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From Dubai to Estonia: How to Build Your Dream Career With No Plan

by Maria June 26, 2019 Talent, Talent Stories

She’s ambitious, she’s determined, and she has no plan.  That’s right, Bhavna Madhav isn’t one to plan very far ahead.

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40 Ways to Take Your Career Abroad: Stories From the Jobbatical Community

by Maria June 12, 2019 Talent, Talent Stories

At Jobbatical, we live for each and every individual career journey our users make. From Europe to Asia, America to

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How a World Traveler from Egypt Found Her Dream Sales Job in Cyprus

by Jobbatical May 13, 2019 Talent, Talent Stories

Here is our interview with Jessi Shahin, currently on a jobbatical as a sales manager at Depositphotos in Cyprus. Originally

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The 5,600-Mile Career Step: How a Taiwanese Developer Took an iOS Job in Europe

by Maria April 18, 2019 Talent, Talent Stories

Whenever we track down one of the high-powered, expectation-defying Jobbatical members who use our platform to extend their careers beyond

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From IT to Art: How a Job Abroad Led to a Career Change

by Dea Martinjonis February 20, 2019 Talent, Talent Stories

Here’s a story that proves how studying and working abroad pays off in ways one doesn’t even dare to dream

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Between Berlin and Tallinn: When Working Abroad Becomes a Lifestyle

by Dea Martinjonis November 29, 2018 Talent Stories

Filipina Minez Villa Bombeo landed her first foreign employment offer a couple of years ago from an Estonian startup and

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How to Move to Another Country & Adjust to a Strange Culture

by Maria November 20, 2018 Talent Stories

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, customer success manager Usoamaka Aninyei was looking for a way to combine career growth

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From a Desk Job to a Yoga Retreat in Thailand

by Dea Martinjonis October 12, 2018 Talent, Talent Stories

Every new jobbaticler story convinces me of a simple truth – what you wish for will come true. Take the

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Jobbatical Taught This Advertising Pro That His Skills Matter Globally

by Dea Martinjonis August 09, 2018 Talent, Talent Stories

This Russian advertising pro’s story reads like a movie script. A guy stumbles on an article about Jobbatical on the

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Singaporean Digital Nomad’s Tips on How to Land a Job Abroad

by Dea Martinjonis June 21, 2018 Job Tips, Talent, Talent Stories

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Why a South African Tech Giant Decided to Move to Estonia to Pursue His Dreams

by Dea Martinjonis June 19, 2018 Talent, Talent Stories

Security cameras, electrified gates, metallic poles and guns, expensively insured possessions, family and friends who have been mugged, their houses

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How Taking a Jobbatical Led to Passion for African Microfinance

by Dea Martinjonis March 01, 2018 Talent, Talent Stories

Sometimes you need to quit your job and plunge into the unknown to find your purpose. This is precisely what

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A Bay Area Guy Moves to Finland to Work at a Hot Music Startup

by Dea Martinjonis January 02, 2018 Talent, Talent Stories

If there’s a career opportunity exciting enough, people leave their friends and family in sunny Silicon Valley to move across

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Building an international workforce: Our most inspiring Jobbaticler stories of 2017

by Dea Martinjonis December 29, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

Talent mobility had some amazing wins in 2017. We’re sharing some of your favorite success stories. Image from: https://unsplash.com/photos/u1PX1Q26Kpo 2017 was

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Jamming in the Jungle With Yousician

by Maria November 28, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

Think your job is cool? But do your perks include an extra month of sunshine each year? Join us backstage

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French PR guy, Estonian Prime Minister

From Palais de l’Élysée to e-Estonia

by Dea Martinjonis October 26, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

What do the former French President François Hollande, the current Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid, and the protagonist of our jobbaticler

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From Hong Kong To Estonia

by Dea Martinjonis October 18, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

How Kwun-Lok Ng, an established entrepreneur, moved from 🇭🇰 to 🇪🇪 1,5 years ago (中文版) and joined Jobbatical as a

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From Kiev to the Kitchen, With Love for UX

by Dea Martinjonis September 19, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

Ukrainian UX designer Kirill Slavetski is the perfect representative of the modern workforce — he chooses where in the world

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A Brit Moves to Estonia to Help Build a New Digital Nation

by Dea Martinjonis July 19, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

Estonia may be a small nation but it has dared to dream big. Having popped out a couple of unicorn

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How a Yooper* Is Building a Borderless Society in Estonia With e-Residency

by Maria March 09, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

The story of a marketer from Michigan and the quest to build a digital nation I’m chatting with Alex Wellman on

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From Latvia to California to Estonia — a Jobbatical Story for the Ages

by Jobbatical February 13, 2017 Talent, Talent Stories

This story was written by Jobbatical’s head of talent, the wonderful Alina Basina, who joined our team in Estonia for

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A Brazilian Engineer’s Journey From Employee to CTO

by Gonzalo December 15, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

While becoming an Italian citizen in Milan We first met Thiago Pappacena when he got a job as a back-end engineer

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How to Step into the World of Venture Capital in Latin America

by Gonzalo December 13, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

From New Orleans to Medellin After working at a food startup in New Orleans that closed down, Elise Baros started looking

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How to Find a Startup Partner Halfway Across the World

by Gonzalo December 07, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

And live healthy anywhere Chrys Tan and Deyan Ivanov are co-founders from Singapore and Bulgaria who found each other through an

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How to Turn Your Passion Into a Job and Film Your Way Across Europe

by Gonzalo December 01, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

Adriano Spadaro is a filmmaker and law student from Italy who spent the past few months filming his way around

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Meet Lindsay & Vicente: Digital Nomads Defining the Future of Work

by Gonzalo November 29, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

From Chile to New York, these mobile professionals are embracing a new way of working. Team-building session at Grotta della Poesia,

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How a Mexican Marketer Moved to Spain for a New Job by the Sea

by Gonzalo November 22, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

Sometimes in life, you find yourself stuck in a situation that is no longer nourishing your soul in any sense,

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On Moving From Brazil to Estonia (By Way of Australia)

by Gonzalo November 17, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

From the urban sprawl of Belo Horizonte to cozy Tallinn When I met Diogo Costa, an inside sales consultant at Pipedrive,

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How to Move to Milan as an Android Engineer

by Gonzalo November 03, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

… And work for an innovative startup in the heart of Italy. Valeriy Palamarchuk is an Android developer from Ukraine, who

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Welcome to Our Software Engineer From Egypt!

by Gonzalo November 01, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

We talk about Node.js, the job application process and of course, Estonian weather. Last week I had a chance to catch

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A Westerner’s Guide to Navigating Malaysian Culture

by Gonzalo October 27, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

A look at what it means to get a job in Kuala Lumpur Christopher Shelley is an engineer who works for

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How a Filipino Developer Found Her Way to a New Job in Estonia (By Way of India)

by Gonzalo October 13, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

Visa adventures, zebra crossings and “no sweat” weather   Software developer Minez Villa Bombeo left the Philippines, the land of the

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What It’s Like to Work in the Middle of the Rainforest in Costa Rica

by Gonzalo September 29, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

There’s no commuting when you live in a forest Originally from France, Julie Duthey has been living and working abroad in

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How an Argentinian Entrepreneur Found a Home Halfway Across the World

by Gonzalo September 22, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

A lesson in how opposites attract Meet Carlos Miceli, our very first user to land a job through Jobbatical! Before

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Why an 81-Year-Old Retired Army Scientist Wants to Work Abroad

by Gonzalo August 30, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

After living in Japan in the 50s, he’s ready for another adventure. “Stay busy. Don’t stop working, one way or

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How a Mexican Marketer Moved to Spain for a New Job by the Sea

by Gonzalo August 09, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

From Guadalajara to Malaga A beach in Malaga by Loni Klara Sometimes in life, you find yourself stuck in a situation that

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From Brazil to Ireland: A Developer in Dublin

by Gonzalo July 21, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

It just keeps getting friendlier. Rodrigo Corrêa is a full-stack developer who recently moved from Rio de Janeiro to Dublin

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What It’s Like to Be a Digital Marketer on the Other Side of the World

by Gonzalo June 22, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

From Amsterdam to Vietnam: A Q&A with Tessa Leenders Tessa Leenders is a social media marketer who currently lives and works

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How to Land a Job in Spain: Advice From a Serbian Marketing Specialist

by Gonzalo June 09, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

People, sun and sea — three ingredients for a fulfilling life How to land a job in Spain: Advice from a Serbian

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Surfing, Startups and Sales in Bali

by Gonzalo May 26, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

Work doesn’t have to interfere with the simple joys in life Indonesia is the latest country of abode for Vicente Gracia,

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How Robotics Brought a Ukrainian Engineer to Estonia

by Gonzalo May 19, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

A chat about computer vision, visas, and living abroad. Sergey Kharagorgiev is a computer vision engineer from Kyiv, who currently works at

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How to Live in the Here and Now While Traveling Across Four Countries

by Gonzalo May 12, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

The tale of a UX designer in Hong Kong Ingvarr Rudnik, a UX designer from Ukraine, left his home to travel

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A Conversation With a Customer Support Agent in Myanmar

by Gonzalo May 05, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

Thuzar Khine, our first jobbaticler in Myanmar, is very much the globetrotter. Though she is originally from Yangon, for the

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Life as a Singaporean BizDev Intern in Hong Kong

by Gonzalo April 28, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

After a call with Phonejoy, Rishi packed up his bags in Singapore to live in Hong Kong for six months.

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A Software Developer’s Journey from Estonia to Singapore

by Gonzalo April 21, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

The ultimate change of scenery — from lakes to skyscrapers When Kristjan was filming his video application in the midst

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From Mallorca to Bali: A Digital Nomad’s Journey to Freedom

by Gonzalo April 07, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

Joaquin recently said goodbye to his corporate job to take off exploring the world. Since then, he has worked for

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Meet Piktochart’s Prime Minister of Growth in Penang

by Gonzalo March 24, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

Katja was working as a freelancer in Penang when she discovered Jobbatical. Deciding she needed something more involved, she signed

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From D.C. to Barcelona: Growth Hacking in the Land of Tapas

by Gonzalo March 10, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

For our latest story from abroad, we interviewed Ren Geers, who moved from Washington D.C. to Spain for an internship

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From Las Vegas to Penang: Finding Happiness on a Malaysian Island

by Gonzalo February 24, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

How did you start your journey? A colleague tweeted a link to Jobbatical’s feature in Mashable, and I found the

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From Minnesota to Estonia: Hacking into the Heart of the Baltics

by Gonzalo February 17, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

Back in January, Björn Lapakko moved to Estonia to work as a growth hacker for Funderbeam. Take a look at

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From Indonesia to Hong Kong: A UX Designer in a Brand New City

by Gonzalo February 10, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

As a UI/UX designer at CompareAsiaGroup, Andrew currently lives in Hong Kong where working feels like traveling. He made his

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From Brazil to Italy: A Back-End Engineer’s Adventures in a Friendly City

by Gonzalo February 03, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

When Thiago found a job in Milan through Jobbatical last year, he didn’t expect to find the friendliness of Brazil

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From Pennsylvania to Malaysia: A Journey to the Opposite End of the Earth

by Gonzalo January 29, 2016 Talent, Talent Stories

Originally from Pennsylvania, Nikki currently works at Binary.com in Kuala Lumpur as a marketing director.  Since we were also in

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