The World’s First Digital Nomad Visa Needs Your Help

by Dea Martinjonis May 10, 2018

Here’s an update in case you thought we weren’t serious about this: Estonia is creating a tailor-made visa for digital nomads, and the progress is real. But to keep things moving ahead at full speed, we need your help again.

In February, Jobbatical enlisted the help of the digital nomad community to back up the creation of the world’s first digital nomad visa. The response was overwhelming and since then, we’ve met again with Estonia’s Ministry of the Interior and other stakeholders (including e-ResidencyRemote Year, and WiFlyNomads) to discuss next steps.

That means your words have reached policymakers and the visa proposal has gone through the first round of scrutiny.

A global community is rallying around the tiny country of Estonia to build the future of talent mobility.

The next milestone is the end of May, and while we’re giddy with excitement, there’s plenty of work left to be done before then.

That’s why we’re now conducting a follow-up survey among current, former, and aspiring digital nomads to learn about the community’s spending habits, income, and tax residency. We know these are sensitive subjects, so the survey is anonymous and sharing your email address is very strictly voluntary.

If you want to be part of this trail-blazing initiative, please fill in the survey here or click on the motivational gif to get started:

When you’re done changing the world one thrilling survey question at a time, why not unwind by browsing jobs on Jobbatical?

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