reinsoo Head of Finance LinkedIn